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πŸ‘‡πŸŒΏπŸ₯€ Episode 28 🌿πŸ₯€

After said and done I agreed to go to the village with Afamefuna and Victor, it wasn’t an easy decision for me but it was the best decision, I knew my forgiveness will not bring my mother back to life or change any time that has been done to me in the past but still it will save the lives of everyone that are innocent, we fixed the day that we will set out on our journey to Amucha village so Victor called his father to informed them so they were expecting us, Victor was happy who wouldn’t be when his mother and sister wete involved and they are the reason I am doing this.
The D-day came so quickly, I didn’t bother to park any clothes because I had no intention of spending a night there, I took my handbag and head out of my room, Victor and Afamefuna were already outside the compound waiting for me, we were leaving early in the morning so we will be able to get there on time because we were driving, Afamefuna took my hands leading me to the car, I knew him too was trying to hold himself not to change his mind because I too was, we got into the
car all three of us and set out on our journey.
The journey from Lagos to Imo state was a long one well to me, I slept in most of the journey, when ever I wake up I always see Afamefuna lost in his own thought, him and Victor was sitting at the front with Victor driving while I was at the back seat, we barely talk to each other except if we come across food and snacks sold on the street by traders well that was how it was suppose to be.
We go to Amucha village, as soon as we arrived at the front gate of the city all my past came rushing back to me, I held the tear that was threatening to fall, Afamefuna looked at me and gave me an encouraging smile which I reciprocated, I looked at the window and for first in a long time I missed here, the village gate was not that lively like it used to be, nothing has changed expect for the fact that it was a pit quiet, not much people were seen walking around or hawking products, it showed that the village was passing through a hard time.
AFAMEFUNA: are you ready for this.
Afamefuna words brought me out of my thoughts.
He smiled at me, we entered the village and was visited with silent, as early as 9 in the morning the village was quite, many stores were locked, children were not seen playing around the neighborhood anymore and the adults were few, I wondered what tragic would have happened to this once lively village.
The road from the village gate to the palace was not so pleasant, Victor lamented about the quietness while Afamefuna just responded to him, I just keep quiet didn’t actually know what to say since the problem was caused by my beloved mother, we got to the palace and victor horned, the guard came out to check who we were but immediately apologize telling the other guards to open the gate when he saw the prince, there was shock and surprise written on everyone’s face as we drove into the compound, at least there is something that hasn’t changed, I could see maids coming out from where ever they were before, I could see them whispering and some were murmuring but I care not, some were happy and they did nothing to hide it, the car came to a stop and we got down from the car that minute the queen ran out and rush to hug Afamefuna, I could understand, it was all a mothers love, she has missed him so much.
LOLO AGBONMA: oh my son, look at you, didn’t know I will see you again, I missed you so much, where have you been, hope you have been feeding well, you didn’t fall sick right.
AFAMEFUNA: mother, I am fine, glad to see you again.
She was crying now and this made me to miss my mother, if only she was here.
LOLO AGBONMA: Amarachi, thank you so much for coming, you have no idea what you are doing for us, not just the palace but the whole village.
I only smiled at her, seriously didn’t know if I was pretending the smile or if it was real, she also went ahead in welcoming Victor and ushered us in, she was holding Afamefuna hands won’t want to let go maybe she is afraid he might leave again, I held my breath, I was so nervous, I think Afamefuna knew this because he held my hand with the other of his free hand and we all went in.
I couldn’t believe I was back to the palace again, a place I never knew I will see again, my mother was so excited to see me well I won’t blame her, she only misses her son and seriously I missed her too, we all walked in as I held Amarachi hand, I knew she was nervous so I had to make her feel comfortable, won’t want her feet to fall her, we entered the sitting room and again memories of the events that happened here can flashing back.
LOLO AGBONMA: I have sent words already to the elders, we all thought you will be coming later in the day didn’t know it was going to be this early.
AFAMEFUNA: we decided it will be best to come early, where is father.
The impression on her face immediately changed to sadness but she tried to cover up.
LOLO AGBONMA: he is fine, he is just resting, didn’t sleep well last night.
I knew I haven’t lived with my mother for long but I have understood her and this time I know she was lying, sometimes was not right, my father barely stays in his room at this time no matter how weak he is.
AFAMEFUNA: Mother is something wrong.
LOLO AGBONMA: why don’t you rest then you will meet your father later.
AFAMEFUNA: no mother, I want to see him now.
I don’t know but I was scared, in as much that I an angry with the stubborn old man I still don’t want to lose him, he is very much my father and there is still a big part of my heart that love him so dearly, she turned to one of her maids.
LOLO AGBONMA: please take our guest to rest, I want to talk to my son.
AFAMEFUNA: no, take Amarachi to my room.
My mother was a little surprised but she quickly hide it.
LOLO AGBONMA: you heard him, Victor, since your father is on his way too you will have to wait.
VICTOR: no problem my queen.
I turned to Amarachi, needed to make her feel relax.
AFAMEFUNA: I won’t be gone for long, you will be fine okay.
Just then I remembered something.
AFAMEFUNA: where is Nnamdi.
LOLO AGBONMA: he is around but not in the palace, he went to deliver a message in the neighboring town.
I kissed Amarachi in the forehead, I care less who was watching.
AFAMEFUNA: you will be fine, will meet you soon.
She nodded in agreement and her and Victor was taken away by the maid.
LOLO AGBONMA: come son, your father will be waiting.
We walked together in silent and got to my father’s room, the guard standing at the door opened it after greeting both I and my mother, I followed my mother inside, there was a man servant in the sitting chamber, he immediately left at my mum weaved him to go.
LOLO AGBONMA: he is on the bed, you can go meet him.
I don’t know but I felt my heart beat increasing, I moved the curtain that was dividing the bed from the sitting chamber and went close to the bed, my father was lying down with his eyes closed, I held my breath finding it difficult to breathe, my father looks pale and sick, there was nothing I was seeing to indicate that he was my father, I didn’t know when I fell on my knees before his bed and held his hand.
AFAMEFUNA: father, father.
He slowly opened his eyes, he gave out a dry smile immediately he saw me.
EZE NWANYI: is this you Afamefuna.
His voice sounded nothing like his, I allowed the tear fall, there and then I knew my father was dying slowly.
To be continued..