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💥💥 Episode 23 💥💥

I stood face to face with the only woman that has been able to give me sleepless nights, I still believe I was dreaming and I really don’t want to wake up from this dream, I looked at Victor who was just standing there smiling.
VICTOR: I will leave you two to mingle.
He said this and went inside the house leaving us alone, we both stood there not knowing who to make the first move.
I can’t believe I am seeing Afamefuna after so many weeks, I just stood there looking at him not really knowing what to do, I so wanted to hold him and tell him how much I have missed him but yet the hurt and hatred I felt won’t give that part of my heart to win, if only it has been some weeks ago, if only, but now I don’t really know what I felt, after everything I finally met the man that made me set foot on Lagos soil, I just stared at him with many thoughts in my head, I can’t help but noticed how pale he has become, was he sick, that was the only question that needed answer that minutes.
He started moving towards me, oh how my heart bounce as he got closer to me, I can now feel his breath, I lower my eyes away from his because I might lose myself if I look any longer but the next thing that follows melted my soul, he hugged me, I felt his warmness all over my body, I wanted to reciprocate the hug but I stopped myself.
AFAMEFUNA: I missed you, I missed you so much.
His voice was just like before, this brought smile to my face but i won’t want him to see this, i didn’t know what was going on in his mind right now, we were like that in silent for a long time and I knew if we don’t disengage I might loose myself.
I should be happy and excited that I have found Amarachi but yet I don’t feel complete, sometimes was wrong with this feeling and I don’t know why, I thought our coming together will be sometime out of the blues but when I hugged her and she didn’t reciprocate I knew things were different, even when I told her I missed her hoping to get same reply but silent was what followed, the only thing she said that minutes was that she needed to sleep, she couldn’t even look me in the eyes, was she angry with me or has she found someone else, those were the question I have been asking myself ever since she left the sitting room, I had to call Victor so he can fit up somewhere she can stay, I went to the wine bar and poured myself a glass of whiskey, I really needed it so badly, she didn’t even turned to look at me when she was leaving with Victor, I just felt I have lost her.
VICTOR: whoa, whiskey?.
Victor came and joined me in the wine bar.
VICTOR: she settling in.
AFAMEFUNA: yea, that’s good.
I took a zip from my drink.
AFAMEFUNA: how did you fined her.
Victor told me everything that happened and I was seriously surprised in the turn of events, she was just under our nose all this while and we never knew, such is life, what you are looking for is always closer to you than you thought.
AFAMEFUNA: thanks men for everything.
VICTOR: you will do same for me but I don’t understand this, Amarachi is back you should be happy but here you are doing this.
AFAMEFUNA: you are right I should be happy but guess what am not.
VICTOR: but why.
AFAMEFUNA: when I saw her believe me I was the happiest man on earth but when I hugged her and she didn’t respond I don’t know.
VICTOR: maybe she is just tired.
AFAMEFUNA: yea I am trying so hard to believe that myself, what if she has grown to hate me.
VICTOR: why will you think that.
AFAMEFUNA: with everything that has happened to her since she met me, who wouldn’t hate me, she has passed through a lot because of me, she was almost killed by my father.
I don’t know but I just couldn’t hold back my tear.
VICTOR: yet it’s still because of you she is alive, Nnamdi saved her because of you, I helped her because of you, she has passed through a lot so as you, you gave everything to look for her that is how much you love her and now she is right there, you just need to get your love back.
AFAMEFUNA: I can’t, I can’t force her to love me, she is not happy to see me, she didn’t even wish to see me, its all written in her eyes, I shouldn’t have left her, I shouldn’t have left her.
VICTOR: Afamefuna
AFAMEFUNA: you don’t understand.
I shouted throwing the glass cup on the wall that broke to pieces.
AFAMEFUNA: my father has messed everything up for me and for her, I have messed everything for her, I thought if I found her everything will go back to normal, but how can it be normal when she has lost her mother for this cause, when she was almost raped for this cause, she could have become a murderer for this cause, when she will never return to her village or even to see her mother’s grave for this same cause, all because I was a coward, running away when I was supposed to be there, to fight for her, to be there for her but no I was running and it caused her everything.
AFAMEFUNA: please Victor, I want to be left alone.
I took the bottle of whiskey and walked away heading to my room, my blood was boiling and I was dying of regret, if only I could turn back the hands of time but it’s too late and if Amarachi refused to be mine I will let her go, she didn’t deserve someone like me.
This wasn’t happening, after everything that I have went through to get them together this is what I get, I hate seeing my friend this way, he has passed through a lot since Amarachi went missing and finding Amarachi became his only reason for living, he refused to return to the state or to the village without finding Amarachi but now things didn’t go the way I planned, I just want my friend to be happy because he deserves it and since Amarachi was his happiness then Amarachi he will get.
To be continued..


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