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💞🌹👑 Episode 06 👑🌹💞

I was woken up by the sound of a male voice singing praises to me, I cursed under my breath, who was this moron that is disturbing my sleep, I opened my eyes slowly to see a male figure standing close to me bed, he was putting on the guards attire but the wrapper was white.
AFAMEFUNA: who the hell are you.
GUARD: Good morning my prince, I hope you slept well being last night was the first night you have spent in the palace.
AFAMEFUNA: are you deaf, I asked you a simple question, who the hell are you.
GUARD: forgive me my prince, I am Nnamdi, your personal men servant, your father assign me to you even before your arrival.
AFAMEFUNA: okey, so what are you doing here.
NNAMDI : I came to wake you up my prince so you can dress on time to meet up with the royal breakfast.
Is this guy being serious, he disturbed my sleep because of some stupid breakfast, I just stared at him not knowing what to say to him, I was really upset that if I had my way I would have slapped the foolishness out of him, wait, let me rephrase that statement of course I have my way but hey am not a rude prince, hahahahahahah, where were we, oh okey
AFAMEFUNA : I am going to tell you my rules if you are going to be on the same page with me as my personal servant, rules number one, never ever ever in your life wake me up when ever am sleeping, do we have an agreement.
I could see the confusion in his eyes, and I know he was trying to sink in what I just told him.
NNAMDI : I will try my prince.
AFAMEFUNA: Good, now you can now go while I continue with my sleep.
I turned to the other side of the bed backing him, I was hoping to hear his footsteps fading away but I waited but still didn’t hear anything, I turned back and to my surprise i behold him still standing there unmoved.
AFAMEFUNA : didn’t you hear my last statement.
NNAMDI : Am sorry my prince but it is a tradition that all royal families are to meet at the royal dinner table for their breakfast.
NNAMDI: yes my prince.
Wow, I was so surprise in hearing this, well in as much as I love my sleep I won’t want to start breaking rules on my first morning in the palace.
AFAMEFUNA: okey, lets do it this way, I am going to sleep for let me say thirty minutes and then you can come back to wake me up.
NNAMDI: my prince, you should be ready by forty five minutes, if you use thirty minutes to sleep can you use fifteen minutes to get ready.
It was more like a question. Well he was right anyway there was no way I can get ready in fifteen minutes.
AFAMEFUNA: fine, you win.
I sluggishly got up from the bed, he clapped his hands twice and the door was open and three men servant dress same way as Nnamdi the only difference is that Nnamdi black cap has a white cloth round it, they were all holding different things in their hand, clothes, beads, shoes and some I couldn’t see clearly.
NNAMDI : those are your clothes, my prince, when you are done with your bath they will help you with dress up.
I nodded in agreement and headed to the bathroom.
I and chiamaka went to fetch water as usual, there were alot of people there because most of them didn’t come yesterday because of the arrival of the prince, I did fetch a lot of water yesterday but I only came to replaced the ones I used in washing my clothes, we waited for almost an hour before it got to our turn, I thanked my God when we succeeded in fetching our water and headed on our way, Ada and her serpents didn’t come today well my luck, wasn’t ready to see her again not after the promise I made to my mum.
CHIAMAKA : you really missed a lot yesterday at the palace.
Chiamaka brought me out of my thought, she sounded happy saying it.
AMARACHI: Really, what did I miss, is it the ugly faces of my enemies.
CHIAMAKA: ah ah, no na, thank God you said their ugly faces at least you know they are not beautiful so why will you even look at them.
We both burst into laughter, truly that was funny.
CHIAMAKA : well that isn’t the fun part, there were lot of food to eat and drinks to drink, music, in short it was a great day to remember.
AMARACHI: yeah I know, I saw what my mother came home with yesterday.
CHIAMAKA: and the fun part of it was the prince, you needed to see him, God that guy is handsome.
I was surprised seeing my friend talk about a guy so excitedly, I wasn’t interested in the discussion but I had to pretend I was interested not to hurt her feeling.
AMARACHI: is that so.
CHIAMAKA: God, and his smile makes me want to fly.
AMARACHI: aaaah, Chiamaka.
AMARACHI : don’t tell me you are falling for the prince.
