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[STORIES] The Hunted chapter 4


💝 The Hunted💝

💞She’s mine! Protect her no matter what!💞
By naijalanded writer ✍️💞

Chapter 4💝

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How dare he touch my princess like that in front me, how dare he smile at my princess, such nerves.
He doesn’t know the monster that he enraged. He touched what is mine to touch.
I felt so angry that I wanted to bury my fist in that stupid cute face of his. Even my princess was surprised by my sudden outbust.
College students already gathered around us.
Yes I want these stupid pricks to know that they can’t play around Arielle she’s off limits.
“Let him go please brother Kay everyone is watching”Arielle whimpered.
Now my princess is whimpering because i touched this prick great!! I haven’t even done anything yet.
But because my princess asked me to let him go I had to.
“He’s just my friend brother nothing more” she explained, yes better be just a friend or im gonna break his pretty face.
“I will see you at home”I murmured at Arielle more like an ‘you’ll explain this better at home’ I narrow my eyes at the so called Max!!.
Then I turn and leave how I wish I was her possessive guard her shadow who would protect her from these pricks.
*yeah as if you’re better you’re even worse than them*my subconscious reminded me.
The question is who will protect her from me?!
I felt slightly embarrassed by Kayden’s actions everyone was looking at me and murmuring something.
“Geez was that your brother? “Max asked
“Yes” i simply replied
“Why was he acting like a jealous boyfriend or something ” Max whispered and i gasped
“Max why would you say that he’s my brother Kayden the one I’ve been telling you about “I reminded him
“You mean your brother’s friend? “He reminded me
“Yes my brother’s friend he’s also my brother I’ve known him for all my life ok”I replied feeling a little bit angry
“You’re too naive to realise anything Elle”Max said narrowing his eyes
“What does that mean Max? “i asked
When he tried to explain the siren suddenly blows and we rush off to our lecture halls.
2 hours later💖
Its our lunch break now we are going to the cafeteria.
“I will go order our food what will you have Elle? “Max asks.
“Some French fries and soda will be fine”i replied he leaves and i find a table for us.
“Here you go your highness”Max says and i chuckle Max is such a funny guy.
I suddenly remember what Max was saying earlier on.
“Max you we’re saying something few hours ago about me being naive”
“Never mind Elle its not important”i replied already munching his burger.
“Max please….. “Someone suddenly bangs on our table oh its Nolee the college’s slutty slut, my greatest enemy i so much hate this girl.
She’s a bully and a slut but I ain’t gonna take any nonsense from a fool.
With that stupid irritating gum of hers in her stinky mouth. I wish i can bang that stupid caked up face of hers in this metal table.
She’s always chewing bubble gums every day and it’s so irritating. Yuck!
Its about to go down!!
T. B. C
God day lovelies🤗😘
Someone better save Nolee😂
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