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🍎💞 Episode 18 💞🍎

I got to lagos very late in the night and saw no sign of Amarachi or even Victor, I asked the gateman if anyone came by to look for me that day but he gave me a negative answer and this made me worried more, I wouldn’t sleep as I wait for Victor to come home since his number wasn’t connecting, I wasn’t worried about him because this wasn’t the first time his number won’t connect, it happens when ever he has a late meeting or work dinner, and I don’t have his business line.
I opened my eyes to see Victor standing close to me, it was already morning, didn’t know when I slept off.
VICTOR: Afam, this one you are sleeping on the sofa in the sitting room with your clothes still on, hope you are fine, did everything go well, I mean with Amarachi.
AFAMEFUNA: that is the problem, she is not in the village, she is in lagos.
VICTOR: wow, how come.
AFAMEFUNA: it’s a long story.
I told Victor parts of the story I know, he was shocked to hear it.
VICTOR: Jesus, does that still happen in this century, what about the police.
AFAMEFUNA: I should be the one asking you that.
EMEKA: am so surprise.
AFAMEFUNA: see, that is the least of my problem now, Amarachi is no where to be found, with all indications it shows you haven’t seen her.
VICTOR: no I haven’t, have you asked Musa.
AFAMEFUNA: I did, he too haven’t seen her, no one came to look for me or you yesterday.
EMEKA: then where could she be.
AFAMEFUNA: I don’t know, I don’t know, am losing it seriously.
EMEKA: calm down ok, we are going to see her, why don’t we go and check the car parks around the city.
AFAMEFUNA: yes, every car parks in lagos, she might have dropped in one of them.
EMEKA: okey let’s go then.
We left in search for her, we checked every car parks in lagos which we continue everyday but still no sign of her and this was getting me worried and scared, I was brought out of my thought when Victor called my name.
VICTOR: Afam, you have to stop.
He sat down opposite me.
VICTOR : you haven’t had anything solid to eat from the pass two days now, do you want to kill yourself.
AFAMEFUNA: am scared, what if she got into a wrong bus and…
VICTOR: nothing has happened to her, she is fine, if you are thinking maybe she is dead, come on, think positive.
AFAMEFUNA: I am, what do you have me do.
VICTOR: lets go to the police station and file a missing person report.
AFAMEFUNA: why didn’t we thought of this earlier, that will be better.
EMEKA: ok, you have all her personal details.
AFAMEFUNA: I know her name, her age, where she is from.
EMEKA: and her photograph.
AFAMEFUNA: about that, I have one.
I brought out my phone and showed it to him, I remembered when I took this photo, she didn’t know, she was laughing so hard about a joke I said, I took that picture so I could always see her laugh, now I do realize I missed her so much and I will go mad if I don’t see her soon.
EMEKA: this will do.
AFAMEFUNA: ok, so can we go now.
EMEKA: if you want, I will just go and drop my brief case.
I stood up why he left to drop his brief case, he came back few minutes later and we head out to the police station.
it has been days now since I started working in the restaurant, yes I got the job, the interview wasn’t that difficult because they were desperately in need of someone, and i happened to come just in time, the life in the city wasn’t that pleasant but still i thank God for providing for me, i so much missed my mother, and i pray she is happy where ever she is right now.
Sometimes i wish i could go back in time to change everything but that was impossible, how i wish i had never meant the prince maybe things could have been more better than now, i know my life wasn’t a pleasant one but it was more better than this because no matter how hard i try to feel happy i still find myself feeling lonely, thought i will get use to it by now but that wasn’t happening.
The restaurant wasn’t that big but was patronized by a lot of people because it’s in the center of the lagos market, we close very late in the night only on weekends but during the week we close very early, we were seven girls and three boys in number, and my boss name was called Big mama, she is marriage with no kids with her current husband, as i heard she had three children with her first husband, both of them are in their late 50s, Big mama is a very nice and easy going person and generous too, she was the one that helped me with accommodation when she heard my story, so i was living with them, but i can’t say same for her husdand uncle Joe as i normally call him, i don’t know much about him but i knew he was not a good news and i have observed the way he looks at me when ever he is around me so i always kept my distances, won’t want any trouble, i just needed a little time so i will be able to save enough money to rent my own accommodation.
Samuel who is also a worker there was the only friend i had, though i do talk to the rest of my co-workers but Sameul was the only one that i was really close to and knows my story too, he is a gentle guy and hard working too, peole at the restaurant started having the thought that i and Samuel might be having something going but that didn’t affect our friendship, i had nothing to fear because Samuel already have a fiancee who he loves so much and won’t cheat on her, he was more like my big brother and many times has helped me from the men that tried to harass me sexually at the restaurant, evrerything was working well for me and i was happy but never knew my happiness will be cut short soon enough.
I was already going crazy looking for Amarachi, it has been a month now since I and Victor made a complain to the police but they haven’t called to give me any good news, I even promised any one who could find her whereabouts One million naira as Victor told me that the people will do anything for money but yet no news and I was growing impatient, Victor was not at home, he had gone out to see his Aunty from his mother’s side, she stays in another part of Lagos and owns a restaurant, she is married, he offered I came with him but I just couldn’t, I prefer to use my free time to look for Amarachi.
To Be Continued….

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