The future husband Episode 23

The future husband
Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 23

And You where there. But have i any thing to do with the hazards in your relationship?”
Sophia asked wondering if Victor have implicated her

“no,no no, forget about the question”
Bisi said . Soon, she went home and just after she left, Faith said to Sophia
“she is really a professional lair.”
then Sophia replied her saying
“i can see that. But Victor went too far upon all i told him . ”

“that was because i love her not even a beat”
Victor said the two ladies looked behind them immediately and saw Victor walking into the store.
“what are you doing here?”
Sophia asked in tension
“i came to see my future wife”
he replied
“stop that already. why did you have to come down here? Did Bisi see you out side?”
Sophia asked again in anxiety
“i saw her , but i never allowed her to see me. You sound as if you are not happy to see me. And probably you are scared of Bisi”
Victor retorted
“oh no, am not! Its just that i don’t want to hurt any one.”
she said
“won’t you feel hurt If i move on with her and forget totally about you?”
victor asked and she kept quiet
“look Sophia,”

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victor continued
“i love you with all my Heart.
Its now i realise that what Celine Dion sang was true.
She said that Love can touch us one time and it last for a life time and it never let go till we are gone. That type of Love, that’s what i have for you.”
victor explained
“you are right but then, understand the conditions of things Victor”

Sophia blurted
“what is there to understand if not that i love you and you love me. Or don’t you love me? Answer me!”
Victor said raising his voice Sophia kept mute instead of replying
“just answer me Sophia, did you love me? If you don’t , i will leave you in peace. Did you love me?”
victor asked again
“understand that….”
“just tell me you love me”

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victor snatch words from her
“i won’t , victor i won’t tell you that because you are causing trouble for me”
she shouted at him
“Alright. I still won’t give up on you. I believe its time you need”
Victor said before leaving the shop.
“you are too hard on him”
faith told Sophia at his absent
“you know through out my life, i don’t like being a trouble maker.”
Sophia said
“what kind of trouble are you talking about? Going for that which rightfully belongs to you, is it the trouble?”
Faith asked

“you are now acting like…”
“the condition here is that you should choose one among Victor and Bisi.”
faith interrupted her.
“i don’t want to choose in any of them”
Sophia replied with irritation dictated in her words
“the choice is left for you. Whether you choose Bisi or not. As it is now I don’t think Victor can finally end up with her.”
for a whole month, victor never spoke to bisi although she was on her best to make up with him but he never even wanted to hear her voice come to talk of seeing her.
Also according to Chidimma his cousin sister’s advice, he left Sophia alone and never bothered her.
It was during that period that that chidimma finished her west African senior school certificate examination.
So she was now free to go where ever she wants. Being fund of her cousin Victor, she preferred going out with him.
Soon Desmond and Angel’s wedding ceremony became imminent.
It was to be done on a very big way.
Victor and all his family members will be there, Bisi also will be there also Faith and Sophia will be present as well.
The ceremony was indeed going to be a remarkable one.
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To Be Continued…… . .

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