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My Boss Wants Me

πŸ‘‘πŸ’žπŸ‘Œ When I Met You πŸ‘‘πŸ’žπŸ‘Œ

Naijalanded writer ✍️✍️

πŸ’šπŸŒΏ Episode 17-18Β  πŸŒΏπŸ’š

Damon POV
I woke up the next morning still feeling Unhappy
“ why did Parker pay Nora fees”, I hope it is not what I am thinking.
I was tempted to go over to the office to ask Parker directly but later changed my mind, I will give Nora a chance to tell me the truth herself…….
“ Good morning Dad”. I greeted
“ morning son, you look pale”. He observed, are you alright?
“ sure”. I grunted
“ is anything the matter?”. he asked
“Nothing Dad”. I lied, just feeling a little bit stressed
“ alright son”. I replied
I smiled at Petra who was setting the dinning
“ see you later dad”. I waved heading outside
“ aren’t you going to wait for breakfast?”. He asked
“ No”. I replied
.” I just need to talk to Nora”.I thought
I got to school and luckily I met Nora along the hallway laughing with her friends
“Nora”. I called
“Good morning Damon”. She greeted
“Can I talk to you for a moment?”. I asked
“ sure”. She replied
I held her dragging her along with me ignoring the stares and whispering from other students
“ where are we going?”.She asked
“My class”. I replied
We got inside the class and luckily none of those crazy friends of mine were in class
“Is there any problem Damon?”. She asked
“ No”. I replied smiling and she sighed in relief
“ I thought you were mad at me or something”. She said
“ how can I be mad at you?”. I asked her smiling and I saw her blushed
“ Nora, I need to see your uncle”. I said watching her expression
“ what em er why?”. She stammered
I studied her , she felt so uneasy
“ why can’t she tell me the truth”. I thought
“ I just want to thank him for his assistance”. I replied
“ it does not matter”. She said
“ it matters, I want to take over from where he stops”. I said caressing her cheeks
“ really?”. She asked
I nodded.” It won’t cost me anything “
Oh Damon, you have done enough for me”. She exclaimed sobbing
“ it is nothing”. I replied wiping her tears
“ I love you Damon”. She Said
“ really?”. I asked
She nodded
“ how much do you love me?”. I asked her
“Very much”. She replied
I looked at the girl in front of me, I was really confused about her. If she really loves me very much as she claimed why can’t she tell me the truth?
I am seriously going crazy about her and I must admit I really love her also but I am scared of her hurting me…
“ do you love me Damon?”. She asked suddenly
I kept on caressing her face without answering
“ do you love me?”. She asked again
I chuckled placing my lips on hers and kissed her, I felt her kissed me back and we stood there kissing each other hungrily……..
The door suddenly flung open and my two friends walked in
“ what the hell is going on here?”. Donald asked teasingly
I broke the kiss ignoring his question
“I won’t be able to drive you home Nora”. I told her
“ why?”. She asked
“ I need to do something important”. I lied
“ it is alright, I will just used the taxi”. She said
“ do you have enough money?”. I asked her
“ I em yes No yes “. She stammered
I dip hands into my pocket and brought out my wallet
“ here, you can have everything”. I said giving her all the money
“It is too much”. She said rejecting it
“ you can buy anything you need”. I said forcing it inside her bag
“ you have done enough for me Damon”, she said in appreciation
“ it is nothing”. I replied
“ will you come over for lunch?”. She asked
I shook my head negatively
“ why?”. She asked
“ I will be busy”. I replied
“ oh!”. She exclaimed nodding
“ I will come pick you by 6pm tomorrow “. I said
“ wow!, I can’t wait”. She said excitedly
“Make sure you are ready before 6, I don’t like waiting for too long”. I warned
“ sure”. She said
“ you can go to your class now”.i told her
She nodded and turned to leave
I watched her as she left
“ what did she really do to me”……..
“do you love her?”. my friends asked moving closer to me immediately she left
“ I don’t know”. I replied
“ you liar”. Mikel accused
“ i can’t believe Damon is finally in love again”.Donald teased
“What important thing do you want to do?”. Mikel asked
“ Nothing like that”, I replied
“ Then why did you lie?”. he asked
“ Nothing”. I replied
“ You are just crazy”. he said
“ Damn you”. I cursed him
I laid on the bed in class thinking about Nora
“ what exactly does she have with Mr Parker .Mr Parker is a known flirt, was Nora one of his girls? but she told she she is still a virgin, I really need to understand what is going on….
I was scared of being around her for a long time before I do something crazy, I am damn attracted to her but I need to find out the truth before taking our relationship to the next level……….
