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👑👑 Episode 22 👑👑

As I step out of Big mama’s house the cold blew of the night blew passed my face, this sent some cold into me, I am still in shock of what just happened, how can she drive me out of her house, even with my pleading she didn’t even got moved by it, what was I to do, how was I to face the world again, where will I go from here, just when I thought things was working well for me that’s when life decided to show her other self to me, if only I knew where Samuel reside I could have gone there and I know he will help me out even for a night but now I have to spent the night outside this cold, God do save me from this please and just like God answered my prayer Victor, Big mama aunty nephew called me, I got to know his name when him and Big mama were having a conversation, I was already close to the gate when he called me, the time he followed me outside as he said he wants to see me off, I walked ahead of him lost in my own thought until he called my name from behind and I turned to see him close to his car, I knew it was his because it was the same car we rushed Uncle Joe with.
VICTOR: you should get into the car.
I looked at him surprised at what he said.
VICTOR: do you really think I will allow a young girl like you walk in this dark all by yourself, so get into the car let me look for somewhere you can spend the night.
I wanted to shout for joy but held myself, was he being serious, he will offer me where to sleep but yet I was still standing looking at him not sure if I was ready to follow a male stranger to only God knows where.
VICTOR: do you prefer sleeping out on the streets, if not you should get in.
He said this and entered the car, I immediately saw myself moving closer to the car, I opened the door and went in, I just hope and pray I am not making another mistake again.
We drove in silent for almost ten minutes, sometimes he could glazed at me from the corner of his eyes but I pretended not to notice, we got into a big gate that was opened and parked, I started wondering where we were because the place was fill with cars and a few people, the building was big and beautiful with decorated light all over, even the environment was neat that everywhere speaks class.
We came out of the car, that’s when I saw the name ROYAL HOTEL was written boldly on the building, just then I knew we were in an hotel and my fear aroused, I knew hotel is a place were a man and a woman meet, so why will he bring me here, I knew I shouldn’t have followed his, he seem to have seen my discomfort as I stood refusing to take another step.
VICTOR: what is it.
AMARACHI: this is an hotel.
VICTOR: yes, do you have a problem with that.
I looked at him with eyes wide open in confusion, I think he realize something as he dropped my bag he has been holding on the ground.
VICTOR: no no, it not what you are thinking, I brought you here because my house is not close by and there was no where else to take you or do you have a bad impression about hotels.
AMARACHI: hotels are for men and women that wants to make out.
He immediately burst into laughter, and I wondered what was funny.
VICTOR: and who told you that.
AMARACHI: I heard.
VICTOR: okey let me correct that, hotels are not just made for lovers or the opposite sex to make out, it also a place you rest away from your home, everyone can come here and spent even more than a week depending on how long you are staying in the city, so you better stop thinking that way.
I looked like a fool for not knowing these things, now he will look at me as a dull girl, he took my bag again and lead the way to the reception.
The receptionist attended to us and did the check in, in no time we were inside a small but comfortable room in the hotel.
VICTOR: okey there you go, this is where you will sleep this night, by tomorrow I will come by and if you need anything you should call the reception, that’s the telephone and that list there are all the name of the services in this hotel.
He said pointing at the bed side where a home telephone was placed and a paper was close to it.
VICTOR: do you know how to use it.
I felt embarrassed as I lower my head to the floor.
VICTOR: let me show you.
He showed me how the telephone function and how to use it to make any calls but it can’t be use to call any number outside the hotel and also the list too that contains all type of food prepared in the hotel.
VICTOR: so if you are hungry do call okey and it will be delivered to you.
AMARACHI: alright.
VICTOR: I will be leaving now so you can rest.
AMARACHI: thank you.
VICTOR: you are welcome
He said this and turned to leave but stopped as he got to the door, he turned back at me starring into my eyes.
VICTOR: I want to ask, what village are you from.
I was surprise at the question, I don’t know why he asked but I was scared to tell him, I looked away no knowing what to do.
VICTOR: if you don’t want to tell me it’s alright.
I looked back at him, there were nothing dangerous about him, he had helped me without knowing me, so what make me think he will hurt me.
VICTOR: good night.
He said and opened the door.
AMARACHI: Amucha village, I am from Amucha village.
He turned facing me again this time with a warm smile on his face.
