[STORIES] The Story Of You And I Episode 6


Written By Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️
πŸ₯€πŸŒΏπŸ’š Chapter Six β£οΈπŸŒΉπŸ’š

@Eat, Rest, Relax ERR Restaurant.🏀
Audrey’s POV
What is he doing here?
I asked myself.
“Hey Audrey” The friendly girl I met earlier came over to me and said.
“Hi” I said to her.
“I almost did not recognise you with the shirt and bun hair style” She said and I chuckled.
“You are welcome here ” She said.
Yeah, I know right, I’m welcome to Wearous Estate, Wearous High School and here too, ERR restaurant.
“I’m looking for..,I.. I mean who is Vivian? ” I asked her.
“Oh, I am Vivian”
Ah Good! Such a nice person.
“Mrs Blakeston said I should meet with you, so you will tell me what to do and how? ”
“Ok, it’s not a big deal” She said.
“Ok… ¿”
She began to explain : “That guy over there, he just walked in a minute ago, go to him and ask him for what he wants. Make sure you don’t forget his orders, then you go the Chefs and Cooks, They’ll give it to you in a tray then you’ll go on and serve him. That’s all ” Vivian concluded.
“Oh.. K”
“So that’s the cheap work we do here, when someone walks in or already sitted and not eating, we’ll walk to them and take their orders. It’s as simple as 1,2,3” She said.
“Alright ” I sighed.
“Now go on, the cooks are over there” She pointed to an enclosed place.. Oh that’s where the whole sweet smell were coming from.
Even the cooks were putting on a pink shirt and they look older than us (Vivian and I).
“Thank you” I said to Vivian then she went her way.
Wait, she was talking about Simon, the guy she asked to me to go take his orders.
I rubbed my hands together like I were feeling cold as I walked to where Simon sat with earphones on his head.
“Hello” I said to him.
“You! ” He said looking up to me.. and then he pulled off the earphone and dropped it on the table.
He looked at me for a while like he was told draw me in a sketchbook.
“Suit you well” He muttered and he smiled mischievously.
“Hi” I spoke to him again.
Anyways, I wasn’t here to exchange pleasantries.
“What should I serve you? ” I asked him.
He smirked first, still giving me a mocking smile before answering me.
“A plate of pasta and roasted chicken and same for take homes” He spoke arrogantly.
I bit my lips and turned to go.
The almighty Simon came to buy food here and even take homes.
Doesn’t he have a mom to cook for him at home or maids?
I went to the chefs, I told them what he asked for and I was giving a plate of pasta plus roasted chicken which already, I’ve began to consume only with my nose.
I returned to where he sat majestically and I served him as if I were his wife.
“The take homes? ” He asked for.
“Oh Ok” I forgot, I hastily went back to get it for him and he scorned at me.
“Mo… Money” I asked for..
“Really? ”
“C’mon Audrey, you won’t be the one to receive the money. He knows how to pay and if he doesn’t, Mrs Blakeston would make the complaint” Thank God Vivian was nearby to save my ass.
“She’s so eager to have a touch of something she have never had” Simon said brusquely.
I felt like punching him but I just turned to leave.. Only to make peace.
Those girls that were clinging with him in school are not here and no girl was flirting around him here too.. Oh Good.
Without knowing what else to do, since there aren’t new customers to serve. Everyone is eating cheerfully except for those gang of guys make noise..
I saw Vivian now sitting at an enclosed corner, I walked towards and joined her.
“Hey ” I said
“New girl” She said : “Are you tired already? ” She asked me.
“Not really. When are we leaving? ”
“7? ” I exclaimed.
“Yeah” She giggled.
“Uhm Vivian, why did you send me over to that guy? ” I asked her referring to Simon..
“The one that demanded for Pasta and Chicken” I added.
“Oh the one you requested for money from ” She said and laughed.
“Because I hate to attend to him”
“Why?? ”
“He has bad tongues. Do you know he is Anderson’s son and he attend WHS too” Vivian said.
“Yeah, he happens to be my classmate” I told her.
“So why are we talking about him? Do you like him? ” She asked me.
“Uh, no” I replied sharply.
“Just joking! Not even for his money? ”
“Never! ” I said and she laughed again.
A guy walked towards us, he was putting on the same shirt as us.
“Hey Damsel” He said to me.
“Hey Felix ” Vivian said to him.
“Shh, I’m talking to the newbie”
“Oh whatever ” She gave a eye roll.
“Hi” I said to the Felix guy.
“I’m Felix” He told me.
“And I’m Audrey” I replied.
“Oh very lovely name. I did saw you when you walked in but I’ve been too busy to walk up to you and hear this beautiful name of yours but I’m glad I finally could” He said and I smiled.
Those flatters got me.
I stylishly searched for Simon to steal some glances at him but he had left already.
“Two bottle of soda and turkey ” One of the ruffian guys said.
Wait, he isn’t one of them.. The ruffians already left. It was a middle aged man.
“This man” I think I heard Vivian murmured.
“I’m so tired” Felix complained.. “Besides I don’t do guys, I prefer to serve the ladies” He said and Vivian and I laughed.
Vivian isn’t willing to go and attend to the man too..
“I guess I will just go attend to him then” I said to them.
I stood up, went to the chefs to get a plate of chicken then took out two sodas from the refrigerator just like the man had demanded for.
Then I walked to the man to give it to him.
“Hello Svxy” The man said to me as he grinned.
“My name is Audrey” I told him.
Do I have to tell up to 100 people my name today?
“Come on” He said.
I dropped the drinks and plate on the table.
“Are you new here? ” The man asked me.
“Er.. Yeah” I replied.
He bit his tongue as he stared at my chest – My breast? It wasn’t even exposed.
I turned to go immediately.
“500 bucks for one night” He added.
What is he talking about?

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