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💞💋 Episode 10 🥰💋

Ada has left after about two hours of talking with me, I must confess she is fun to be with and won’t mind keeping are close as a friend, I later woke up after having a nap, Ada has joined me in eating breakfast in the morning before she left so I rested my head a little, I decided to go to the place I met Amarachi hoping I could meet her there, I called Nnamdi who came rushing into my room.
NNAMDI: yes my prince.
AFAMEFUNA: get ready we are going out.
I said getting up from my bed.
NNAMDI: let me call the men servants.
AFAMEFUNA: no, am going on a simple wear today and you too.
He seems surprised but I had no time to explain myself, I got ready putting on a blue jeans with a white t-shirt, a white Gucci sneakers, and a leather wristwatch, I wanted to look simple, didn’t want to draw attention to me since I didn’t have the mind of using the car or the guards, I came out of my room to see Nnamdi dressed in a black trouser, a blue t-shirt and a black sneakers.
AFAMEFUNA: not looking bad.
He cross check himself and a smile appeared on his face.
AFAMEFUNA : now listen, we are not taking the car okey.
I said in more as a whispered.
AFAMEFUNA: we are going on foot.
NNAMDI: but where are we going to.
AFAMEFUNA: that left for you to find out.
We walked out of the building heading to the gate, it wasn’t easy to convince the security to let us pass but not wanting to lose their job for disobeying the crown Prince, they allowed us pass.
The walk from the palace to the place I met Amarachi was more like a forty minutes walk, and believe me I enjoyed it, Nnamdi didn’t bother to ask me any more question and I appreciated it.
NNAMDI : I knew you were coming here.
He voiced out as soon as we got there.
AFAMEFUNA: Good, now since you knew, you will just follow me without another word and one more thing, my name is Nnamdi not my prince.
I saw his jaw drop.
NNAMDI: but that is my name.
AFAMEFUNA: and now it’s my own name, so you better start looking for another.
NNAMDI: what are you up to my prince.
AFAMEFUNA: Nnamdi is my name, okey at least it’s not that hard for you to pronounce your own name.
I said going into the bush, he kept quiet and followed me, I just needed to arranged things just in case I meet her there and as I had thought I did, my joy knew no bounce when I saw her sleeping so calmly in same spot, Nnamdi gave me a questioning look which I ignored, I signed for him to keep shut won’t want to wake her up in a wrong manner, I slowly walked up to her without making any noise, I bent down stared at her beautiful face, if only she knew what she was doing to me, I touched her cheek and with this she slowly woke up.
AFAMEFUNA: hello sunshine.
I was shocked and same time happy to see him but I wasn’t going to let him know that, he was all smiling like a child who just found his lost teddy bear, I got on my feet dusting away the dirt on my blouse and skirt, he too stood up as I did.
AFAMEFUNA: sorry for disturbing your beautiful sleep.
Why does he like apologizing this much over nothing.
AMARACHI: what are you doing here.
AFAMEFUNA: well I came to see you.
I was surprised at his responses
AMARACHI : you came to see me, does here look like my home.
AFAMEFUNA: well since I don’t know where you stay I came to the only place I knew I might find you and guess what, I was right.
AMARACHI : you are something else.
AFAMEFUNA: so are you going to offer me a sit or you prefer to keep me standing.
He was very funny and free will no doubt, and his words brought smile to my face, I looked around and saw a branch connected from a tree.
AMARACHI: we can sat down there.
I said pointing at the branch, we both walk there and sat down that was when i saw that he wasn’t alone.
AMARACHI : won’t your friend join us.
He turned at the side his friend was standing and gesture him to come which he did.
AFAMEFUNA: Emeka is his name, and he is my very good friend in the palace, Emeka meet Amarachi.
I saw the shock in his eyes but quickly dismissed it, saying a hi to me, I knew he wasn’t pleased with my presence and this brought sadness to me.
NNAMDI : my… I mean Nnamdi, I will be waiting for you there.
He said this and left.
AFAMEFUNA: what is it.
I quickly force out a warm smile.
AMARACHI: nothing, am fine.
AFAMEFUNA: no you are not, so tell me or is it because of my friend.
AMARACHI: no am fine.
AFAMEFUNA: Amarachi, I know you are hiding something and you don’t want to tell me, I know I am a stranger to you but I want to be a friend.
AMARACHI: you can’t be my friend, you won’t want to be my friend if you know my story.
I said bowing my head I just couldn’t look at him in the eyes, I was trying hard to fight the tear from coming out.
AFAMEFUNA: then tell me, I want to know.
There were a lot of things going through my head, didn’t know if I was ready to loose a friend I just made.
I looked at her expecting her to say something, her head was still bow down refusing to look at me, I needed to know why are name was rejected in the lips of many if not everyone, what crime has a beautiful damsel done that has made everyone hates even her name.
AMARACHI: I am not really from this village.
She started her story.
AFAMEFUNA: go on, am listening.
I said encouraging her to continue.
AMARACHI: my mother was banished from her village because she was accused of killing my father, she had no where to go so she wandered the forest but fell into Labour on the firth day, an hunter that was passing by heard her scream so he helped her put to birth right there in the forest, the hunter and his wife were the ones that took me in.
I knew she was crying, I wanted to console her but kicked against it, it is good to cry once in a while to ease your pain, but I was confused, what was the crime in her story.
AFAMEFUNA: then why are people afraid of you.