VICTOR: goodnight
He said and walked out of the room closing the door behind him.
I didn’t know why he asked but I was glad i made him smile before leaving, i quickly went inside the bathroom and had my shower i so much needed it, i rest on the bed thinking about the event of that day, where will I have been now if not for this young man Victor, now tomorrow was all I can worry about, I pray tomorrow favor me.
I just can’t stop smiling on my way home, I knew I have found Amarachi the lost love of Afamefuna and I wondered how he will react when he get this news, i tried calling Afamefuna but his number wasn’t going through so I decided to call him in the morning, just wanted to find more information about Amarachi from him and if he could send me the picture of Amarachi again just to be sure but in my heart I already knew I have found her.
Morning came and then afternoon but yet Victor hasn’t come by, he did promise to come by, I was a little scared already, what if he has changed his mind about helping me what then will I do, I have eaten but my stomach still feels empty because of my worried mind, countless times I could look at the window to see if I could see his car but yet nothing, slowly the time got to five pm yet no sign of him I was growing impatient, what if the hotel management comes and throw me out that my payment has expired, what then will I do, I pray it just don’t come to that.
I felt a hand on my hand, I opened my eyes to see Victor smiling at me, I must have slept off, I looked at the time it was seven pm already, I didn’t bother to ask how he got inside because he had the key and left it at the reception before leaving yesterday, I quickly sat up.
VICTOR: you must have been waiting for me so sorry, I had to stay with Aunty B, Joe is fine now will be discharged tomorrow, he lied though that he fall on his own, that man.
AMARACHI: oh, thank God he is fine.
VICTOR: yea, so we will be leaving here now.
AMARACHI: to where.
VICTOR: I told I would help you, so that is what I am doing, so get dressed.
There was no reason for me to dress up again as I was already dressed, I took my bag and we left the hotel heading to somewhere I have no idea about.
We drove for about an hour, we talk a lot as he kept asking questions about myself, I told him everything that happened to me not leaving any stone unturned, he wasn’t surprised or shocked, he was so calm listening to my story, I don’t know but I felt save with him, same feeling I had with Prince Afamefuna.
We got to a black gate and the gate was opened by a man I later knew as Musa the gate man, he drove inside the compound, coming down from the car he helped me with my bag.
VICTOR: welcome home Amarachi.
I didn’t read any meaning to what he said, I followed him inside the sitting room, it was a well decorate place, neat and everything was in place.
VICTOR: don’t be scared okey, you just stay here I will be right back.
There was this excitement in his voice and I wondered why, he ran off inside the house, I started looking around amazed by the decorations in the wall.
I ran to Afamefuna room knowing he was there, I had called him that morning and he told me everything I needed to know even sending me the picture and luckily it was the same girl, I was so happy but decided not to let him know, I made him promise not to stay out last in the night as he normally does sometimes, I further asked Amarachi some more questions and everything added up, this no doubt is the lost love of Afamefuna and I knew I had made my friend smile again.
I opened his door without knocking, I composed myself won’t want to give myself out, he was on his bed reading a magazine.
VICTOR: hey man, whats up.
He dropped the magazine and sat up.
AFAMEFUNA: am cool, how was your journey.
VICTOR: it was prefect, though a little set back but it was fine.
AFAMEFUNA: good, you call asking for Amarachi photograph that you want to use it to look for her there, any progress.
VICTOR: no for now but i left it with my Aunty, she will let me know when she finds her.
I could see the disappointed in his face but not for long.
VICTOR: but I want you to meet someone.
AFAMEFUNA: please, am not in the mood.
VICTOR: this one you have to and I wont take no for an answer.
Victor had call me that morning to ask for Amarachi photograph and also some details I have told him before about her, something seems off but I didn’t think about it too much and now coming back he was behaving some how and I really don’t know the reason why, I didn’t want to fight with him so I followed him to meet his guest, he was a little excited today or was it Becky, I haven’t seen Becky his fiancee since I came to live with him, he told me she traveled to London for a law firm course maybe she is back and he is all excited about it, well let me meet the almighty Becky but as I got to the sitting room I felt a cold wind and weakness all over me as I stared into the eyes of someone I never thought I will see again, I wouldn’t get my eyes of her or even move, she looked at me too and there was confusion in those her beautiful eyes, we were unable to move as we stare at each other.

  1. To be continued..
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