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[STORIES] The Story Of You and I Episode 9



Written By Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️
πŸ’šπŸŒ€ Chapter Nine πŸ’šπŸŒΏπŸŒ€

Audrey’s POV
I tried to talk to Kyle being my seat partner, someone who has always wanted to be my friend ever since I just came. He was so kind and easy going, so what’s happening now?
Just because I stared at the person he hates the most, he is giving me silent treatment. Why?
Besides, why was I staring at Simon?
He is so rude and grumpy, am I supposed to have a crush on him? I think I’m crushing on him actually.. Like I’ve said before, that’s just me.. One who always have multiple crushes.
“Kyle” I said to him when school dismissed.
I think I heard Elena offering to give him a ride in her car but he refused.
We walked home together yesterday, we should do the same today.
When I called his name, he only looked at me like he was going to say something but he didn’t, he just turned back and left ahead of me.
Like seriously? He is keeping malice with me?
This is beyond Simon, it’s something else.
I said Bye to Elena whom was watching the whole thing between Kyle and I.
So I walked down the lane all lonely and quietly.
I really miss my new friend, Kyle.
I was so lost in thought when I paper hit me.
‘Uh, take that” A muscular voice said, it was Simon in his big car and he threw a paper at me through the window.
It’s high time I stop crushing on him b’cos he’s an heartless guy.
And what about the other one, the one giving me silent treatment. Do I not also have feelings for him too?
I felt water dropping on me.. Oh My God, it’s drizzling..so I got to get into the restaurant before I’ll be drenched by the rain.
*@ERR 🏀
“Oh, you are here and you came abit late” Vivian said to me.
I nodded mindlessly and walked sluggishly to drop my bag and change my cloths. Kyle is really affecting me really badly.
“There are only few customers today b’cos of the rain is about to fall and more people won’t be able to come” Vivian said to me when I returned downstairs.
“Oh” I just muttered.
I’m not even concerned or worried about the number of customers here… My whole mind was on Kyle.
There’s this feeling one feels when someone is staring at you too much, I’m feeling that way now.. I turned to see who it was, it was him, that pervert, Gary or what name did Vivian call him yesterday.
Is he insane? I signaled to him that i was gonna punch him but the idiot smiled and bit his lips.
I looked around in search for who to attend to but there was none, Felix just attend to the last person.
I went to sit at that enclosed corner and began to think of how to get along with Kyle again, seriously, I don’t know what I’ve done so wrong to him.
“Hello babe” I heard a male voice standing in front of me -say.
I looked up to see who it was.
“Don’t call me babe” I said and he smiled and sat beside me.
“Is anything wrong Audrey? You look so worried and heartbroken” He said.
I gasped, Heartbroken?
“Did you have a fight with your boyfriend?” He asked me.
“Boyfriend? No… He is just a friend, I met him just yesterday and we became really close. Somehow, something happened today, no nothing happened” I paused: “but he is so angry with me” I briefly explained to him.
“Your… Crush” Felix said and I hit him hard on his shoulder.
I’m not crushing on him right? Or am I?
“No” I blurted feeling uncomfortable.
“Haha, I caught you. Don’t deny it, you like the guy if you don’t, you won’t feel this way at all” Felix laughed at me and instantly, I regretted telling him.
“Do you want me to help? ” He finally asked.
“No” I rolled my eye at him and moved away from him. He adjusted to where I sat, mistakenly placing his palm on mine and my heart beat faster. I looked up at him his eyes were so cute with one sweetest smile ever. Oh My, he is so handsome too.
Don’t forget I told you I do crush on so many guys.
“I can see you two are flirting” Vivian came and said.
I quickly took my hand off his “Vi…vian” I stammered.
“Um, I came to tell you that your classmate, the wealthy but rude one is here. I don’t wanna attend to him and Felix too, he prefers to attend to the female customers. So it’s over to you” Vivian said to me.
Ok, I stood up and walked to where the customers were having their meal.
I had to search for him with just my eyes and I found him, his table is far away from where he sat yesterday.
Oh My God, Simon. He looks so handsome. More handsome when he’s not putting on a uniform.
While I was still standing there and staring at him, he caught me doing so…and he began to stare back at me too.


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