The future husband Episode 32

The future husband
Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Episode 32

“dad, you won’t understand. I love Sophia so much and i want to Marry her but still, i want my child too”

“you are the one that got the case like this , why did you sleep with her?”

Kate asked “it was a mistake”
victor replied
“then face up and take responsible of your mistake”
Thomas said and that ended the topic.
Victor called Sophia on phone and apologized for his misbehaviour the other time.

He told her that he was just over whelmed with anger, he did not made mention of any thing that have to deal with Bisi’s pregnancy.
Once more before bisi was discharged from the hospital, he visited her and brought her some fresh fruits of which she appreciated happily.
Soon the both of them sat tight into a discussion.
“victor i still don’t understand you . You haven’t given me your reply concerning my condition.”
Bisi said
“why are you rushing me. Are you not the one that started the game first?”
Victor asked
“i started the game and you joined .
Blames won’t solve this matter”
Bisi said
“so what do you want me to do?”
victor asked.
“marry me so the unborn baby with grow up with both the love of the mother and father.”
Bisi said
“bisi you and i knows very well that i won’t do it”
Victor said following her words

“so you want me to give birth to a bastard isn’t it?”
Bisi asked
“no, i will be there for you. Then after giving birth, you then can allow me train him or her”
victor said
“never! I will never allow my child to grow up with Sophia !”

Bisi exclaimed angrily
victor asked
“z is the answer! Victor look, if you won’t marry me, forget about this baby because i am going to abort it”
Bisi threatened
“and you know Bisi that it won’t remove a drop of blood from me. You are the one that is going to suffer it.”
Victor continued

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“lets look at it this way, after giving birth to the child, he can visit me any time he pleases”
“i am not giving birth to any child out side wed luck. That’s final! But let me tell you some thing, if i abort this baby and die, know it that over my dead body will you have another child” Bisi said
“never! God forbid!!!!”
victor screamed and ran away from the hospital immediately.
Through out that day, Victor remained sad and drinking his self away.
He remained like that till the next day when Sophia visited in the afternoon.
After observing him, she said
“victor , you are not looking cheerful now adays. Tell me what’s really wrong?”
he just said
“how can you be telling me nothing when you know and i know something is bothering you. Please say something.”

she requested again and he was adamant. She went on saying
“ehhh, my love tell me what it is that is eating you up. Remember ,a problem shared is half solved”
now Victor sat up with a deep sigh and then said to her
“honestly, you are right. I have a problem as gigantic as a mountain. Infact i saw my self lost in the middle of an ocean”
“so what is it?”
Sophia asked
“Bisi is pregnant”
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he said
“so how does that make you sad”
she asked “i am afraid you might get angry.”
he said
“wait, don’t tell me you are responsible for that?”
Sophia asked with anxiety.
Victor did not say any thing .
He just faced down the table because he wasn’t courageous enough to look into her anxious eyes
“answer me Victor, are you responsible ?”
Sophia asked again he still kept adamant but when she asked the same question for more three times, he admitted it.
To Be Continued…. . . .

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