[STORIES] The Story Of You And I Episode 12


Written By Naijalanded writer ✍️ ✍️✍️
💚🍎🌹 Chapter Twelve 🍎🌹💚

Audrey’s POV
“Oh thanks heaven, you came home safely” My mom said to me, she has been standing outside waiting for my arrival.
“You know, I was scared and at the same time, I wasn’t. I thought you would stay all night at the restaurant and By the way, who gave you an umbrella? ” My mom asked me then we started entering into the house.
“Oh, a friend” I said as I recalled the whole thing between us then I smiled a bit.
“Come and have hot tea” She said.
“Oh yeah, thank you mom. I need it more than anything else ” I said.
“But first, I have to go pull of my cloths and have them spined” I added already walking towards my room.
I almost forgot the bad incident that happened to me. A middle-aged man tried to rape me? Oh God, that’s why I didn’t want to work at the restaurant from the onset.
And Vivian, what exactly is she?
She is a blonde, very pretty, goodhearted and matured but how could she be so dumb to date her father.. Yeah, this man is old enough to be her father. Wait, with what she told me, does that mean she has been sleeping with him? For money?
I opened my mouth in an awe.
That’s what poor people do, they are ready to do anything to make money.
“Audrey, the hot tea is getting cold” My mom shouted.
“I.. A minute, I’m coming!”
*-*-*-* WHS*-*-*🏫 *_*
Next day & Morning
Simon’s POV
Won’t she come now?
I took a glance at my wristwatch. I should have asked her yesterday for my necklace.
Of course, she was the one who took it b’cos she was the only one that attended to me yesterday.
She must sold it already, why not? That’s what people from the slums do..
I’ll kill her right away if she denied stealing my necklace.
“Hey Audrey” I heard Elena’s voice.
I looked up and saw Audrey entering the classroom.
“Kyle is not in school yet” Elena told her.
“Oh” She muttered then gare at my seat – to look at me but our eyes met.
I smirked and was about to flare but she was walking towards me.
“Hey” She said to me.
“You thief! Where’s my necklace? ” I shouted at her.
“Your necklace.. ” She mouthed and she searched her bag and brought it out of it.
Raising up the gold necklace and making the old pendant dangle.
I snatched it from her before anyone sees it and make jest of me for attaching an ancient pendant to fine gold chain.
I do put it on every day and make sure my uniform colars covers the pendant.
“You left the shop hastily so I couldn’t call you back when it dropped” She said and I scorned.
She actually returned the necklace? Unlike what other girls would have done.
“Uhm? ” I avoided her for no reason by looking through the window as if no one was talking to me.
“Simon, thank you for yesterday” She murmured.
My baby” Jessica came into the classroom and run towards me and kissed me on my face.. .Ew!
“And what are you doing here? ” Jessica turned to Audrey.
“I’ll go to my seat now” She said.
I stared at her till she returned to her seat and that was when Kyle came in, so I just took my eyes off her.
“Baby” Jessica ran her fingers on my hair and pecked my cheeks like she always do but today, it discomforted me.
I sighted her crew, Daisy and Zara coming over too.
“I want to be all alone with my baby” Jessica said to them.
“I want to be alone too” I told Jessica.
“What? ”
“Please” I pleaded.
Audrey’s POV
“Hey Bestie” Kyle said to me and somehow I blush.
“Hi Guidian Angel” I said back and he smiled.
Gosh, he is handsome too
“I… I forgot your umbrella, sorry? ” I quickly said when he won’t stop smiling at me.
“You can have it. I own so many umbrellas at home” He said.
And I smiled and nodded,
The two of us began to smile at ourselves for no reason.
“Morning class! ” The English teacher came in and disrupted our sweet serene.
While getting ready to pay attention to the class, I don’t know how or when I turned and caught Simon staring at me.
He didn’t even look away even when he found out that I caught him staring at me- – which made me stare back at him.
-like a staring competition.
“Audrey ” Kyle called me.
“Uh” I snapped out from it quickly but he already knew I was gazing at Simon.
Oh, not again. I hope he won’t get too upset this time.
Instead, he (Kyle) sat in a way that I won’t be able to see him (Simon) and vice versa unless Simon wants to drool over his back.
“Your English notebook” Kyle demanded for.
“Oh.. Okay! ” I brought it out of my bag and dropped it on the table.
“Here, ready” I said to him..but only to find him gazing at Simon, Simon too was.
Oh heaven, when will these two settle their dispute and stop behaving like kids.
“Kyle” I called kinda in a whisper and he turned back to me, forced out a smile and said “It’s okay”
“Simon Anderson, you are not paying attention! ” Miss Catherine, the English teacher cautioned.
“Sorry miss” He said, that was when he stopped looking at our seat and faced the board.
So he could even say sorry?
My eyes was on the teacher, the board, my note but my mind wasn’t there.
Why was Simon staring at me?
– like for too long? Why?

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