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💞🌹 Episode 07 💞🌹

Continues from Afamefuna pov
I turned to see a light chocolate girl standing with a smiling face, she had a light makeup on, her gown resting a little above her knees, she had a good body structure I must confess.
GIRL : Good afternoon my prince.
AFAMEFUNA : Good afternoon to you too.
She was all smiling and starring at me, well I know that look, my good look always attract ladies to me and this one just seems to fall for my charms.
LOLO AGBONMA: Ada what are you doing in the palace today, did you come with your father.
ADA : No my queen, my mother sent me to you.
LOLO AGBONMA: hope all is well.
ADA : yes my queen, she asked me to bring this for you.
She brought a small black bag.
ADA : she said its the jewel she promised to buy for you.
LOLO AGBONMA: oh, that’s very sweet of her, I really appreciate this.
My mother signal to one of her personal maid that came running, the maid took the bag from the girl and left, even as she was talking to my mother her eyes were still all over me.
LOLO AGBONMA: tell her that I will come visiting soon, I have something important to discuss with her.
ADA: okey my queen, I will deliver the message.
LOLO AGBONMA : thank you, and before I forget, Afam.
I raised up my head to look at my mother.
AFAMEFUNA: yes mum.
LOLO AGBONMA: this is Ada, the only daughter of Mazi Amadi, he is one of the chiefs and your father child hood friend, isn’t she beautiful.
AFAMEFUNA: of course she is, nice meeting you.
She laughed shyly.
ADA: thank you my prince, I will take my leave now my queen.
LOLO AGBONMA: no problem you take care of yourself.
ADA: I will my queen.
She looked at me one more time and walked away, I bet she was trying to get my attention with the way she walks.
AFAMEFUNA : mother, why do I have this feeling that you are trying to hook me up with that girl.
LOLO AGBONMA: oh come off it, why will you say that, you are the future king of Amucha kingdom, you are free to choose any woman you want, so why will I hook you up with anyone.
She said taking a zip from her drink. In as much as she was hiding her intention from me I knew it was a matter of time before she let it out, and I will laugh at her face when she finally does.
It was a hot afternoon, my mother was not at home because she had gone to the women’s meeting, so I was home alone, I was sitting outside because inside was very hot so having fresh air outside wasn’t a bad idea for me, I was reading my bible, just felt like to go into the word of God, I heard someone called my name from afar, I raised my head to see Chiamaka runing to me, I too got up in shock as she approached me.
AMARACHI: Chiamaka, who is chasing you.
She was breathing heavily.
AMARACHI: you are getting me scared.
She caught her breath starring at me like I have lost my mind, she burst into an uncontrollable laughter, this got me annoyed.
AMARACHI: Chiamaka, what is all this, do you know you almost got me an heart attack.
CHIAMAKA: sorry but you needed to see your face.
She continue laughing, I sat down ignoring her.
CHIAMAKA: sorry ooo, didn’t mean to scare you.
She said taking another chair and sat down.
AMARACHI: I wonder what made you ran into my house like that.
I was still angry with her and she knows this.
CHIAMAKA: am sorry na, haven’t I apologize I promise not to do it again, so am I forgiven.
AMARACHI: fine, I have heard you.
CHIAMAKA: mama must have gone to the women’s meeting abi.
CHIAMAKA: even my mother, so ask me why I was running.
AMARACHI: okay, why were you running.
CHIAMAKA: you are not even interested in the gist I brought to you.
AMARACHI: Chiamaka, I am interested please tell me na.
CHIAMAKA: I was coming from my house and I came across Chi Chi.
AMARACHI: Chi Chi, the village gossiper.
CHIAMAKA: yes she was talking with so group of girls so I decided to join their discussion at least to hear the latest news, guess what I heard.
CHIAMAKA : I heard that Ada is going to be the future queen of this land.
AMARACHI: Chiamaka, chiamaka, and you believed such lies
CHIAMAKA: this is no lie ooo, you know that it very difficult for ChiChi information to turn into lie or just gossip.
I was downcast, Chiamaka is right about that, ChiChi is known for breaking the latest news in Amucha village, what will i do if that comes to pass, what will become of me, i jerk out of my thought at the touch of Chiamaka.
CHIAMAKA: are you okay.
AMARACHI: you know am not, what if its true.
CHIAMAKA: it might not be, I mean who will want to marry such an arrogant brat.
I know she was trying to cheer me up seeing that I was scared, but it wasn’t working. She held my hands looking into my eyes.
CHIAMAKA: don’t worry we will undertake three days fasting and prayers okey.
She said with a smile which I returned, I pray in my mind this news is false and all this was just some gossip talk.
it has been five days that I have been in Amucha village and I haven’t done anything fun and this was becoming boring to me, I was in my room playing games as usual but I wasn’t enjoying it, I needed something more fun to do, what if I take a stroll round the village that won’t be bad, I called Nnamdi who I know will be at my door and just as I expected he immediately came inside my room.
NNAMDI: my prince you called me.
AFAMEFUNA: yes I did.
NNAMDI: what do you need my prince.
AFAMEFUNA: I feel bore, I have been in this palace for like five days without doing nothing, I need something entertaining, do you have somewhere you can take me to.
NNAMDI: my prince there are lots of entertaining places but not befitting for you my prince.
AFAMEFUNA: oh, is that also another tradition, okey what about strolling.
NNAMDI: that will be better my prince.
AFAMEFUNA : then strolling it is.
I said getting up.
NNAMDI: let me call the men servants to come dress you up.
He called the men servants, they came in after a few minutes with another set of clothes and they did their job, I wasn’t allowed to go without the guards and some men servants, I gave up after trying to convince my dad to see reasons with me.
The Village wasn’t that bad, each place we pass Nnamdi was there to explain some things consigning it, Nnamdi was sitting at the front passenger seat and Ofcourse the driver, there was another car at our back which the guards were, I was enjoying myself at least it better then staying in the palace, all of a sudden I feel pressed, I tried to hold it but it won’t just agree to my terms.
NNAMDI: yes my prince.
AFAMEFUNA: I need to use the bathroom.
I could see the confusion in his face.
NNAMDI: but my prince we are in the middle of the road and there is no bathroom here.
He was right, we were still driving but I just can’t hold it any longer, I looked at my side and saw that we were in a bushy area that will do.
AFAMEFUNA: stop the car.
NNAMDI: my prince.
AFAMEFUNA: I said stop the car, I want to use the bush or is it also forbidden.
NNAMDI: no my prince, but…
AFAMEFUNA: just stop the goddamn car.
I was becoming inpatient, the driver stopped the car and I came down not minding Nnamdi, I walk towards the bush and Nnamdi followed me.
AFAMEFUNA: what are you doing, don’t tell me you are coming with me, do I look like I need a babysitter.
NNAMDI: but my prince this is a lonely place, it might be dangerous for you.
AFAMEFUNA: were you with me back in the US.
NNAMDI: no butt..
AFAMEFUNA: then not a word from you, wait me here.
I said and walked inside the bush so I could look for a suitable place to do my business, I was done playing nice, that Nnamdi won’t just let me, he will be following around as if our lives are bond together, I saw a suitable place away from people eyes and I did my business there, I just finished with what ever I came to do, as I turn to leave I heard a beautiful voice singing an Igbo song, the voice got my attention that as I listen to it my heart found peace, I might not know the full meaning of the song but I could tell it was a sorrowful song, I must know who have this melody that is able to calm the trouble heart, just then I began to trace where the song was coming from.
To be continued..

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