The future husband Episode 12

The future husband
Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 12

so what were you girls discussing about earlier?” Sophia asked after opening the drink for Bisi “faith was asking about my Lover . He is dull but yet, he is a nice and a handsome man.
You girls need to meet him to confirm what i am saying” Bisi said “wooooow” Sophia and Faith exclaimed “so i will like to use this opportunity to invite you to the love festival at spring Hotel on Sunday,
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he will be there to sing his best song. I can’t wait for Sunday to approach . I am too anxious” bisi emphasised “that sounds nice. But then.
We wish we could come. We have an important appointment pertaining to our apartment that very Sunday. So its unfortunate that we will have to disappoint you” faith said.
“and perhaps, that love festival of a thing is only for people who have lovers just like you and not for people like me who is still searching” Sophia added

Sunday came like a flash . Bisi was on her best attractive attire and base on her agreement with victor, he came over her house and picked her for the occasion .
The whole area was populated with people. Men and their wives, Guys and their ladies filled the whole surrounding. Soon , Victor , Desmond and Martin mounted up the performing stage ;
victor began to sing the song which took him years to compose while his friends backed him up when necessary.
Every one swam in the pool of Joy and happiness as he sang.
Some men were forced to kiss their wives because the song was so cool and filled with passion and motivation.
Desmond sang his and Martin like wise sang his but none was as touching as Victor’s cool music:
soon they went off the stage to their different girlfriend who were busy waiting for them.
Victor went directly to where bisi was sitting. Their was already, different types of drinks on the table.
And then, Victor started with his favourite while bisi was left staring at him blankly “you shook the mountain with your song. Why don’t you pursue and establish you music career ” she said “i don’t want to join or belong to any secret society .
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I am happy with my current status” he replied “its your choice to make. But it will be nice to see you become a celebrity” she said while he fixed an eye on her with out saying any thing. More over, Bisi said again “the SOPHIA you sang in your music earlier,
is she the same girl you fell in love with at your child hood?” “yes, she is” he replied “can you now tell me about her? ” she requested “alright if you insist.” he continued “my parents died when i was only 3 years old,
so i lived with my uncle and his cruel wife : they never sent me to school even for one day instead, his cruel wife fried groundnut and forced me to hawk it around with an empty stomach. Her first son and i were of the same age but she won’t allow him to do any chore in the house. Every thing was left for me to do. But then, my Love story started when i turned fourteen.
I was hawking groundnut on a particular Sunday when that girl called Sophia called my attention so she can buy groundnut , but then, one of her friend took it as a contract to tease and call me ugly names because she said i am her future Husband” “WHAT!!!!” Bisi screamed opening her eyes so wide.
To Be Continued…. . . .

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