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💋💞 Episode 08 💞💋

Ever since Chiamaka gave me that news my heart has been heavy, I found myself thinking about it too much, so today I decided to do something that will take my mind of it, I decided to go to bushes around the village to set traps, I had learnt from my father how to set traps, I just finished setting the last one when I decided to sit down to rest, that was when all the memories of my father came rushing down, I couldn’t hold my tear as I allowed it flow, I began to sang a song that will help my heavy heart.
I followed the voice deep into the bush, just when I had given up hope of finding the singer that’s when I saw her, she was sitting down on the ground, her skin shining like the morning sun, I couldn’t see her face but I knew she must be a beauty, my curiosity took the better part of me and I moved closer so I could see her face, just like she knew I was there she got up immediately facing me with the those beautiful eyes, I was stun to say a word, I love it better just starring at her.
Reality drew on me that I have been starring for too long without saying a word, I wanted to opened my mouth but no words came out, there were tear in her eyes which meant only one thing and that minute I so wanted to take her into my arms and console her.
AFAMEFUNA: why are you crying.
She starred at me without saying anything, I tried to move closer to her but she moved backward, it was hard to tell if she was scared because her face was emotionless.
AFAMEFUNA: am a friend, you don’t have to be afraid of me.
AMARACHI: what makes you think I am afraid of you.
Her outburst got me surprise, this sure is one hell of a brave girl and I like brave.
AFAMEFUNA: so why the silence.
AMARACHI: I am only wondering what a stranger will be doing inside the bush all alone.
AFAMEFUNA : why do you think I am a stranger.
AMARACHI: isn’t it obvious, your skin seem soft even from afar, your clothes looks expensive, and your ascent doesn’t show you are from this village, are you a visitor here.
I was just starring at her because she will be the first person that didn’t recognize who I am and I love it because I got to have a real conversation without any formality to it, I had to come out with a smooth lie.
AFAMEFUNA: yes, you are correct I am a visitor in Amucha village.
AMARACHI: and it’s really rear to see a visitor in a royal attire.
I knew I was in for it but I wasn’t ready to give up I needed to think first before she seen through my lies.
AMARACHI: or are you from the royal family.
AFAMEFUNA: yes, no, I mean not really.
I hate myself now, can’t believe I am stammering.
AMARACHI: which please.
AFAMEFUNA: I am a servants to the royal family, am the personal servants to the prince.
I could see the surprise in her face and I knew she was buying my story.
AFAMEFUNA: about my ascent it because I was with him when he was in the US.
AMARACHI: I have to go now.
I was surprised, why will she want to leave, she meant to turn but I quickly stood in front of her blocking her path.
AFAMEFUNA: come on, I just told you who I am and you are leaving, did I say something wrong, am sorry if I did.
AMARACHI: why will you apologize to me when you have done nothing wrong.
AFAMEFUNA : I don’t know.
All of a sudden she gave a light laugh, she looks more beautiful when she laughed, I smile at my thought.
AMARACHI: well you didn’t offend me, I just needed to go that all.
AFAMEFUNA : okey can you at least tell me your name, my name is Nnamdi and you are.
I said stretching out my hand for an handshake, she looked confused for sometime then she took my hand for an handshake, the electricity I felt that moment was something I can’t explain and I knew she felt same way, she quickly redraw her hand.
AMARACHI: I really need to get going.
She walked pass me.
AFAMEFUNA: can you at least tell me your name.
She stopped not looking at me.
AMARACHI : Amarachi, the unclean one.
Saying this she took to her heels.
AFAMEFUNA: wait, what do you mean by that.
I was actually talking to myself because she was already gone.
I got home and slept off because I was very tired, when I woke up it was already evening so I got up to make dinner, mama was already in the kitchen as I joined her, she was preparing groundnut soup as I took the vegetable leaves and started to punk them one at a time.
My mind went to the event that had happened some hours ago at the bush when I went to set my trap, I was crying thinking about my father when I felt the present of someone close to me, I quickly got up out of fear that died immediately I saw the stranger face, I don’t know but I felt this peace of mind around him which was rear, his eyes were compared to nothing I have ever seen, even his voice, God the way he talk was something else, he told me his name was Nnamdi, I so wish I could see him again, I felt the warm hand of my mother on my hands, this brought me out of my thought, there was a smile on her face.
NNEKA : what is making you smile this way or should I say who.
AMARACHI: mama am not smiling, you are the one smiling not me.
NNEKA: I have been watching you for some minutes now and all you have been doing was looking into space and smiling, is there something you want to tell me.
I shyly looked down, I knew I can’t lie to her and can’t tell her the truth either.
NNEKA: tell me is he handsome.
She laughed so hard, I was surprised how she could tell .
NNEKA : this was just the way I felt the first day I met my husband your father, blushing.
AMARACHI: mama am not blushing.
I said with a frown
NNEKA: of course you are, look at your cheeks
I used my hands to cover my face as I felt embarrass.
NNEKA: it alright to feel this way, you are no longer a kid, some day a man will come and take you away from this house but it should be a good man and that is my greatest prayer for you, I won’t ask you anything for now but just know that when ever you are ready to talk am always here.
I nodded in agreement.
NNEKA: now finish that quickly the soup is almost done.
I immediately continue with what I was doing with the vegetable leaves.
To Be Continued….

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