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The future husband
Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 27

he asked
“so simple. Tell me why you broke up with bisi”

she requested .

Victor was so confused, this was because he was in no way expecting such a question
“i don’t understand ma. Who are you to her and why are you asking me such question?”
Victor asked
“she’s my daughter and i am so grieved seeing her in the kind of emotional pain she is going through right now because of you.”

veronica answered
“oh really? I did not know you are her mother. You are highly welcome ma.”
he said
“thanks. But can you now answer my question?”

she requested now Victor told the woman every thing that happened between them and she was just nodding her head as he narrated
“but that isn’t enough reason for you to break up with her just like that knowing fully well that she’s deeply in love with you”
veronica said when she was sure he was done with what he was saying.
“ma, but i told her initially that i already have a lady somewhere of who i was busy searching for”
Victor complained
“that isn’t enough reason. I am here for us to make a deal”
Veronica said
“what kind of deal?”
he asked
“i offer your business a contract of 10 Million Naira in return, you get back to Bisi”
Veronica said

“10 million naira? That’s great!”
Victor exclaimed
“are you in for the Deal?”
she asked
“i will if that has nothing to do with my Love affairs

Victor said with a very keen look “so what should i take that answer for ? Positive or negative?”
veronica asked trying to get the location he was driving to with his statement.
“the answer is negative . I am a contented man. The amount you offered can never give me the joy my true love will always give me”
Victor replied
“you mean you are turning down the offer?”
Veronica asked
“yes, with all sincerity ma”

he said the woman grew angry instantly she got up from the seat and said to him
“think about this offer very well. You will realize you need it but don’t let it be too late.”
then she left the office while victor stared at the blank door with out saying a word.
It took him some minutes before setting his attention to the documents before him again.
When Veronica got home, she told her daughter how far she went with her ex lover.
And that got Bisi inflated with anger.
“that stupid girl must have casted a devilish spell on him!”
she exclaimed before leaving the house in anger to perpetrate her diabolic and acrimonious plan.
Some minutes later, she was knocking at sophia’s door.
“who is that?”
Sophia who was alone in the house asked wondering who it was that is knocking like a Mad Dog.

Bisi did not reply her.
She kept banging the door and finally the door was opened and she took Sophia down all over sudden and began to descend on her punching and kicking her to her satisfaction
“this is just a token To the kind of trouble you will be getting from me if you fails to stay away from Victor. Just stay away from him in peace else you will do that in pieces! But then Get note you are blame-worthy of all those catastrophe!”
Bisi screamed she left her immediately when she dictated one of her neighbours approaching them.
She entered her car and off she drove : :
To Be Continued….. . . .