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The future husband Episode 21


The future husband
Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 21

Patient my dear. We will still come to that one”
victor said

“what am i here to talk about if not about the necklace?”
she asked still feeling curious
“so tell me how you got the pendant in this necklace?”
he asked
“i got it 17 years ago as a gift from someone so special to me.”

she replied
“did i hear you say 17 years ago?”
Victor asked instantly with a positive surprise.
“yes. That was before i traveled”
she replied
“to U.S.A right?”
he asked
she replied with surprise written on her face
“it was given to you by a boy who sells groundnut right?”
he asked again
she replied still looking at him with immense surprise:
“and his name is Victor Abi?”
he asked

“exactly! But how did you know all these?”
she asked in disbelief
“because the guy standing before you was the boy who gave this pendant to a girl called Sophia back then in Onitsha”
he announced happily
“oh my God! Victor is this you?”

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she asked
immediately, Sophia went closer and they gave themselves a tight hug.
A happy and warm one for that matter.
It took Desmond to go in between them and divide them before they separated from each other.
Already, Desmond has been standing there for some minutes talking but they seemed not to be listening.
“Sorry for interrupting you two but you ought to be aware that Bisi is present in this premises. I lied expertly in deceiving her but then, she is searching all around for you people”

Desmond said.
“Thanks for your information, i don’t think she matters any more
I have found the woman i have been searching for all through my life”
Said Victor Desmond just mimicked a smile and started walking away from them so to make sure that Bisi won’t locate them.
“victor , did you know how long i have searched for you?”
Sophia asked
“me too. You can’t believe how long i have wished to meet you again, ..”
he said.
They were seated by now answer and Sophia asked
“how did it happened? You are now rich unlike the poor groundnut seller i use to know”
“nah God o, no condition is permanent.”

he said and then explained every thing to her
“is that so? It did not even crossed my mind that i could find you wearing an exorbitant suit, i was busy looking for you in the street.”
she explained her surprise
“such is life. Inasmuch as there is life, there is hope.”
he said
“so tell me how you did manage to get the necklace?”
she asked
“i found it in Bisi’s Purse .
Believe me, i am willing to do any thing just to have the woman i love that is why i have to steal the necklace from her purse”
he replied her question
“i told you. I have suspected her and here my hunch is correct”
Sophia said in total reference to Faith.

“who would have known better.”
faith retorted now Sophia appeared to be sad.
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She glared at victor and later removed her eyes sadly as she said.
“its a good thing. And i am really happy i have found you but then, its sad to know you are now engaged with Bisi the girl who always fight and treat you badly back then.”
at this, victors eyes opened wide in great and radical surprise as he exclaimed his surprise
“what!!!! So Bisi is that Yoruba girl?”
“yes ”
Sophia said.
Faith was just staring at them.
“and she knew i have been searching for you all these while and yet she didn’t mention a word about you!”
Victor exclaimed again
“really? Did you tell her about us?”
Sophia asked
“yes i did”
victor replied
“no wonder she was asking about that necklace so intently”
faith added
“now i really understand”
Sophia said. Now victor reached Sophia’s hand and said calmly
“Sophia my Love, Bisi won’t be a problem for us because am not engaged to her. I am going to break up with her immediately i leaves this place”
victor said.
Already , he has a qualified anger burning in his heart which is probably waiting for explosion when ever he sees Bisi.
“by doing so, you will be hurting her. She hated you with passion then but now she loves you with more passion . I believe that is why she stole the necklace because she is afraid of losing you to another lady.”
Sophia explained
“I don’t care!. Its not going to measure upto the level of punishment and beating i receives from my aunt because of her cruelty. So to hell with her love. All that matters is you”
victor said
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“its not going to work like that. Think of it, she will definitely see me as an enemy and remember, we have been friends even before i met you”
Sophia said again
“so what are you suggesting? You know it took me years to find you and now i have seen you, bear it in mind that i am never willing to let you go”
victor said looking absolutely mean to what he said.
To Be Continued….. . . .


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