“ I really love Nora, I really do…..
Nora POV
I sat down in class thinking about the kiss,Damon kissed a poor girl like me
“ why are you smiling?”. Noami asked sitting beside me
“ was i smiling?”. I asked her
“ you were smiling like a puppy”. She replied
“ really”. I asked
She nodded. Will you attend the company party?”. She asked
“ sure, Damon asked me to be his date”.I replied
“ wow, I am happy for you”. She said
“ will you be attending?”.I asked her
“ No “. She replied
“ why?”. I asked
“ I will be studying”. I replied
“ cool”. I said , I looked around the class and met Tonia deadly gaze
“ what a looser”. I muttered
I headed to the car park with Noami
“Bye”. I waved at her
“ aren’t you waiting for Damon?”. She asked
“ he told me not to wait”. I replied
“ But his car is still here”. She said pointing to a white sport car with the name Damon customised on it
“ he is busy”. I replied shrugging my shoulders
“ alright dear, She waved, have fun at the party”. She cheered as she drove off
I headed to the junction and flagged down a car
“ Back of crescent block please”. I said as I got into the taxi
“ how can a beauty like you live in the slums”. The driver asked eyeing me through the rear mirror
“Just drive”. I yelled
“ I am sorry”. He apologised
I thought about Damon throughout the drive, I was already missing him
They finally kissed
Episode 18
Caught up
Damon PoV
I glanced at my wristwatch, it was 7am. I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and freshen up…
I changed into my gym clothing and headed downstair
“ Good morning son”. My dad greeted
“ morning dad”. I greeted back
“ Are you feeling nervous?”. he asked
“Why will I?”. I replied
“You just need to make a speech and…..
“ dad, I know what to do”. I replied cutting him short
“ That is my son”. he praised me.”
I scoffed and headed to the gym…….
I was surprised to see Donald and Mikel in the gym house
“ really guys , when did you get here?”. I asked
“6am”. Donald replied
“ you mean you came over to my house without checking on me?”. I asked
“ sorry man, we thought you were still sleeping”. Mikel replied
I looked at them and smirk
“ you guys are impossible “
“ are we all going together to the dinner party?”. Mikel asked
“ No,I need to go pick my date”. I replied
“ cool”. he replied
I thought about Nora, I really missed her ………
Noami sis POV
I really can’t wait to see Damon, I really can’t wait to feel his hands around me
I glanced at the time and smiled, just few hours left to meet Damon
Nora POV
I glanced at the time, it was already 5pm. I quickly jumped up from the bed and rushed into the bathroom to bath. I returned to the room with my towel wrapped around me, I walked towards the wardrobe and pulled out five beautiful gowns
“ choose the most beautiful gown?”.I asked Zara who was quietly watching me all through
“ The blue, no the red or should I say the pink”. She replied confusedly
“ what are you saying?”. I asked her
“ The gowns are all beautiful?”. She replied, I can’t choose
I looked at the five gowns in front of me and sighed
“ just put on the red one “.she said
“ really?”. I asked
“ yes, it will have give you a fitting when you wear it”. She replied
“ Thanks sis”. I said flashing her a smile
I stared at myself in the mirror with my eyes widened in surprise
“ wow, is this really me?”. I muttered
“ you look like an angel”.Zara complimented
“ Thanks”. I said
The gown was just perfect, it gave me a close fitting and brought out my shape in a very attractive way
I plaited my long hair is a loosed bun
“ why can’t you let it fall”. Zara suggested
“ My hair is too long “. I said
“ that will make it perfect”. She said
I looked at her and smiled
“ how do you know so much about fashion?”. I asked her
“ just do as I say”. She said ignoring my question
“ fine”. I said as I let my hair fall
“ perfect”. I heard her muttered
I brought out my make up box and applied little
“ is it okay?”. I asked facing her
“Make use of a pink lipstick”. She suggested
“ why?”. I asked
“ your lip colour is pink , you don’t need to change it, you just need to make it brighter”. She explained
Alright”. I nodded
I cleaned off the red lipstick and applied a pink one…
I stared at my reflection in the mirror and could not believe the lady staring at me was me .
