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Written By Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️
πŸ’šπŸŒ€ Chapter Ten πŸ’šπŸŒ€

Kyle’s POV
I entered into the house -only to meet the usual event, Dad and Mom yelling at eachother. I’m so sure this house is gonna collapse one day.
I put on my headset and headed to my room right away, I didn’t even bother going to the kitchen to get my dinner b’cos.. I have no appetite.
I layed on my bed- So tired and sad.
What have I done?
I really need to work on this habit of getting angry unnecessarily.
Do I really have to snub Audrey all day just because she was staring at my worst enemy?
Not just staring, she looked like she… Oh no, I think I’m the one who is jealous. Jealous that one-day, Simon could use his wealth to have Audrey when she belongs to me, yeah Audrey and I deserves eachother because we both have something in common.
Simon already has almost all the girls, she shouldn’t look at him that way.
Seriously am I supposed to snub a girl like her?
The same girl I liked at first sight most especially when she told me about her background.
Ah, she might hate me after the way I treated her, I’ve got to apologize to her tomorrow… Tomorrow?
Why not now? Afterall, I know where she works.
I stood up, changed into hoodies. Looks like the rain is about to fall heavily, so I quickly took an umbrella and left the house. My parents won’t even ask of where I am going to when rain is about fall -because they were busy, busy quarrelling. I’m sure the kid they are quarrelling over for will be happy whereever he is ..of course, he would be so happy he isn’t staying in a quarrelsome home like this.
Audrey’s POV
“Pasta, cheese, chicken” Simon ordered ” As take home” He added.
It should be because of the rain that’s the reason why he can’t wait to have some now and eat.
When i turned to go get his order, he suddenly said “I wonder when there would be a menu list instead of some crazy people coming to ask for what I want” He said.
“I’m not crazy” I murmured.
Is it my fault or problem that the restaurant do not have menu lists?
This guy has a big problem.
I didn’t tell him anything, I went to get his orders and returned to give it to him..
***There was thunderstorm then the rain began to pour.
He grabbed the food from me, then took out his phone and made a call, he just said “Now” and not too long, I saw a car drove to the front of the restaurant.
“Leave my way” He stood up and said.
My bad, I’ve been standing in front of him since I served him.
He hit me cruelly with his shoulder before leaving, I felt something dropped on me then to the floor.
Aw! And The fragrance it was so unresisitable.
I wanted to walk away when I saw a necklace on the floor, it must be for Simon.
But but… Beautiful pure gold necklace but with an ancient pendant. I almost laughed.
The necklace itself is gold and new but why is he using an inferior key pendant? Isn’t there money to get a new good one?
“Everyone, attend to no more customers and leave… Looks like the rain won’t stop till night falls” We heard Mrs Blakeston’s voice from up the stairs.
Felix went to the door immediately and turned the small chart on it to “Opened” while the outside revealed “Closed”.
Customers began to leave and I saw Vivian walked over to that man and pecked him on his cheeks, He dipped his hand into his pocket and brought money and gave it to her. Ah! Now I understand better, the man is her Man friend and this man here is old to be her father.
She waved at him then the man walked to the door.
When Vivian turned back, he grinned and waved at me and I felt like slapping him … I wish I could.
“So, let’s hurry and leave” Vivian said when she saw me.
“Uhm Vivian, can I talk to you about something? ” I asked her when she came closer.
“Of course ” She said with a little smile.
“That Man is your manfriend right? ” I asked her and she raised her brows and kept mute for a while when she wanted to speak, the rain began to fall heavily.
“Kids, aren’t you leaving” One of the older chefs yelled at us.
“Come on, let’s go” Felix said to us.
We received our daily pay and picked our things then came out of the building.
Oh my God, It’s raining so heavily, I’m so gonna get drenched by the rain.
“Is there anyone with an Umbrella?” Felix asked.
“No, none of us knew rain will fall today” I half-yelled at him..
“We are gonna pass through this together then” He pull off his shirt.. Gosh, his chest, the packs and the nipples.
No, Audrey, No.
“Let’s go Vivian” He said.
Oh I seem to have forgotten that we don’t pass through the same route.
“See you tomorrow Audrey” Vivian said as Felix raised his shirt above him, in place of an umbrella and he used it to cover himself and Vivian.
“Maybe you can pull off your shirt or skirt too.. ” Felix said and I shot him an hard stare.
“Just joking babe” He said.
“Let’s do this Vivian and make sure you don’t swim in the Rain Audrey” He said to me and I nodded gently.
“One, two, Jump! ” He and Vivian jumped into the rain and scurried away.
I was the only one left, Oh God,I’m stucked here.
A drop of the rain hasn’t touched me yet but I was already feeling Cold and shivering.
As the rain poured down heavily, the day became darker..
I took my backpack off my back…
“This should do please”
I raised my bag above my head and ran into the rain,
Cold- Cold. I continue to run without stopping but I had to stop and walk b’cos I was tired.
Sduddenly a car sped passed me and stopped in front of me.
Oh tell me, it’s an helper.
The door opened and a man came out of it..
“You? This man! ”
Vivian’s Man friend.
He smiled; “Come on baby, should we do it here in the rain or in my car? ” He said.
I smirked and walked away from him as if no one was talking to me.. But he grabbed me from behind and my bag fell on the wet ground.
He held my two hands tight at the back.
“Leave me alone ” I screamed.
“You are too sturbborn, you are so sweet to be resisted. Didn’t I say I’ll pay you but you won’t listen. Now I can get it all I want without giving you a dine” He said and drag me to his car.
“Help me” I tried to scream but he covered my mouth and kept struggling with him
“Leave her alone” A muscular voice echoed.
I continued to struggle, in the midst of troubles and bad luck, I still turned to see who it was.
It was…
Guess who came to save her?
Option : Kyle or Simon? Or who?

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