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🍎🌹 Episode 12 🍎🌹

Continues from Afamefuna pov
I entered to see my mother sending a slap to her face.
AFAMEFUNA: father, mother
I walked in angrily.
AFAMEFUNA: what is the meaning of this father.
EZE NWANYI-: now you listen what ever your name is, look at my son very well.
My father said to Amarachi ignoring me.
EZE NWANYI: look at him.
He shouted and she immediately looked at me, our eyes met and I could see pain, hurt and betrayal in the midst of her tear, I felt weak that intact.
EZE NWANYI: if I ever in your miserable self close to him again ever one inched, I will feed your body to the bogs and have your mother’s head.
AFAMEFUNA: father.
EZE NWANYI: do I make myself clear.
I could feel my anger boiling inside of me.
EZE NWANYI: I said do I make myself clear.
He shouted and this mede Amarachi responded in fear, she couldn’t just look up.
EZE NWANYI: now get out of my sights.
Amarachi quickly got up and took to her heels.
I chase after her but I was blocked at the door by the guards on my father’s order.
AFAMEFUNA: let me pass.
I angrily punch one of the guards but yet he didn’t move, I angrily walk up to my parents.
AFAMEFUNA: if you guys make me to loose her I swear with my life, I will never ever forgive both of you not in this life or the next.
I said this running to my room, I could hear my mother calling out to me and my father calling me names, I got to my room shutting the door I fell on the floor, her face filled with pain haunted me, it hurt so much, why will something so sweet hurt so much, I couldn’t hold back my tear it fell freely rolling down my cheek.
I ran as my legs could carry me, I ran into the arms of my mother who was sitting at the veranda waiting for me, she took me into her arms as I pour out my heart out in tear, how should I have know he was the Prince, why will he lie to me, why will he do this to me, and why does this hurt so much, it was like I have been stab in the chest, not like I have been stab and by no other person than he that the same heart fell for.
It been two days and I found myself dying slowly, I locked myself indoor refusing to go out, the pain i felt was like the first day or ever more, I couldn’t eat or sleep, my mother has tried everything possible to cheer me up so I could eat but yet it wasn’t working, sometimes I felt for her, she was doing her best and I wasn’t helping at all but what was I to do when my heart was broken, even chiamaka came to bring me out of my room but nothing worked, she was surprised to hear what happened obviously not from me, the news has gone round the village that I was trying to seduce the prince, I wonder how people believe everything they are told.
I was in my room what I started hearing my name from outside, I knew who they were, they are no other person than Ada and are serpent, I tried to ignore them, my mother was not around, I pretended not to hear them hoping they will leave but intend I started hearing noises of broken things, fear that they might have broken something, maybe the window or something I rush out to them, as I have thought, they had used a big stone to break my mother’s window.
ADA : here comes the slut, look at her she thinks she can take my prince from me, you have fail, you want to go and pollute the palace with your curse self.
OLUCHI : don’t mind her, she thinks the prince is her type, look at you na, shameless fool.
UGOMA : aaaa, you should go and hide your face oooo, your evil plan has failed.
It kept on like that saying all sort of things and calling me name, in a normal day I could have retaliated but today I felt weak not because I haven’t eaten for two day now but because the hurt in my heart was very much heavy for me to carry and it was weary me down.
AMARACHI: are you people done, if you are done can you kindly leave.
ADA : so you still have the mouth to talk, you are very lucky this gate is locked if not I would have come there and beat all your words out of your mouth witch, you thought your charm will work on him, but did it no…
I couldn’t believe I was with the Prince and I didn’t know, was I that dumb, the attire he putted on the firth day we met should have sold him out and his ascent but I bought his lies, how foolish of me, if I have known I wouldn’t have spent one seconds with him maybe just maybe all this wouldn’t have been happening.
AFAMEFUNA: father father.
I called out angrily at him as I walk to the private sitting room where he sat down comfortably drinking red wine, he have locked me up in the palace refusing me to go out, I so wanted to see Amarachi to explain to her, I knew she will hate me now mostly since I haven’t come to apologize or check up on her after that incident, I have made attempt to go out again but was disappointed again.
AFAMEFUNA: father am I now a prisoner in this palace.
He pretended I wasn’t talking to him as he continue drinking his wine
AFAMEFUNA: father am talking to you.
EZE NWANYI : ohhh Afamefuna, why are you disturbing my rest.
AFAMEFUNA: father you have kept me in this palace for good two days now, I want to fucking go out.
EZE NWANYI: you will be in this palace still you know your place in this kingdom, I thought you think you are higher than me.
AFAMEFUNA: why are you doing this to me, why, what have I done to deserve this, is it a crime to love tell me.
EZE NWANYI: it is mostly when you are in love with the wrong person.
AFAMEFUNA: father please stop doing this to me, I can’t take it.
EZE NWANYI: then free yourself and marry Ada.
AFAMEFUNA: I can’t marry her, I don’t want to marry her, father please.
EZE NWANYI : until you realize that Ada is the best for you till then you are going to remain in this palace.
What was I to do, this man that calls himself my father just won’t bend, I angrily or should I say sadly went to my room, I sat on the bed and just allowed the tear to flow again, that has been my daily routine for two days now.
NNAMDI: my prince
AFAMEFUNA: please just go away, I want to be left alone.
NNAMDI : my prince, I can take you to Amarachi if you want.
I looked up at him in shock.
AFAMEFUNA: are you serious, and how.
NNAMDI: though the king owns the palace we the servants controls it, I can sneak you out and in without your father and mother even the servants that are not supposed to know finds out.
I looked at him not knowing what to say.
AFAMEFUNA: why will you want to help me.
NNAMDI: I know I have never been in love but my prince seeing you go through all this just to be with someone you love made me want to help.
I was speechless, I just stare at him.
NNAMDI: but it will be in the night, so I will come and call you when all coast is clear, I will leave now
He turned to leave
He turned back to me.
NNAMDI: yes my prince
AFAMEFUNA: thank you.
He smile and left, I was overwhelmed with joy, at last I get to make my love Amarachi I just pray nothing goes wrong, I sat down as I waited patiently for night fall.
To be continued..

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