CHIAMAKA : nke a (see this one) she said I am falling, I have already fell.
AMARACHI: please don’t go and put your hope up ooo, but anyway sha, God knows it all, just remember me when you become the queen.
I watched as her expression changed to a sad one.
CHIAMAKA: biko (please) let’s leave that one, what will a prince finds in me anyway, when there are princesses lining up for him, I know by now the king must have even found a beautiful princess for him.
AMARACHI: oh you know, and you are here day dreaming.
CHIAMAKA: it’s not bad to dream sometimes, do you know what it will means if one of us becomes the queen, Ada and her friends won’t dare to try us again.
In as much as it hard to believe she is right, I have never thought of what it will means to me if I becomes the queen, I won’t have to walk in the village with my head low anymore, or let me say if Chiamaka becomes the queen I know she will protect me, but who am I deceiving that kind of a prayers are not meant to be answered.
The breakfast was delicious, as I ate as much as I could that morning, I came down at the dinner on time as the men servants helped me with my clothes, it was the same attire like the ones I wore on the day of my arrival, I think will be my dressing code in all of my stay here, my mother and my father were already at the dining when I got there, I must say my mother was truly a queen to behold with her queens attire, I would have married her if she wasn’t my mother, my father too wasn’t looking bad.
After having my breakfast I went back to my room to rest, I was still very tired after yesterday merriment, I woke up later in the afternoon, the room was becoming boring for me so I decided to go out, I saw Nnamdi standing at my door, don’t this guys rest, I didn’t have time to question him after all he is only doing his job, I asked after my mum and he took me to her, I used that opportunity to admire the palace, so all this will become mine someday, I saw my mother sitting down at the garden, six maids all dress in white gown was with her, some were massaging her shoulder while some her legs, and some fanning her, they were all singing a beautiful igbo song and I know it pleases my mother because she was enjoying it, I walk up to her smiling, immediately the maids saw me they stopped what they were doing and bow on their knees to greet me, I responded to their greeting.
LOLO AGBONMA: you finally came out of your room.
AFAMEFUNA : I was bored.
LOLO AGBONMA: I know, sit.
I sat just close to her, there was a jug and glass of juice on the stool in her left side.
LOLO AGBONMA: leave us.
And immediately they all left leaving just me and my mother.
AFAMEFUNA: mum I’ve been wondering, what is it with the different colors of attires with the servants, it’s getting confusing, what’s with the white, purple and yellow dresses.
LOLO AGBONMA : you are not the first person to be confused over this, but you see the different colors of attire are to differentiate the role they are playing in the palace.
AFAMEFUNA: I still don’t get.
LOLO AGBONMA: now listen, the ones putting on yellow attires are the ones in charge of the outer palace, the surroundings, making sure everything is in place, and then the one wearing purple attires are the ones in charge of the inner palace, they also help the chef in preparing the meals, then the one on white attire, those are the personal servants, they takes care of the royal families needs, they alone have the right to serve the food like you saw earlier, they alone have access to the inner chambers.
I was really amazed with the way everything was organized in the palace.
LOLO AGBONMA: and the last one the ones on black attires.
I was surprised to hear this because I haven’t seen any servant with black attire.
LOLO AGBONMA : don’t tell me you haven’t seen they.
AFAMEFUNA : no, I haven’t.
LOLO AGBONMA: there were among those that came to pick you at the airport.
I tried to recall if I saw them then I remembered something.
AFAMEFUNA: I think I have, the guard that was sitting in front of the passers seat on my way to the palace, I didn’t see clearly but I think he was putting on black.
LOLO AGBONMA: exactly.
AFAMEFUNA : ohhh, what are their duties.
LOLO AGBONMA: they are the securities, they are the only ones allowed to hold weapons in the palace, they safeguard the royal families, always remember to take two of them with you where ever you are going okey.
AFAMEFUNA: of course.
LOLO AGBONMA: Good, and each of this groups has a leader, Nnamdi is the leader of the personal men servants your father assigned to you.
AFAMEFUNA: oh I see, that’s why his cap is different.
AFAMEFUNA: wow, interesting, I…….
I was yet to complete my sentence when I heard a female voice throwing greetings to my mother.
To be continued..


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