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The future husband Episode 4


The future husband
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The future husband Episode 4

When he got home, he met his uncle(his mother’s only brother) at the sitting room .
The young man was shocked and grieved to the marrow on seeing how tartard and teary his nephew was.

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At first, his aim of visiting was to check on him and give him the new clothes he has bought for him from lagos.
But seeing him in such condition, he decided instantly to take him to lagos the following morning.
He knows that if he continues staying with them, he will amount to nothing in the future because they did not give him a chance to go to school.
Mr. Michael the uncle who he was living with refused but Thomas his uncle from Lagos insisted.
He began to call all member of the extended family on phone telling them how Michael and his wife have been mal-treating the orphan boy in their custody.

And his aim of taking him and giving him a chance of having a bright future in Lagos.
All of them supported his motion and with that, he took off to Lagos with him the following morning.
Thomas live with his wife Kate and only daughter called Chidimma .
Now victor has joined them making them four in number.
He was so very hardworking and diligent and for that, Thomas and his wife loved him like their own child,.
They sent him to secondary school according to his age but he did poorly because he couldnt read or write.
So Thomas found the need of getting him a private teacher very important and he did just that.
After some months, he picked up and got free from the shackles of dullardness.
He took the first position in his JSS3 and maintained it till he was out of secondary school.
Thomas sponsored him further into the university and he graduated as a first class student.
After his NYSC project , be began to work in his uncles company and with all his effort , did every thing that will uplift and help to the promotion of the company.
He also helped his uncle in training his own children who was at the particular time three in number he took them like his own siblings and they all were like a family.

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most nights, Victor goes out with his two best friends Desmond and Martin to their favourite bar for drinking.
His friends are so fund of coming with their girl friends unlike himself who do not have any.
“why don’t you pick up a girl friend and stop being a lone ranger”
Martin suggested on one of their night drinking.

He is a typical example of an expert player.
He dates five different ladies at the same time and yet won’t get into trouble with any unlike Desmond who had only one girl friend .
He once tried to cheat but was caught red handedly and so he have to go extra mile in order to obtain her forgiveness and when she did, he promised him self never to cheat again.
“i have always told him that . I don’t understand how a handsome rich guy like him should be with out a lady beside him not that he is so active and obsessed with his religion”.
Desmond added
“you guys won’t understand ”
victor said

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“why won’t we understand?”
Desmond asked
“because you are not there in my past”
Victor replied.
“why don’t you leave your past and focus on the future? There is a reason why those in your past didn’t make it to your future ”
Martin said
“who is even there in your past that won’t allow you to focus on the future?”
Desmond asked.
“its a long story, you guys should forget about this topic for the main time”
Victor said to them
“you guys should let him be

. May be he has not find who his heart beats for”.
angel said, she is Desmond’s fiancee
“we are not talking about wife here, remember?”
Martin said
“and what did you mean by that? So your motive is to use women and dump them abi?”
Ruth attacked Martin his boy friend
“no, that was no what i mean. I was just trying to convince my friend and never to confuse you”
Martin said as the rest in the round table began to laugh.
“So friends, Bisi my best friend is organising a birthday party tomorrow by the time. So i would like you guys to be there.”
angel said when the laughter had gone down
“come on, Desmond is always available to keep your company so you won’t get bored ”
Victor said
“oh come on, i told her much about you guys and the sweet songs you guys sings, she appeared to be eager to meet you guys. So i want you all to be there to make the party lively. Especially you Victor . Who knows, you might find that special one there. ”
angel said again
“wow, we will surely be there”
Martin said.
victor , desmond and Martin ‘s hobby is always singing.
They have that talent to compose new songs and also , sweet voice to use in singing it.

They like showing up their talent in any occasion they finds themselves and almost every body loves their songs.
Angel told her friend Bisi much about them .
She did also showed her some of their pictures and she turned out to be so keen to meet them.
To Be Continued…. . . .

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