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💝 The Hunted 💝
💞She’s mine! Protect her no matter what!💞
By naijalanded writer ✍️✍️💞

Chapter 8 💝

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*and one more thing don’t ever call me brother* what does he want me to call him? He has always been my brother but to tell you the truth I feel weird whenever I call him brother and I don’t know why.
“Arielle”brother Alden called snapping me out of my thoughts
“Good afternoon brother Alden”
“How was school today, you seem bothered about something care to share”he asked calmly
If only he knew how much brother Kayden scratch that I meant ‘Kayden’ is occupying my thoughts. I can’t stop thinking about what happened earlier on between us.
All the sparks, the goosebumps, the electricity flowing through my body and the forbidden desires.
Gosh! I’m going crazy no guy has ever done this to me before *as if you’ve ever been with any guy* I rolled my eyes at that thought.
“Why is everyone snubbing me today huh!”Alden scolded
“Huh”i replied confused what does he mean by everyone?
“Even Kayden has been thinking all day and you too, is there something both of you are hiding from me? “He narrowed his eyes
Does that mean Kayden was thinking about me all day, Gosh! I face palmed myself at the thought why would he think about me, It’s not like special to him.
But that special moment keeps on flashing back I can’t stop thinking about US.
“N-no brother nothing is…wrong? “I stuttered feeling nervous already.
“If nothing is wrong then its fine you can go rest, mom and dad left for the city already you know that grandma is not doing well right? ”
“Oh! I almost forgot mom told me yesterday that granny was not feeling well I hope she gets better soon”
“I hope so too, don’t worry granny is a strong woman she is a fighter”Alden said and I chuckled
“And oh! I almost forgot Skye wanted to talk to you about something “he said leaving
Skye is my sister in law she’s like my best friend even thou she’s 7 years older than me. She’s very different from Alden in many things which makes me wonder how they fell in love with each other.
Alden is strict and grumpy while she’s bubbly and sweet.
She’s a fashionista she loves dressing up, she’s also funny and easy to talk to, should I tell her about my ingrowing feelings for Kayden? I know she will never tell brother Alden.
I have to share this with someone maybe she can advice me on how to deal with this confusion.
When I got to the room sister Skye was sobbing, I wonder what’s wrong with her.
“Skye wants wrong? “I asked getting worried
“Arielle why am I being punished like this why, why? ” she asked sobbing
“What happened is it brother Alden is he bothering you did he do something to hurt you? ”
“No Alden will never hurt me he doesn’t even know thay I’m busy crying here, I may pretend to be happy and all that but deep down i’m not fine I’m hurt Elle everything hurts I don’t know what to do I’m just confused why am I being punished like this I’ve never committed any sin before why can’t I just be a good wife to Alden”she asked sniffing
“Who said you’re not a good wife huh! Tell me who said that I swear I’m not gonna spare that person, Alden loves you he never complains about anything why are you saying this?” I said sniffing my upcoming tears
“Its not about that Elle you know every man’s dream is to be called father and we’ve been married for 7 years and it’s been 4 years since I had a miscarriage why can’t I just get pregnant again, I want to make him happy do you remember how happy he was when I got pregnant 4 years ago, he even choose the baby’s names and everything”
Of course I still remember that day like yesterday we were so happy about Skye’s pregnancy I was happy about being an aunt so much, brother Alden was the happiest man on earth he was looking forward to being a dad but Lucifer didn’t let that happen he took our happiness away from us.
We were’ sad about the news although Alden tried to act tough but I could see the pain and the grief streaking in his eyes. My mom and dad were also happy about being grandparents but hey life goes on but it still hurts.
She doesn’t deserve this kind of pain she’s a nice person who deserves to be happy in fact she deserves all the happiness is this world, poor Skye.
“No Skye you will get pregnant again we are all with you ok, no one is blaming you, what happened was no your fault please stop blaming yourself “I comforted her
“Everything is my fault if only I took better care of myself if only I….. ”
“Shhhhh”I shushed her
“Nothing is your fault non of us knew this was going to happen so no don’t, if you don’t stop now I’m gonna tell Alden and he’s going to scold you for not taking good care of yourself and for crying”I threatened
“No you’re not”she frowned
“Oh! Yes I will watch me ” I warned reaching for the door
“Ok fine I’ve stopped crying look” she replied drying her tears away
“Promise me you’ll not cry anymore”
“I promise “she replied smiling
“Pinky promise “I asked raising my little pinky finger like a child
“Fine pinky promise geez you’re such a baby” she scoffed locking her pinky finger with mine.
Awwn she’s so cute I love her so much. I hate seeing her sad it makes me sad.
“So how was college? ” she asked
“It was fine” I lied of course it was not fine because of the drama that Kayden created and of course Nolee ruined my day
“Why am I feeling that you’re lying “she narrowed her cute blue eyes at me
“N-no I’m not lying Skye its nothing, Kayden found out about Max” i said and she gasped
Yeah Skye knows about my friendship with Max I tell her almost everything that is happening in my life.
“What did he do?, did he scold you, did he hurt Max ” she asked gasping
“Yes he almost did but I explained everything to him”
“Oh! My gee I hope he hasn’t told Alden ” she asked worrying
“I begged him not to hopefully he listened to me”
Which makes me wonder why he agreed to listen to me he never listens especially when there is a guy involved. Something is not right, is there a condition for him keeping this away from Alden? He never hides anything from Alden.
What’s going on in that silly mind of his aggh! What’s going on here, I groaned.
“Oh! That’s great when are you gonna tell him?, sooner or later his gonna find out and you know they is nothing that he hates than lies”
That’s what I love about Skye she’s so understanding.
“Yeah I’m gonna tell brother Alden don’t worry about…… ”
“Tell me what? ”
Oh! My Gosh ALDEN!!
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