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💚🌿 Episode 16 💚🌿

I must confess Lagos is big and beautiful, even more than I have heard, it was a long night journey from my village to the city of Lagos, it wasn’t a comfortable journey as the bus was overloaded but who am I to complain, I finally got down from the bus as the driver announced our arrival, it was a big motor park with lot of people, some hawking all type of things to passersby, driver and conductors shouting from different angle to get passengers, there were stores where food and other things where sold, I was immediately hungry at the sight of food, I haven’t had anything to eat since yesterday event, even as I wasn’t to eat so badly I needed to focus on the most important thing, I took the small school bag from my back and began to search for the envelop Nnamdi talked about, after searching for a short time I found it, I opened it and saw an address written on it, after reading the content I decided to ask anyone for direction, after I succeeded in crossing to the other side of the road where buses are lined up, I asked a man after greeting him but he didn’t know the place, I decided to ask a bus driver.
I was walking directly to a driver i spotted close to a bus when suddenly a bus drove roughly towards me, in fear I jumped trying to miss the bus so i wouldn’t be hit by it, I landed on a little pool of dirty water on the ground, using my two hands to warge myself from falling completely in the water.
People rain insult at the driver as some young men helped me up, even the driver came to apologise, I cleaned myself up assuring them I was okey, just than I discovered the piece of paper that the address to Prince Afamefuna was no longer with me, I search my bag hoping to see it but I didn’t, that was when reality draw on me that I have misplaced the only hope I had.
I couldn’t tell how I felt, in as much as what the girl was saying sounds true yet I choose not to believe it maybe its just another rumour going round the village, I rush into the taxi telling him to head for the palace, this to me was a joke or a game, in as much as I try to warp my head on the fact that Amarachi and her mother was dead yet it doesn’t just add up, if she committed murder then she should be handed to the police, my father is a civilian man, he couldn’t do what the girl said he did.
I got to the palace gate, after I paid the driver, I collected his number, well don’t really know why but I just felt I might need it, I took my small bag and headed for the gate and knock, the guard answered from the other side.
GUARD: who is that.
AFAMEFUNA: open the gate.
GUARD: who.
AFAMEFUNA: are you going to keep me here or you want my father to have your head.
I was rude yes but I wasn’t myself that minutes as I was still reprocessing what the girl told me and I needed to find answers.
The gate immediately opened revealing the guard, he was shocked to see me and immediately bow to greet him I walk pass him not responding to his greeting, one of the guard ran inside maybe to tell my father of my arrival, I could see confusion and shock all over their faces, Nnamdi run out to meet me.
NNAMDI: my prince, my prince, you are here.
AFAMEFUNA: Nnamdi not now.
I walked pass him into the sitting room only to see my mother at the entrance, she was surprised and excited to see me as she hug me but I didn’t hug back.
LOLO AGBONMA: my son, you are back ooo my son, where have you been.
AFAMEFUNA: mother where is father.
LOLO AGBONMA: are you alright, what is it.
AFAMEFUNA: where is father.
LOLO AGBONMA: in the throne room with the elders.
I walked straight to the throne room with my mother tagging along asking questions I was ignoring, I didn’t have time for her this minutes, I got to the throne room and the guard opened the door for me, I entered interrupting my father speech, the whole chiefs was shocked to see me even my father who immediately stood up from his throne.
EZE NWANYI: my son, you came back.
AFAMEFUNA: father where is Amarachi.
I could see the shock and disappointment in his eyes but I don’t care, as I stare face to face with him waiting for an answer.
EZE NWANYI: are you out of your mind, is that how you greet your father and the elders.
AFAMEFUNA: do you really think I f**king care about some stupid greeting right now, I asked where is Amarachi.
This time I was shouting, I couldn’t just hold myself anymore as I was boiling in anger.
MAZI AMADI : my prince why don’t you calm down.
He said standing up.
AFAMEFUNA : and who are you to interfere when am talking to my father, you stay out of this, this is between I and him.
EZE NWANYI: Afamefuna.
He shouted
AFAMEFUNA: father, is what am hearing true, tell me.
EZE NWANYI: what ever you heard about that witch is true, she committed an abomination.
AFAMEFUNA: and you asked that she should be killed.
EZE NWANYI: that is our tradition.
AFAMEFUNA: she is dead?
Everyone went silent.
AFAMEFUNA: Answer me, is she dead.
I prayed in my mind that they shouldn’t tell me yes, I was boiling in anger, I didn’t know what I will do if it’s true.
The world stopped, even my heart beat stopped, I went still, only my brain was working trying to process what I just heard, was I in shock yes, a big one, now it was all coming to me, Amarachi is dead, she is dead, dead and gone.
LOLO AGBONMA: Afamefuna she broke the law and had to pay for it.
I looked at my mother, trying to pick what she was saying, my body, my heart were all falling apart.
AFAMEFUNA: Amarachi is dead.
It was more like I was trying to force myself to believe that, that minutes I couldn’t breath anymore, it was more like all the air flew away from me, I tried to breath in air but no air came through.
AFAMEFUNA: I ca…n’t breath.
I managed to say, my mother rushed to my side but I fell down before she could get to me, I heard voices calling out to me as I went into darkness.
To Be Continued….

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