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💚🌿 Episode 20 💚🌿

I stared at Uncle Joe who has been talking non stop for the pass ten minutes trying to convince me to sleep with me, promising me almost everything thing he has but I am no fool, even if I was dying and starving I won’t dare to betray a woman that has been nice to me ever since i started working for her, I stared at him in disgust, how can a well behave and nice woman end up with this kind of a man.
UNCLE JOE: see no one will find out I promise you, you will not be disappointed, don’t look at my age ooo, I can satisfy you in bed just as those small boys can.
AMARACHI: please uncle Joe, let me pass, I don’t want any of those things, I just want to go back to the restaurant, Aunty will be waiting for me now and angry that I took so much time.
UNCLE JOE: don’t worry about that, you can tell her that i asked you to do something for me.
AMARACHI: still I want to go.
UNCLE JOE: what is even wrong with you, I have been begging you to allow me just once but you are here claiming stubborn.
AMARACHI: I am not claiming stubborn, what you are asking me to do is unspeakable.
UNCLE JOE: there are girls out there that are doing it, what makes you different from them.
AMARACHI: my conscience.
UNCLE JOE: ohhh, I think you want it by force abi.
He was getting angry and I could see it, he took a step towards me, his move didn’t scare me, I have fought with men before but though they are not his age group still I know he was no match for me, I don’t know where it came from but I was ready to fight him with my last strength.
UNCLE JOE: when am done with you, you will come running back to me for more.
AMARACHI: Uncle joe, you need to stop this, I am…
But before I could finish my sentence he pounced on me, trying to fall me to the bed, I use my strength and pushed him back.
AMARACHI: Uncle, am warning you ooo, leave me alone.
He still pounced on me again, this time he succeeded in pushing me on the bed, but as he wanted to come on me I used my leg to push him backward, this caused him to fall to the floor, I quickly got up intending to run out of the room but he held my hand before I could get to the door, with all my strength I turned and pushed him away running out of the room but stopped just before the stair as I came face to face with a young man.
I arrived at my Aunty’s house, I came down from my car that I parked just in front of the gate, I rang the bell of the gate and even knocked on the gate but got no response, I putted my hand on the small hole made on the gate to see if the lock was locked and luckily for me it wasn’t, I opened it and went inside, after opening the big gate I drove in and locked it again, I saw my Aunt’s husband car parked, thought he hasn’t come back from work, what do I care, I walked into the house and was visited by silent, I already knew the way to the guest room so I carried my bag along with me headed to the guest room, I have got to the middle of the stair when I heard a scream, I quickly started to ascending the stair only to come face to face with a young beautiful girl, she also stopped as she saw me and I could see fear in her eyes as she was breathing so loudly.
VICTOR: are you okay.
AMARACHI: no…yes…I hmmmm.
She was stammering and I wondered why.
VICTOR: calm down.
I dropped my bag, and walk close to her, that was when I remembered that I heard a scream and the voice wasn’t that of a lady and this made me suspicion.
VICTOR : where is Joe, I saw his car outside so he is at home.
AMARACHI: he is in hmmmm inside the room.
There was something off with her but I don’t know what it is but she was not herself that I know.
VICTOR: go show me.
She quickly turned leading the way, I knew the way to the bedroom but I wanted her to show me, the door was opened and it was unlike Joe to leave the bedroom door open.
AMARACHI: he is inside.
VICTOR: okey, after you.
She entered but immediately stopped, using her hand to cover her mouth, I walked passed her to see the reason why she stopped only to see Joe on the group in the pool of his own blood coming from his head, he must have hit his head in the wooden part of the bed.
I quickly ran to his side checking his pulse.
His pulse was still there so he was alive, I thanked God in my mind for this.
AMARACHI: I …didn’t…no..
She was stammering again but this time I ignored her, my first priority was to save his life then she will explain how this happened, I know I didn’t like him but that doesn’t mean he needed to die in this way.
VICTOR: are you just going to stand there saying rubbish or you are going to help me take him to the hospital.
She quickly moved to my side and together we took him to my car, she opened the gate as I drove out.
VICTOR: you are coming with me to the hospital, so get in.
She lock the gate and joined me in the car, I needed her close to me because she alone knows what happened to Joe, this is Lagos so I won’t want her out of my sights.
To be continued..

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