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The future husband
Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 20

following those papers but pick them up as well”
victor said and the call went dead.

Sophia began to pick and follow lined up papers one after the other and it led them to where victor and Desmond were sitting under a canopy.
On seeing them, Desmond left victor so he can interact with her suitably according to their plans.
Fortunately, he bumped into Bisi when he got to the gate.
“Bisi what are you doing?”
Desmond asked nervously

“i just came to see my friends. What about you? What are you doing here too?”
Bisi ended her reply with a question and that got him scratching his head as he thought hard of what to say.
“you know Angel and i are preparing for our wedding. So i came to see if this venue will be suitable for the ceremony.”
he lied
“wow; that’s great. I saw Victor’s car parked outside . I know he is with you”
Bisi said
“you’re right.”
He replied.
“my friends parked in here. Did you see them?”
she asked
“friends? I Don’t know them o. Angel traveled to the village yesterday”
Desmond blurted pretending not to know who she was talking about .
May be you have not meet them before.
Where is Victor?”
she asked

“he is still with the receptionist inside while i came out to explore the environment.”
desmond lied again
“so victor has started lying? He told me he was going for an urgent business meeting”
bisi said again
“is it not business that we are here to discuss?”

Desmond asked.
“what ever, let me go and see him”
she said and headed toward the main building.
many thought ran down sophia’s mind as they approached the handsome young man on black suit.
Actually, she did not know the kind of feeling to put on.
Whether to appear happy or angry.

She took a closer look at him and found out he is definitely Bisi’s Boy friend.
At that point, things began to clear its self in her mind.
“may be, its Bisi who had taken the necklace and his boy friend found it and decided to return it. But then, i didn’t know that the Name of Bisi’s boy friend is also Victor. What a coincidence.”
she thought she dropped the papers she had picked so far on the table when they had reached the man.
“you are Victor the one who called me right?”
she asked
“yes, and you are Sophia”
he replied
“yes and if am not mistaken, you are Bisi’s lover. Isn’t it?”
Sophia asked again
“partially yes”

he replied
“why did you have to display my name on the floor like that?”
Sophia asked
“i’m sorry if that upset you. But its for you to locate me easily.”
he replied calmly staring into her eyes
“she must be the most beautiful girl on earth. She can probably be the one I’ve been searching for.”
he thought as he kept looking deeply into her eyes.
“are you going to keep staring at me like that? Where is the necklace and how did you manage to get it?” she asked after looking a him meticulously.
“you have to seat
first because you have a lot of question to answer”
he said
“i don’t have much time to waste”
she complained
“please do sit. My question won’t take time . Its not a Waec question or Jamb question”
he said she reluctantly sat opposite to him and her friend Faith did the same thing. He then brought out the necklace and started flaunting it before them
“you are the owner of this. Isn’t it?”
he asked
“yes i am.”
“where Did you get it from?”
she asked anxiously.
She was formally doubting how an outside could find her missing necklace.
“patient my dear. We will still come to that one”
victor said
“what am i here to talk about if not about the necklace?”

she asked still feeling curious
“so tell me how you got the pendant on this necklace?”
he asked
“i got it seventeen years ago as a gift from someone so special to me.”
she replied
“did i hear you say 17 years ago?”
Victor asked instantly with a positive surprise.
To Be Continued….. . . .