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👑🍎 Episode 21 👑🍎

I was shaking as i watched the young man drive in speed, he looks worried that I wonder who he is to uncle Joe, God save me I said to myself, I was so shocked to see uncle Joe on the floor with blood coming out from his head, he had hit his head on the wooden bed when I pushed him, I didn’t know what to do now, if anything happens to him how will I explain myself, who will even believe me that he tried to rape me, God what have I gotten myself into, I knew the young man was keeping me close to him when he told me to follow him to the hospital and I pray he hasn’t concluded any story in his mind.
We got to the hospital and uncle Joe was immediately rushed into the hospital by the nurse and they commence treatment after the young man paid some deposit, I was waiting in the reception lost in my own thought, I knew I needed a miracle that minutes, I so prayed uncle Joe don’t die, the young man came out ending a phone call he was making, his face was emotionless making it hard to know what he might be thinking.
VICTOR: I have just called my Aunty, wife to Joe and she is on her way here, so you better start talking before she gets here, what happened.
I stared at him not knowing where to began.
Her face looked so familiar that I have been thinking where I have met her before right from when I met her in the house, but yet I can’t seen to place where I might have seen her, she looks confused and scared and I have been meaning to ask her what happened, I don’t know but I felt relax around her, I know nothing will happen to uncle Joe don’t know how but I knew he will be fine, I called my Aunty to tell her what happened and gave her the name of the hospital and I know by now she will be on her way, so I had to know what happened before she gets here because if Joe wakes up I know he will make a perfect story that will work for him, with the way she was running when I met her and her behavior I knew something was up and I wants to find out.
VICTOR: you have to tell me.
She was looking confused that I can tell, I sat down close to her so she can feel a little comfortable with me.
VICTOR: my name is victor and am the nephew to your boss, I know you are scared but you don’t have to, I don’t like Joe he is only married to my Aunty, so I won’t react on any thing you tell me, I know something happened, I just want know what.
AMARACHI: it …. was a mistake.
With this she burst into tear, I think she has been holding it for a while.
VICTOR: I know, I know, but you have to tell me.
AMARACHI: he tried to rape me, I was only trying to defend myself, I pushed him but I didn’t know he hits his head, I swear I didn’t know, Big mama sent me to wash the meat she bought, after I finished I was about leaving when uncle Joe sent me to take his brief case to his room, I did but he came and close the door telling me to sleep with him, but I refused that when he tried to force himself on me, please I didn’t do anything, I swear.
I don’t know but I believed her, maybe because of her innocent face or because her words were sincere but I just believed, who wouldn’t if they know the kind of person Joe is towards women, but if she is saying the truth then that means Joe will want to get back at her by telling a different story that will put her in trouble.
VICTOR: it’s okey, I believe you.
I could see the shock in her face.
AMARACHI: you believe me?.
VICTOR: yes I do, Joe can do unspeakable things and this might just be one of them.
AMARACHI: will Big mama believe me.
VICTOR: that is the problem, I don’t know, if Joe wakes up I think you are done for it.
This increase her cry, I didn’t want to cause her more pain but she has to get prepare for what will happen.
VICTOR: you need to stop crying, I will help you okey, so you need to stop.
I so wish things don’t turn bad for her.
VICTOR: what is your name.
AMARACHI: my name us Amara.
The name Amara rang a bell to me.
VICTOR: just Amara.
That was a stupid question but I just needed to be sure.
AMARACHI: Amarachi
VICTOR: Amarachi who.
AMARACHI : Amarachi Uzochi
Was my ear deceiving me, that is the same name of the girl Afamefuna has been looking for, yes it might be her, maybe that’s why she looked so familiar, was this really her or someone baring the same name.
It was late in the night now, my Aunty, Amarachi and I are in the sitting room, back in the hospital I was about to ask Amarachi more questions when my Aunty ran inside the reception, she was so worried and I feared she might break down if anything happens to Joe, yes my Aunty loves him so much, I succeeded in calming her down, she so wanted to know what happened but had to keep that part away from her first, the doctor later came out informing us that Joe was fine there was no major damage but he was resting now and won’t want disturbance and i thanked God for this because it will give me time to talk to my Aunty, we were allowed to see him, I and my Aunty went to his ward while Amarachi waited in the reception, he was sleeping when we saw him, my Aunty was about to start crying that she has been doing since she came to the hospital but I remained her of what the doctor said so she held herself back.
Amarachi has told her everything that happened as soon as we got home, she was sitting directly opposite Amarachi who was sitting, while I was sitting at the other end close to the door.
BIG MAMA: you mean my husband asked you to sleep with him and when you refused he tried to force you.
AMARACHI: yes ma’am.
I know Amarachi was scared that I understand but I don’t understand the behaviour of my Aunty, she was a bit calm in this kind of situation, I was expecting more from her, like apologizing to the young girl or something.
BIG MAMA: Joe, Joe.
I didn’t know what to tell her because I really don’t know what to say to her, she was emotionless , I looked at Amarachi and the thought of her being the girl Afamefuna was looking for came to my mind, if really she is which I think she is, Afamefuna will be so happy to see her, I turned my attention to my Aunty, she opened her bag and brought out some amount of money giving it to Amarachi who looked at the money in confusion.
BIG MAMA: go on take it.
Amarachi looked at me then back to the money, she later took it from my Aunty.
BIG MAMA : Amarachi that is 30 thousand naira, you will use that money to take care of yourself, I believe everything you said that is why you cannot live with me again, so go upstairs to your room, pack all your belongings and leave my house.
I was shocked to hear my Aunty say that, I stood up to see if that word came out from her mouth, immediately Amarachi broke down in tear going down on her knee.
AMARACHI: Aunty please, please, I don’t have anywhere to go, please, I beg you.
BIG MAMA: I know you don’t have any where to go that’s why I gave you that money so you can use it to set up yourself, Amarachi you are a good girl but you staying here is not a good idea, so you have to leave.
VICTOR: Aunty, are you being serious.
BIG MAMA: Victor, please stay out of this, Amarachi I want you to leave quietly or I will be force to call the police, telling them you tried to kill my husband and you know what that means.
I was short of words, how can my Aunty say that, Amarachi was still begging but my Aunty mind was already made up and I know that once her mind was made up then nothing will chance it well except Joe.
VICTOR: Amarachi, just do as she says, go pack your things, it better than staying in the police station.
After some time, Amarachi got up and left to her room.
VICTOR: are you sure this is the right thing to do, sending her out at this time of the night, it pass eight already, Aunty B I still don’t understand you, suffering a girl for the crime your husband did, he should be the one lock up right now for trying to rape someone and you are here putting the blame on her.
BIG MAMA: and you think I don’t know that.
She said standing up.
BIG MAMA: I am trying to save my marriage.
VICTOR: yea you are really doing a good job.
BIG MAMA: look, Joe now has eye on her do you know what that means.
VICTOR: sorry to say this but your husband is a bog, he will always have eyes for every lady that passes his way.
BIG MAMA: at least it better then sleeping with my worker.
Just than Amarachi came back with her bag on her hand still crying.
AMARACHI: Aunty please.
BIG MAMA: you take care of yourself.
She said sitting down.
VICTOR: come, I will see you off.
Amarachi looked at me and for once I felt pity for her.
To be continued..

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