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The future husband Episode 19


The future husband
Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 19

are you going to put your self in danger because of a necklace from some one who you have a limited chance of meeting again. For crying out loud Sophia this might be a set up. ”
Faith said again then Sophia began to think on what her friend was saying.

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“BUT how did he know about the missing necklace? Where did he got it from? And how did he know i am the owner? ”
Sophia said being in deliamma of what yo do
“my friend you ought to be careful.
Anaghi eji ihe ana agba na nti agba na anya”
Faith advised again
“you are right in all you said. It could be some kind of set up. But i am willing to risk any thing to be with the one i love. Love is all about sacrificing.”

Sophia said “are you sure about your decision?” faith asked intently
Sophia replied:
“in that case, i am going with you because i don’t think i can forgive my self if any thing should happen to you.”
Sophia appreciated
“what are friends for?”
she asked
“in conditions like this.”
Sophia replied feeling positive
“but what do you think? Why is the caller avoiding Bisi ”
faith asked
“that i can’t tell. Could it be that it is bisi that took the necklace?”
Sophia asked
“you can’t be too sure about that.”

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faith said
“that is why we need to see him tomorrow , and perhaps; i don’t trust Bisi that much base on the way she was asking about that necklace and about her request to purchase it”
Sophia said
“you are making sense o
But we can’t be too sure, she’s still a suspect”

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the following day, Sophia and faith prepared to meet the unknown caller.
As they tried to enter the car, bisi drove into the compound .
“hey girls, its obvious you two are going somewhere”
Bisi said as she got down from her car.
Immediately, faith foolishly started vomiting the kind of reply that was irritating Sophia
“a guy called Sophia last night and told her to meet him today so we can collect her miss………”

“don’t mind her”
Sophia snapped
“we have an important appointment with someone.”
“so who is that?”

Bisi asked in a curious anticipation
“it’s an important person. We will see you later please. We are almost late now.”
Sophia said as she dragged faith to the car.
The both entered the car and drove out of the compound.
“what is wrong with you? Have you forgotten that the caller said we shouldn’t mention a word to Bisi?”
Sophia said to Faith angrily.
“oh my, i forgot. I’m sorry for that.”

faith apologized.
“we are just lucky i snatched words from you before it was too late. ”
Sophia said as she drove on.
Main while, Bisi began to wonder who the girls were off to meet that made them act so strange and wield.
She began to smell the rat and suspect that they were upto some thing.
In addition to the shaky reply Victor gave her earlier when she asked about his way about.
After nurturing so many thought in her mind she decided to get them followed so she would know where and who exactly they are meeting.
She entered her car and then off she drove following them behind.
Sophia drove on and on with out knowing that someone was following her.
She entered the place and parked her car in the garage.
When they were out of the car. She took her phone and called the number that called her yesterday
“hello, where are you ?”
she asked immediately the call connected “you are at the garage right?” he asked
she replied
“look down”
she looked down as was instructed
“what did you see?”
he asked “i saw my name on a piece of paper lined up”
she replied
“following those papers but pick them up as well”
victor said and the call went dead.
Sophia began to pick and follow lined up papers one after the other and it led them to where victor and Desmond were sitting under a canop.
On seeing them, Desmond left victor so he can interact with her suitably according to their plans.
Fortunately, he bumped into Bisi when he got to the gate.
To Be Continued….. . . .

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