The future husband Episode 24

The future husband
Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 24

Soon Desmond and Angel’s wedding ceremony became imminent.
It was to be done on a very big way.

Victor and all his family members will be there, Bisi also will be there also Faith and Sophia will be present as well.
The party was indeed going to be a remarkable one.
That very Day, Victor was Desmond’s best man and also next to Angel was Bisi who kept staring at Victor.
Her present irritates him so much so that he kept a dull face all the while they were in church.
At the wedding reception , Victor spent much time with his cousin sister Chidimma and Martin his other friend.

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Even when it was time to dance , he danced with her and that got every one who knew him to looking on with an open mouth.
The case was so severe with both Bisi and Sophia.
They were looking at him as he danced happily with his cousin with the mixture of both anger and jealousy.
This was because, they did not know she is his cousin so they thought he has moved on with her. Sophia got a broken heart that instantly.
Her sadness damaged the appetite of the drink she was drinking initially before she saw Victor dancing.
“i know it that you are feeling sad because of Victor . Isn’t that so?”
faith asked Sophia
“some how”
she replied
“it is definitely it
But will you have to blame the young man? You won’t. You are to blame”
faith said again
“i know.
So what did you suggest now?”
Sophia asked
“i suggest you call him to night”

faith said
“so what am i going to tell him?”
Sophia asked again
“any thing, any thing like….”
faith applied a brake to her sentence on seeing Bisi who just joined them at their table

“do you girls see how that dame man is breaking my heart into pieces. Can you see him dancing publicly with another lady? ”
Bisi said out indignantly
“every one has his or her own problem. I am looking for the best way to tackle mine”
Faith said immediately after Bisi’s lamentation
“so what’s your own problem?”
bisi asked
“i’m in Love with my Boss at work but i don’t know how to give him the green light”

Faith replied
“your problem is a little one. Can’t you see my boy friend is breaking my heart?”
Bisi said and they went ahead discussing all said and all done but Sophia never said a word all the while they discussed.
She sometimes glared at bisi with anger Her mind wasn’t at a place That she has to be waiting anxiously for the ceremony to be over so she can approach Victor unseen by Bisi.
But sadly, Victor went home before the ceremony ended but then, few hours after he reached Home, his Phone began to ring and he checked the caller to see it was Sophia,
“hello Sophia how are you”
he said over the cell phone
“am not fine, you saw me at the wedding ceremony of your friend and you didn’t even bother to say hello”
Sophia complained
“oh dear, you know i was too busy, and perhaps, bisi was present there and i am sure you did not want bisi to see us together.”
Victor said

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“that was what i thought but its not any more”
Sophia said “are you sure”
Victor asked positively
“yea. I need to see you, can you give me your address?”
she requested
“sure you have it”
he said and then send her the address of his working place.
According to their other communication, Sophia promised to come around so they could talk and Victor sat tight expecting her happily.
Around noon the following day, Victor got the information that Sophia was looking for him and with out a waste of time, he gave command to let her in.
“wow, am very happy to see you, welcome”
victor said that instant he saw her.
He then left his sit , and started cleaning the chair he wants Sophia to seat on although there was already, no dust on it
“thank you very much”
she said and sat down
“so how’s your day?”
Victor asked as he served her a drink
“twas fine.”
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she replied and started drinking
“i was like exploding with happiness at what you told me the previous night. But then my sister advised i should not conclude yet until you tell me directly. Are you done thinking about the solution?”
Victor asked

“yea. I realise that Bisi is a selfish person so i don’t think am ready to give up my happiness just because of her. ”
Sophia answered
“its now you started making sense”
Victor exclaimed
“but Victor tell me, who was that fair lady you danced with at the wedding ceremony yesterday?”
Sophia asked
“she’s my beloved sister. So did you mean you are ready to be my girl friend?”
Victor replied and asked
“yes. Am ready to face up to what so ever that may come up.”
Sophia replied
“oh great! Great!! Great!!!”
Victor jubiliated and ran over to where Sophia was seated and gave her a happy hug despite the fact that she was still sitting.
Just then, some one faked a cough at the door and they turned immediately and saw bisi standing at the Door post.
To Be Continued…… . . .

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