I heard the sound of a car driving into the compound
“ I think Damon is around”. Zara said running out to confirm if it was Damon
“ Damon”. I heard her screamed and I smiled
“ Zara”. She called , Damon is here
I stared at the beautiful shoes in front of me
“ which one do I put on?how I wish Zara was here
I settled for the black heels and grabbed a red purse
Black goes with anything”. I thought
I headed outside and gasped in surprise when I saw Damon
“ he was looking like a demi- god in his all white outfit . His face lit up when he saw me
“ Nora,you look beautiful “. he complimented staring at me, I never knew you hair was this long
“ Thanks”. I replied blushing
“ it looks good on you”. he remarked
“ Thanks”. I muttered looking at Zara who gave me “ I told you” look
“ what of your mother?”. he asked
“ She went over to the shop”. Zara replied
“ Good”. he nodded
“ I want to go with you”. Zara said whining
“ you can’t”. I said eyeing her and I looked on in surprise as Damon bent to her size and whispered something to her and immediately her face lit up
“ Bye”. She waved at both of us , make sure you both have fun”. She said as she winked at me
“ what did you whisper to her?”. I asked Damon on our way
“ I just made a promise to her”. he replied
“ what promise?”. I asked
“ it is between Zara and I”. He replied with a smirk
We remained silent throughout the drive . I stared at him and he appeared to be lost in thought
He soon parked in front of the huge Adams hotel. I stared at the hotel and shivered as I thought about the short time I spent with Mr Parker
“ Are you all alright?”. Damon asked
“ I am fine”.i replied forcing a fake smile
He got out of the car and quickly rushed to help me open the car door
“Why did you open the door for me?”. I asked him
“ you are my date”. He replied
He took my hands into his and held it tightly and immediately the reporters rushed towards us
“ who is the lady with you Mr Adams?”a woman asked
“ how do you feel being the ceo of Adams corporate at a young age”. Another asked
Damon ignored all of them as we walked inside
“ i really need to make use of bodyguard”. he muttered
I felt all eyes on us as we walked in
“ Come this way sir”. a lady ushered us, I looked at her and immediately looked away when I recognised her as the painted Barbie receptionist
“ ma’am you look very familiar”. She said smiling at me, have we met before?”
“ No”. I lied
“ but…………
“ can you just let me be?”. I yelled at her
“ I am sorry ma’am”. She apologised and immediately backed off
I looked at Damon and met his gaze, it was a blank gaze
I stared in awe as we got into the hall, it was really grand, spacious and beautiful
We were ushered to the vip section and I gasped in surprise when I saw the president and some important persons in the country present
“Are you alright?”. Damon asked as we sat down
“ sure”. I nodded
I saw Tonia walked in with her parent and she gave me an evil glare when her gaze met mine
“ bitch”. I muttered
I watched Damon gave his speech brilliantly
“ is this same guy who kissed me”. I thought staring at him proudly
“ Thanks to my dad and my friends that stayed by me despite odd times”, Thanks to my late mum that made me who I am today, Thanks to Petra for holding my hands when I was down, Thanks to Zara a little kid that gave me words of encouragement just this morning “.he paused and looked at me and Thanks to a special friend of mine that made me see reasons to move on when I met her “.he said appreciating and the whole guest clapped
“I promise to do my best and make Adams corporate expand to the whole world, Thank you”. He said with a bow
“ you did great”. I whispered to him as he sat down beside me
“ Thanks” he muttered squeezing my hands
I watched and smiled as most of the guest came over to greet him and gasped in shock when I saw a familiar face. Mr Parker
“ Congratulations Damon”. he greeted
“ Thanks Parker”. Damon said staring at me
Why is he staring at me”. I thought
Mr Parker looked at me and smiled
“ Helo Nora”. he greeted, it has been long
“ yes em re tr Parker”. I stammered
“See you later”. he said to Damon and flashed me a smile before leaving.
“ do you know him?”. Damon asked gazing intently at me
“Not really”. I replied
“Really, but he seems to know you well”. he said
“ yes, em er he is kind of a stranger”.i replied
“ A stranger that paid your fees”. He said
“ what!!!!”. I exclaimed in shock
he looked around to make sure no one was eavesdropping
“Did he fuck You?”. he asked
“ Damon”. I called with tears flowing down my eyes
“Did he fuck You?”. he asked again calmly
“ I don’t know what you are talking about”. I tried acting confused
“ really?”. he asked
I nodded
“Damn you and your lies”. He cursed and left the hall in anger
“ Damon”. I called but it was already late………
Damon POV
I rushed outside in anger , I bit my lips trying to control the pain
I felt betrayed.
“ she even lied when the truth was in front of her “
I held my heart because it was hurting
“ Nora what did you do to me”. I yelled and suddenly stopped when I heard someone called me name
I turned to look back and gasp in shock
“ Annabella”. I called
“ Damon”. She called back
“What the hell is going on here?”……..
Damn! What an episode?
What will happen now?
Bella is alive
I am speechless
Let’s find out in the next episode
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