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πŸŒΏπŸ’š Episode 15 πŸŒΏπŸ’š

How did my life turned out like this, I knew I never had a carefree life but it was better than this, with my mother gone and me at the mercy of death, I cursed my creator for bringing me into this word, I would have prefer to have died with my mother in the forest than the life I had to pass through, I have stopped crying sitting on the ground just staring at the big tree where my life will soon end as one of the guard which I think is their leader did some incantations, when he was done he ordered them to take me up as we get prepare to enter the sacred place, I knew this was it, in my mind I said goodbye to this world of pain and sorrow.
Just as we were about to cross to the other side of the red rope, someone called out to one of the guard this brought all of us to an halt, I turned to see Nnamdi and one other guard running towards us, I didn’t know where it came from but I felt a little hope inside of me.
GUARD LEADER: what news have you brought that you had to disturb the ritual, it better be good.
He said a bit angry.
NNAMDI: Am sorry if I disturbed it but I had to, please you really don’t want to kill her do you.
GUARD LEADER: and whats your business with that, we are carrying the kings order and you have no right to stop it.
NNAMDI: do you have any idea who this girl is.
GUARD LEADER: and why do I care
NNAMDI: you should because maybe just maybe by this time next year or the other your head and that of your family will join her.
GUARD LEADER: what do you mean by that.
NNAMDI: you all know that this girl here has found favour in the eyes of the prince, the king is king today but the prince will be tomorrow, what will happened to you when he later found out that you carry out the ritual after the king has pass the judgment.
GUARD LEADER: are you telling me to defile the kings order.
NNAMDI: am telling you to save your head and that of your families, not only you but also your men.
GUARD LEADER: do you have any idea what the king will do to us if he finds out she is still alive.
NNAMDI: not when she disappear from this land, please does she look like someone that could hurt a fly.
They all looked at me, my heart was beating fast now as I pray God touch the guard leader heart so he will agree to let me go.
GUARD LEADER: if I do this you are owning me big time.
NNAMDI: I know.
GUARD LEADER : this will be a secret to all of us, no one is to say a word to the king or anyone else, are we clear.
The other guards agreed.
NNAMDI: thank you very much, I will take it from here.
The guard leader nodded and left with the rest guards, Nnamdi and the guard that came with him rush to my side to help me up, Immediately I let out the tear I have been holding inside, I couldn’t believe I was alive, I won’t die today.
NNAMDI: stop crying, you are safe now, thank God I came here on time.
AMARACHI: thank you so much, God will bless the both of you.
NNAMDI: this is Ebube, he was the one that call me to give me the information because I was not in the palace, I was sent to carry out some errands for the palace, I had to leave what I was doing to rush down here, thank God I wasn’t that far if not I wouldn’t have made it.
EBUBE: I thank God that you are safe now, Chiamaka is my cousin sister, she called me and told me that you are her friend and begged me to get in contact to the prince, I did the only thing that came to my mind by calling Nnamdi because he alone was closer to the prince.
I was so surprise in hearing this, I didn’t see Chiamaka all through the event of the day thinking she was disappointed in me and have turned her back on me, little did I know she was fighting for my life behind my back.
AMARACHI: help me to say thank you to her, I will forever be indebted to her.
EBUBE: yes I will, she will be so happy to know you are alive.
NNAMDI : but you cannot stay in this village, take this.
He brought a small bag and gave it to me.
NNAMDI : there are some food and money in there, and you will fine an envelope, it content the house address of the prince.
My eyes grew in shock
NNAMDI : yes I know where he is, he gave me the address before he left, I have send him a message through his email about your arrival I pray he receive it, but we can’t be waiting for that so you have to go to the city to look for him, I know you will be fine once you get to him.
I nodded in agreement because I was speechless.
NNAMDI: now change into this.
He said giving me a small bag, I took the bag while they walk a little distance backing me, I quickly change to a jeans trouser and a blue top with a black shoe( sneakers), I took the scarf that was inside the bag too and called out to them.
NNAMDI : like this people will not recognize you, use the scarfs to cover your head and face.
I did as he said covering my head in a Muslims style.
NNAMDI : you will come out with us, our car is parked outside the forest, we will take you out of the village, you will find your way from there, follow the discretion in the envelop okey.
I nodded
NNAMDI : Good now left go, you will be fine okey.
We got outside, they check for passerby and found none so I quickly went into the car, they did same and drove off, through out the ride Nnamdi kept giving me more details about my journey, in not less then ten minutes we got to the entrance of the kingdom, he parked telling me he was dropping me here, I thanked both of them because I didn’t have much to say, they wished me good luck and I came down from the car which drove away back into the kingdom, I knew my way to the car park so getting a bus wasn’t a problem.
I couldn’t believe I was heading to Lagos, a place I never dreamt I will go, I have heard a lot about the city of how big and dangerous she is from my mother, oh mother, as kind heartened she was yet they decided to kill her that way, they didn’t even give me the chance to pay my last respect to her, but I pray she rest in peace, yes in peace because she deserved it, I walk to the motor park as tear fall down from my eyes, Lagos here I come and I pray I find the prince.
I don’t know but I saw myself taking the next flight to Imo state, I woke up that morning not feeling at ease, I just wanted to be in the village, even Victor was surprised of my sudden decision, talking about Victor, Victor has been a great host to me, he has been doing everything possible to make me comfortable in his house, he is an assistant manager in one of the big company in Lagos state Nigeria, he is single but has a fiancee who he is planning on getting married to very soon and am looking forward to it, I booked a flight from Lagos to Imo state and in no time I was in Imo state, I took a taxi headed straight to Amarachi house, I don’t know but I needed to see her first before seeing anyone just to know how she is fairing.
This past days hasn’t been easy for me, I barely slept that I need some sleeping drugs to take me to the wonder land, Victor was also disappointed in my father when he heard what happened but there was nothing he could do, he wanted to call his father Chife Enyinnaya but I stopped him because doing that will be telling my father where I was and I didn’t want that, he told me that they were worried about me because he heard it from his father how the palace was taking my disappearance.
I got to Amarachi house and came down asking the driver to wait, I knocked at the small gate several times but no one answered, maybe they were not around, I will definitely come back to check, I was about leaving when I sighted a young girl maybe below eighteen years coming towards my way, she immediately greeted me when she saw me, I doubt if she knew I was the prince.
GIRL : Good afternoon sir.
AFAMEFUNA: you too,
Sorry but I wanted to ask, do you by any chance saw this woman and her daughter this morning, have been knocking but it seem they are not around.
GIRL: is the woman related to you.
AFAMEFUNA: no, the daughter is my friend.
GIRL: ohhh so sorry but the woman died yesterday afternoon.
AFAMEFUNA: whatttt
I was shocked to my bone.
AFAMEFUNA: what about the daughter.
GIRL : from what I heard ooo, the daughter was the one that killed the mother.
A cold wind suddenly pass through me, did I hear very well or what.
AFAMEFUNA: please come again.
GIRL: I said the girl killed her mother, is it not Amarachi you are talking about.
I nodded, weak to speak.
GIRL: yes na.
AFAMEFUNA: and Amarachi, where is she.
GIRL : I can see you are a stranger in this village, in this village who ever killed someone will also be killed, the judgment was passed by the igwe yesterday.
To Be Continued….


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