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The future husband Episode 26


The future husband
Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 26

Bisi stop wasting your precious time. Both of us know he is that My FUTURE HUSBAND i told you then. i have find mine so go and look for yours.”
Sophia said.

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That instant, Bisi dragged her by the hair aggressively and threw her to the floor
“dare you tell me rubbish again , i will deal with you! Don’t you know what Johnson Bisi is capable of doing???”
Bisi yelled on seeing what she did, Victor grew red with anger immediately then he rushed to her and held her throat violently
“who gave you the right to set your filthy hands on her!”
he yelled

“victor stop that ! You are hurting me! Don’t you see that stupid girl is causing trouble for us?”
Bisi said struggling to get free from him.
Victor tightened his grip on her saying
“bisi you are daring me. Did you know i can strangle you this minute? I won’t take it light with you the next time you will try this act!”
he screamed and then threw her to the floor.
By now, some of the staffs that works in the organisation are gathered in the office to know what was happening.
“security! Take this trash away from here and never allow her any where close to this premises again”
Victor commanded a security man who came close Bisi got up from the floor and said to them
“no, matter what victor . I am not giving up on you
You must come back to me and if you insist on your Decision, then i promise you that you will never be happy with her. I will leave now but expect me later”
she said
“madam, oya make we dey go”
the security man said trying to carry out the order which was allotted to him
“don’t touch me my friend else your generation will have you to blame for their calamity”
Bisi yelled at the security man before walking out.

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“now all of you should go back to your duty post right now!”
victor commanded the other staffs who were still watching the scene like a movie. Immediately , they all scurried back to their post and only Victor and Sophia were left in the Office. If their should be some one who could have remained, it have to be Desmond but Lo, he didn’t come to work the very day, he has already traveled with his new bride for their honey moon in Canada.
“did she hurt you my love?”
victor asked at every one’s absent
“no, its just a scratch ”

she said
“i am going to deal tenaciously with her when ever she tries this rubbish again i swear!”
Victor said as he touched her hair gently
“this is what i have been avoiding all these while. But shaa, i am ready for it because what worth gaining worth fighting for”
she said
“thank you my love, its a good thing we have the same mind set.”

victor Said

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Bisi went home crying her eyes out.
Veronica her mother was so touched and she came close and asked of her problem then she told her all of her agony.
The woman pitied her daughter for the emotional pain she was going through so therefore , she offered to help her in getting her boy friend back to her.
With that she entered her room thinking of the best alternative to confront the situation.
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A week later, Victor was signing some documents in his office when he received a call that a woman by name Johnson Veronica requested to see him.
He reluctantly gave command and they let her in.
“good afternoon ma”
he greeted as soon as the woman have taken a seat before him.
To Be Continued….. . .

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