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The future husband
meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 31

he said maintaining a steady eye contact with her

“i know you have a question. Go on and ask”
she urged him
“who is responsible for the pregnancy?”
he finally asked
“am sure you know the answer to that question”

Bisi said
“how am i to know”
Victor followed her after her statement
“I had the last affair with my formal boy friend about six months ago. Since then i haven’t had any other affair apart from the one between us few months back.”
“so which is to say i am responsible for the pregnancy?”
victor asked
“yes . But you don’t have to worry, i know its a bad news to you.
I will have to ab*rt it so you can go ahead and marry Sophia”
Bisi said with sad countenance
“ab*rt what? You dare not try that because its my child you are trying to kill. And probably, don’t you know your life is in danger with that? For crying out loud the baby is three months old!”
Victor exclaimed on hearing what she said
“then what do you expect me to do? Keep the baby and watch him grow with out a father? Its against my personal reputation. I can’t give birth to a Bastard!”
Bisi exclaimed as well raising her voice
“and did you think i am willing to allow my child grow with out my care? I won’t let him pass through what i passed when i was young”
Victor said
“so what’s your plan?”

Bisi asked
And victor began to scratch his head. That’s what he does always when ever the case before him gets complicated.
“am waiting for your reply”
she said again
“i don’t know for now, but i bid you from doing any thing silly to that unborn baby in your womb”

Victor said
“you better come up with a suitable solution so quick because.,………”
“honey and back, Lara our house help prepared a very good meal for you”
veronica said as she entered the ward
“good morning ma”
Victor greeted
“morning, you left angrily yesterday , i thought you will never return again. ”

veronica said
“here he is because he still cares.”
Bisi said
“are you ready for your meal now?”
victor asked
“yes ”
she replied then Victor collected the food flask from the woman and feed her himself
“i thought you said that you don’t love me? Why are you being so affectionate?”
bisi asked with mouth full of food
“i am feeding my child inside you belly not you”
He replied and the both ladies began to laugh immediately. after the day’s activities, Victor returned home and disclosed to her aunt and uncle the challenges he is facing

“this one be say you don enter yawa”
Thomas said in pigin English.
“speaking vanacula won’t solve the problem. Lets think of a possible way to approach this effect.”
Kate said to her husband who then took a deep breath and said after a moment of silent
“victor you know very well that we don’t like our blood outside”
“yes. Even with out that tradition, it is one of my personal values”
Victor said
“so i am suggesting you forget about that lady which took you so long to find and focus on the one who is carrying your child. And Probably we can tell she loves you so much that’s why she went as far as committing suicide because you want to marry another lady”
“dad, you won’t understand. I love Sophia so much and i want to Marry her but still, i want my child too”
To Be Continued…. . . .