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πŸ₯°πŸ’‹ Episode 9 πŸ’žπŸŒΉ


It’s be two days now and I still can’t get her off my mind, I hear her beautiful voice anywhere I go, I see her beautiful face in my dreams, everything about her was appealing to me, what was happening to me, in all my life I have never felt like this for any woman, she has stolen my heart and I just can’t get over her, I really need to see her again.
I have been in my room since morning without going out, I was even told that Ada came to see me yesterday but I was not in the mood to see anyone, I know her type of girls, they are always looking for a place made of gold, but Amarachi was not like that, I smile at the thought of the way she responded to me when I thought she was scared, she is a brave and strong girl, and it’s written all over her, but her last statement was what got me thinking.
Nnamdi immediately came inside, I got up from my bed that I have been lying in and went to sit at the sofa.
AFAMEFUNA : sit down.
He looked at the sofa then at me, I knew he looks shock because it was written all over his face.
AFAMEFUNA: don’t worry, just sit.
He still didn’t move
AFAMEFUNA: please.
This did the magic as he sat almost immediately I finished my statement.
AFAMEFUNA: you have been in this village almost all your life, so you must know a lot of people right.
NNAMDI: yes my prince.
AFAMEFUNA: Good, do you know anyone by name Amarachi.
He got thinking.
NNAMDI: Amarachi who, because there are lots of Amarachi in this kingdom but if I can get her last name then it will be easy for me.
AFAMEFUNA: I don’t know her last name but she mentioned something like, Amarachi the unclean one.
I could see the shock in his eyes, he looked at the door I think making sure no one heard me, he got up, I was surprised with his reaction, why will a name cause sure fear.
NNAMDI: my prince, am sorry put I don’t know anyone like that.
AFAMEFUNA: did you just lied to me.
He immediately fell on his knee.
NNAMDI: am sorry my prince, I never meant to.
AFAMEFUNA: then you better start talking.
NNAMDI: my prince sorry to ask but where did you hear that name from, don’t tell me you came in contact with her.
AFAMEFUNA: what do you know about her.
He hesitated before opening his mouth to speak .
NNAMDI: I don’t know much but I heard….
He was interrupted by a knock on the door, we both starred at each other, I don’t know but I got this fear all of a sudden.
AFAMEFUNA: yes who.
Nnamdi quickly got up to open the door.
I descended the stairs heading to the throne room, Nnamdi has earlier opened the door to find one of my father personal men servants at the door, he said he was sent by my father to come to the throne room to meet him, he left after delivering the message, I told Nnamdi that we will continue our discussion when I come back and I meant it.
The two guards at the door opened immediately they saw me greeting me in the process, I walked inside the throne room and found my father with his chiefs, there where up to twelve in number and all dress in their attire, I was confused as why I will be called to join them in the cabinet meeting, I recognised all their faces but not all their names because my father had introduced them to me on the day of my arrival, I greeted my father then the chiefs, I was asked to sit at the left hand side of my father which I did still have that questioning look on my face.
MAZI OKAFOR : our son how have you been.
AFAMEFUNA: I have been doing fine sir.
They were all smiling,
they murmured between themselves happily, my father cleared his throat this cause all to go silent.
EZE NWANYI: my son I believe you know who you are sited before .
AFAMEFUNA: yes father I know.
I had to lie, didn’t want to hurt my father feelings or show any sign of disrespect to then that I can’t recognize the names of people that are important in the community.
EZE NWANYI: I know you are wondering why you are summon to the cabinet meeting unprepared, but you don’t have to be, you see as the future king of this great kingdom you have every right to be here because you have to start learning the ways and traditions of the people of Amucha kingdom, and the throne room is the first place to began. Is it not so my elders.
They all respond in agreement to what my father said.
MAZI AMADI : we were about to have a meeting but we demanded that you must be here, so here you are because we were not going to start without you.
They all started murmuring agreeing to what Mazi Amadi said.
AFAMEFUNA : I appreciate you all for acknowledging that I am very important in the community and I promise I will try all my best to make sure I make you all proud.
MAZI OKAFOR : when you talk with this your American ascent it is very difficult for us to understand.
He said laughing while the rest joined, I apologized even when I didn’t know why I was apologizing, I repeated what I said before very slowly so they will understand more clearly.
MAZI OKAFOR: now that the prince is here we can now continue with what brought us here.
They all agree and this brought a start to a discussion that got my interest, if you are hoping I will share with you guys hell no, don’t you know that what ever that is discussed in the throne room can not be disclosed to anyone so sorry guys.
The more they discuss the more my interest grow in the things of the kingdom, I just listen because I wanted to study how things were done.
It was the next day morning I was in the garden having a quiet time for myself after having my breakfast with my family as usual, my night was nit that pleasant as I couldn’t get a good sleep, the meeting had ended after like five hours of talking, I was so tired when it finally came to an end, now I know the saying that said sitting down in one place is more stressful than working, and by the time I retired to my room to sleep after eating dinner hoping to get a good night sleep Amarachi face keep appearing in my dreams, waking up with an headache I took my bath and went to the garden to clear my head, skipping breakfast and this got my mother on my neck asking why I won’t eat, well she was only trying to be a mother.
I was brought out of my thought when I heard Nnamdi voice calling my name I turned to face him, I remembered the discussion that we were about to have yesterday before we were interrupted, I so wanted to ask him but I know he wasn’t ready to tell me so I made up my mind to go back to the bush where I found her the other day, I needed to see her and I will go mad if I don’t.
AFAMEFUNA : yes what is it.
NNAMDI : Ada, Mazi Amadi daughter and family friend is asking to see you.
Ada, what was she doing here at this time of the day.
AFAMEFUNA: where is she.
NNAMDI : she is standing there.
He pointed at her, she was standing a little far from us, even from afar her yellow short gown tell good on her, she was truly beautiful I must confess but not just my type of women.
AFAMEFUNA: let her come.
NNAMDI: okay my prince.
He left to carry out my order, she was smiling as she walk toward me.
ADA : Good morning my prince.
AFAMEFUNA: Good morning to you too, please sit.
I pointed at a chair just opposite mine.
ADA : how was your night my prince.
She asked as soon as she sat down.
AFAMEFUNA : am fine.
ADA-: fine, but you don’t look fine.
AFAMEFUNA: really, why are you here this morning.
I saw her struggle.
ADA : the queen told my mum you are not to well this morning….
AFAMEFUNA: and you came to cheer me up, right.
ADA : if you let me.
AFAMEFUNA : okey, do your magic.
She laughed at this and this made me wonder what was funny in what I said, well she has been smiling since she came, women that always want something from you will always smile or laugh to everything you say, if only I could see Amarachi laugh this hard, I know the sound of her laughter will send peace to my heart.
I have been home since morning, mother went to see a relative of hers in the next town so I was home alone and I was feeling bore, chiamaka traveled too with her mother to the city to visit one of her uncle, I wonder why everyone was traveling expect me, I picked up my traps and headed to the bush to set them, I know this will keep my mind busy, after setting all, I decided to go to the place I found Nnamdi. Nnamdi, that name has not cease to sound in my head, I got there and I sat down where I was before he walked up to me the other day, I so wish he could just show up this time, I really did miss him.
I felt a warm hand on my cheek, I should be frightened but I felt so relax with the touch, I opened my eyes and guess who I saw…..
To Be Continued….
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