The future husband Episode 28

The future husband
Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 28

When Victor learnt about what Bisi has done, he set off to attack her severely but sophia’s relentless plea restricted him.
Faith on her own corner was over whielmed with anger but then she also could do nothing .

This was because Sophia has prohibited them to intervene on her behalf; weeks passed by, Victor and Sophia’s love for each other grew more and more and it knew no bond on Sophia’s 29th Birthday, Victor organised a party for her on a very big and special way.
All their friends and well wishers were present including Bisi who came to make trouble but the situation of things didn’t give her the opportunity to carry out her plan.
There were comedians who amused the guest and made them happy.
Also there were singers and dancers who show cased there skills and techniques in other to entertain the guest and keep the place lively.
And finally , Victor sang a special song for Sophia who was feeling on top of the world. It was also on that occasion that he knelt before her after singing and proposed to her in the present of every one including Bisi.

With out a waste of time she accepted with Joy and everyone cheered them happily. She was obviously the most Happy person on earth that very day.
This was definitely what she have been longing for and frankly a dream come true
But on her counterpart, Bisi grew green with jealousy and sadness that she couldn’t wait for the occasion to end before driving home. While she was inside her car, she remembered those happy times when victor will drive her about.
They will go to one party or the other .
Her memory revolved round especially that particular night he danced with her at her birthday party.
All those memories made her cry so much. For weeks, she remained indoor out of depression.
She hardly eat or do any thing.
Veronica her mother understood really that she was going through an emotional trauma.
If she keeps quiet, she will loose her and become empty handed.
Her only son have gone back to his father in Onitsha.
And she can’t go back to her husband because they had divorced long ago when Bisi was still ten.
It’s only Bisi who was with her at the particular time and she won’t bear the pain if any thing should happen to her.
With that, she was forced to go back to Victor to plead with him again.
“i learnt you are now planning on your wedding ceremony”
veronica said when she was given the opportunity to meet him

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“yes ma”
he replied
“are you sure that you can spend the rest of your life with that girl?”
Veronica asked
“yes of course”

Victor said out sharply.
“okay that’s not what i am here for”
she said
“so what may i do for this time around?”
Victor asked
“please, i just want you to come and see my daughter.”
she requested with a low pleading voice.

“for what?.”
victor asked sharply
“She haven’t left her room since last week . Talking to me is a very big problem. Eating has become a problem to her. Its even our House help that forces her to eat the little she eats.
All these pointed out to the fact that she is depressed all because of you. I have tried all i could to cheer her up but all was in vain.”
the old lady narrated “so what did you want me to do now?”
Victor asked
“please help me save my only daughter. She is all i have now. I want you to come and see her. I am not asking you get back to her but at least come and see her and spend some time with her. I think that will help her recover from what she is going through right now”
the woman pleaded victor stared deep in the woman’s eyes and saw sincerity in all she said.
And more over, he promised to be there for her always so that is why he have to grant the woman’s request
“i am sorry her condition regenerated to this extent. I will come over to your house to see her tomorrow”
he said
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“am not leaving here with out you. I want you to come with me now” veronica said “but i am busy now ”

Victor complained
“its not a problem, am willing to wait till you are through.”
veronica said
“okay, let me deliver a message to my secretary and lets be going ”
victor said and left the office in a couple of minutes, he returned and the both left that instant.
When they got to their destination, veronica took him to Bisi’s room.
They knocked gently at the door five times with out a reply.
Then they pushed the door hard and found out it was locked inside . Victor knocked more harder calling Bisi’s name yet there was still no reply.
Veronica began to panic immediately
“what is happening to her, God please save my daughter; ki o si pa ailewu re”
she said
“hold your peace , nothing bad will happen to her. We just need to find a way into this room”
victor said
“how are we going to enter inside?”
the woman asked curiously “i don’t know” Victor said.

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At a point he went back and ran forward to the door and then kicked it hard . When he repeated this for the fifth time , the door flung open and here she was , lying on the floor.
“Bisi! Bisi!”
Veronica screamed running to her
To Be Continued…. . . .

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