AMARACHI: because they said I was given birth to in the forest and it has never happened before, so they said I am an abomination.
With this her crying increased i immediately took her into my arm and let her soaked my shoulder with her tear.
AFAMEFUNA: it’s okey, it’s alright, all will be fine.
She stopped crying few minutes later, she sat up while I took her hands.
AFAMEFUNA: Amarachi, look at me.
She didn’t lift up her head.
AFAMEFUNA: look at me.
I said more calmly, and she did.
AFAMEFUNA: you are nothing like a curse, a curse is an ugly creation with big horns and sharp teeth, but you are nothing like that, you are a beautiful creation that I have ever came across in my entire life, you have the heart of gold, and a brave one, so even the people that has condemned you are so blind, there is nothing wrong with you, do you hear me, and I am glad to meet someone so special, you came into this world for a reason and a time will come those who mocked you will bow at your feet and this I promise you.
I later went home after having the best evening with Amarachi, she lightened up after listening to everything I told her, she doubted me at first but when she saw the sincerity in me she gave in, I told her about myself but leaving the part that I was the prince, I needed to keep that away from her for now, didn’t know why but I want to.
I entered the palace with Nnamdi and headed to my room but was met with one of my father personal men servants at my door, he looks like he has been waiting for me for a long time, he bow to acknowledge my presence.
MEN SERVANT: The king request your presence at the throne room.
AFAMEFUNA: I will be right there.
He left after delivering the message.
AFAMEFUNA: call the men servants I need to change.
I said entering my room, the men servants came almost immediately and in not time I was prepared, I sent Nnamdi away so he too can go change to his attire and I headed to the throne room.
The guard as usual opened the door granting me passage to the throne room, I entered and saw five chiefs sited, I greeted my father then the chiefs which they reciprocated.
EZE NWANYI: son, where have you been, I sent for you but was told you went out.
AFAMEFUNA: so sorry father, I needed to see the four corners of the community, sorry I didn’t inform you about it.
EZE NWANYI: no problem, I sent for you because the chiefs had something important to discuss with you, they have told me but it will be better if you heard from them personally.
AFAMEFUNA: my elders I am so sorry you keeping you all waiting.
They all accepted my apologize.
AFAMEFUNA: my elders you have something important to tell me, it must be so important if not you wouldn’t have left your comfortable homes to the palace to see me, hope its nothing serious.
MAZI AMADI : our people say if you see a rat running in the afternoon you will know either it’s chasing something or something is chasing it, but in this case something is chasing it, is it not so.
MAZI OKAFOR: you are right.
The rest of the chiefs agreed with him, I knew that intact there was something wrong and I was eager to know the reason for their visit.
MAZI AMADI: we came here to see you today because of a very important issue, you see we the elders were very happy the day you came back without bringing any white woman with you, and we have asked the king and his answer was something we can hope for, at least you are not like some princes that goes to another man’s land and marry their daughters but instead you came back so you can choose a wife from your father’s land.
They all started talking at the same time acknowledging my wish decision, but honestly I didn’t came back to Nigeria to settle down, I looked at my dad and he just smile at me, what has this old man been telling them.
AFAMEFUNA: my elders indeed you have said the right thing and I appreciate that you all sees the good part in me and my good interest in the culture of the great kingdom of Amucha.
MAZI ENYINNAYA : and that is why you are the true son of your father, a lion cannot begot a sheep.
They all agreed again to his words, I already knew the purpose of their coming, so I have to choose my word wisely.
MAZI AZUBUIKE : your father the king told us that you have been going round the village in search of a bride, you know if you are having difficulties in selecting we could help you with that.
They all burst into laughter. Are they for real, was this the reason why my father asked me to come back home.
AFAMEFUNA: I appreciate your concern but I am still looking but I will need more time to do that.
MAZI OKAFOR: you have the time to search for your bride but remember you have to produce a heir before your father the king joins his ancestors.
What is this one saying, those my father look like someone that will die soon, I didn’t want to say much I assured them that good news was on the way, they later left giving my father and I the privacy I have been waiting for.
AFAMEFUNA: father, I need some explanation.
EZE NWANYI: what explanation.
AFAMEFUNA: father don’t play dumb with me, what is all this about me getting married, have you forgotten that I still have my PhD to do, did both of us even discuss anything about marriage.
EZE NWANYI: son, you know the costume and traditions of our land, before a prince is crown as the next king he must produce an heir to the throne and that heir must be bless by the former king, your son must be bless by me before you can be the next king, do you know that.
AFAMEFUNA: I do, but why now, even at that, must I marry now, father do you know how old am I.
EZE NWANYI: you are old enough to pregnant a woman.
AFAMEFUNA: oh God, is this the reason why you asked me to come home, it wasn’t because you missed me.
EZE NWANYI : Afamefuna, I am dying.
It has been three weeks now and things has been going well between I am Nnamdi, the other day he has given me hope with his words, I thought he could run away from me after hearing my story but instead he embraced my past and my future, and since that time I have vow not to do anything that will make me loss his friendship.
I told chiamaka about Nnamdi and she was so eager to meet him, and Emeka too has come to accept me too all thanks to Nnamdi but still I have this fear in me that this friendship will not last.
It has been three weeks since I and Amarachi has been friends, for her I am just her friend but for me she was more than that, I didn’t know what was happening to me, the thought of her brings smile to my face and joy to my heart.
To be continued..

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