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Written By Naijalanded writer ✍️ ✍️✍️
🍎👙💚 Chapter Thirteen 💚👙💚

Simon’s POV
She is very different, not classy – she’s poor.
I mean who would see a pure gold necklace and still return it to the owner?
Although, I normally hid the necklace between my colors, Jessica has seen it one day and she tried to steal it while trying to romance me.
Not just Jessica! Those that I’ve seen it with me have tried to steal it too..
But Audrey, she luckily found it carelessly. Isn’t it a greatluck for her? but she amazed me by returning it to me.
Whao! Or didn’t she recognize it as a pure gold necklace?
I waited impatiently for all classes before recess to come to an end. It was so boring I swear.
“Lunch time! My treat! ” I heard Elena say to them (Audrey and Kyle)
Lol, Kyle is such a gold-digger.
Ever since I got to know him, Elena has been the one buying him lunch -most time. Is it not supposed to be the other way round?
“Get away Elena. I told you to stop buying me lunch but you won’t listen” Kyle fired at her.
Hmm, such a pretender too…Besides, is that how he is meant to talk to his benefactor?
“But I’m not complaining Kyle” Elena said like she’s gonna cry.
“I am, I’m the one complaining.Please stop it already Elena. Come on, Let’s go to cafeteria, Audrey” He said to her and held Audrey’s hand about to leave the class together.
“Huh.. I.. ” She wanted to say something.
“I’ll buy you lunch” Kyle said to her.
Uh? Wait, I don’t understand.
“Okay! Thanks”Audrey smiled at him then they went outta the class.
…and why isn’t she staring at me anymore?
All girls do that non-stop… Or has she stopped?
Elena frowned and fought back tears then went to her seat.. Huh? She never misses lunch break.
“Baby! ” I know the voice and I know she’s the only person who calls me Baby… like I am.
“Yes Jessica? ” I turned to her and gave a false smiled.
To be truthful, these days, it’s starting to give me headache when she clings around me… With Zara and Daisy, her crew.
“Baby, aren’t you going to the cafeteria? ” She asked me and her crew stood akimbo beside her.
I dipped my hands into my pocket and shoved out what she wants, Money.
“Have it. I think I’m skipping lunch today” I told them and dropped the money on the table.. .. Playing the role of an husband married to three hungry woman in the house and many others outside.
“What Simon, is anything wrong with you? ” Jessica asked me.
“No but there might be and that is if you continue to cling around me this moment” I said.
“Girls, let’s go” She said to her crew then they started leaving.
That’s it, all she wants from me is Money.
That’s all.
I heard someone crying behind me…But I thought I was already alone in the class.
I turned to see a girl with her head bowed on the desk..
“Elena? ” I called.. It’s was Elena’s seat.
She sniffed and raised her head up and her eyes were teary.
Why is she crying? Oh! Her poor friends don’t want her to mingle with them.
Poor people and their unbelievable attitude…
I still don’t get why she prefers to relate them -Kyle especially.
“What? ” She blurted at me and I gave a mocking look and she smirked and placed her head back on her desk but she stopped crying.
Suddenly, an idea niggled me.. To test Audrey with the necklace once more b’cos it’s doesn’t look like she knows that the necklace is real gold. And if she doesn’t return it this time, it’s not to expensive and if she returns it, well we’re gonna talk.
I brought out the necklace secretly in a way Elena or anyone entering the class won’t see it.
I removed the ancient gold pendant and put it in my pocket.
Oh good! She doesn’t make use of the locker and she left her bag carelessly on her desk. I walked over to her seat. ‘Natasha Kathleen’ a badge was on it. I took her bag, unzipped it and dropped my necklace into it then turned to go when I saw Elena looking at me with an i-caught-you look.
“What did you just do? ” She asked.
“None of your business” I replied then turned to leave the class but I stopped and said to her..
“But I’ll appreciate it if you won’t tell her”
*** *** *** *** *** ***
** **
Audrey’s POV
“It doesn’t look like Elena is still gonna join us” I told Kyle.
You know, it’s awkward being just me and him.. eating and talking. It’s no different from a date and it makes my heart leap.
“Maybe she doesn’t wanna have lunch” Kyle said then he had a bit from his burger.
“Mmmn Kyle, I’ve been yearning to ask you a question ” I said…but how am I gonna ask him this question?
“What? About Simon? ”
He guessed right.
“Err yeah. You and him”
“What do you wanna know about us? “He said and he even smiled.
Better, he is not furious this time around.
“Both of you, I mean what exactly is the problem between you two? ” I asked him.
“He is the one” Kyle blurted.
“He is the one? What? How? ”
“He is the one with the problem? ” He added.
Yes, I know he is quarrelsome but..
I kept mute.
“I came to this school two years ago and he has always been on my neck, he downgraded me, call me names and made me feel like I were nobody. I just hate him” He said.
“That’s it? ” I questioned.
“You know how it feels, being a poor person among the Wearous Students. I felt so dejected, Simon made me feel it more. But thanks to Elena, I survived it and I’m very happy, I met you”
This one, I don’t understand.
“You came to this school two years ago, meaning you and Simon kept grudges for two years? ”
“It doesn’t look like we will ever ever be friends” He said.
Would it kill if they were friends? Maybe.
…..And what if I tell him to try to make friends with Simon?
He will be mad at me.


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