The future husband Final episode

The future husband
Meenah writes ✍️

The future husband Final episode

Finally there came the wedding which every one has been waiting for.
It was really the talk of the town because it was done in a super B way.
Othentic invitation cards was given to all friends and well wishers.
Many prominent men were also invited and many of them turned up in respect to the occasion but no invitation was given to Bisi.
Every thing went smoothly for Sophia and Victor but not until they sighted Bisi in the occasion.
The both became tensionized inspecting on her motive of being in the ceremony when she knows very well that she isn’t invited.
But to their greatest surprise, Bisi was totally different from who they thought she is.

A minute , she was seen chatting happily with Faith who had caused her to have a miss carriage and another minute, she helped in serving drinks to the guest which was totally different from the original Bisi which every on knew.
The new couples were surprise to see her spray money happily on them when they danced.
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At gift presentation, she even gave a them a brand new refrigerator.
It was after the ceremony that all of them sat together
“Bisi you have changed a lot. Are you guys sure that this is the Bisi i know or another person in her image?”
Victor asked as the others began to laugh
“what my friend said is obviously the truth
I can’t believe Bisi could serve my drink”
Desmond chipped in
“i don’t know why they are laughing . Its not meant to be funny , Honestly i was very surprise”
victor said again.

“well i am bisi which you all knew very well.”
Bisi continued
“i can’t think of a better way to correct all my mistakes, i just realised that i have been selfish so i will like to use this opportunity to plead with you Sophia and Victor. Please Forgive all i have done. I was under the influence of obsession not Love.”
she pleaded

“you have that already. Honestly i am very happy”
Sophia said
“yea , we should be the one that should be thanking you for contributing to the success of the programme.”
Victor blurted
“thank you all”

Bisi said
“but can you please tell us what it was that really changed you. And made you realize your mistakes”
Victor asked again
“its Henry. He works the same place i works. Little did i know that he had long been admiring me but too shy to approach. When after i suffered miss carriage, he caught me crying in my office and for sure, he was deeply touched.
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He kept asking about the problem but i wouldn’t tell him any thing. He invited me to have launch with him that afternoon and i reluctantly accepted . It was during the launch that i told him all of my problems and my plans of getting back at both Sophia and faith. I was surprise that he has always a little bible in his breast pocket any where he goes. He brought out the bible and used references from it to advice me to forget about the past . He made me see the truth that i am really at fault. From that day, i started getting along so well with him. In fact i think am in Love with him and i knows very well he loves me”
she narrated with a broad smile
“wow, so wonderful”
Faith exclaimed

“i think he is the perfect man”
Martin exclaimed
“and i wish to meet him in person so i could thank him personally”
Victor said
“don’t worry, you guys will meet him soon. He is a very nice man”
Bisi said
Not upto one year, all of them gathered together again During Bisi and Henry’s wedding ceremony and after that, every one lived Happily ever after.
This is to show that Destiny remains destiny .
Although it could be delayed but never can be denied. I thank you all for reading. May you fulfill your destinies in Jesus name Amen.

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