[STORIES] The Hunted chapter 2

πŸ’ The Hunted πŸ’

πŸ’žShe’s mine! Protect her no matter what!πŸ’ž
By naijalanded writer βœοΈβœοΈπŸ’ž

Chapter 2πŸ’

She smiled looking like a beautiful damsel she is, her hazel eyes are looking so much brighter today.
“How was your night princess”I asked
“It was beautiful brother”she replied smiling.
One thing that I hate is her calling me brother i want her to call me sweet names like ‘honey’, ‘the king of my heart’ something sweet like honey if you know what i mean.
*duh! she doesn’t know anything about your feelings*my subconscious scolded me.
I moaned tasting those delicious cookies my princess made for me, I wonder what she’ll taste like when she’s beneath me!.
Goodness why am I having such dirty thoughts about my naive, innocent and sweet little princess.
“If you don’t stop moaning like that I’ll kick you out of this house”Alden said.
I almost forgot that this blabber mouth was sitting beside me.
“I told you to get married Kay until when are you gonna keep coming here for food every morning?.
“Duh! I’m gonna keep coming here to see my princess, i’ll not survive if i don’t see her beautiful face even for a single day.
“Since you’re here why don’t you drop your little sister at college i have something important to do”Alden said.
Something tells me that I’m gonna have a great day.
Alden you don’t know what you just did for me. Hehehe
“Of course i would love to” I wouldn’t miss any opportunity to have an alone time with my princess I smirked at the thought.
“Arielle why don’t you get ready to go to school now, Kay will drop you”Alden said.
“OK brother i’ll be ready in few minutes” she replied with her beautiful voice.
She came back wearing a white shirt that compliments her olive skin and black baggy pants with white sneakers. Her silk black shinny hair was in a pony tail.
Awwwn my baby was looking so beautifulπŸ’ž.
One thing about Arielle she doesn’t wear tight clothing she wears baggy clothes, she has that killer body that can make any man drool.
Being a good brother i am advised Alden not to let Elle wear tight clothing’s because I wouldn’t want those cock-sucking college boys to start hitting on Elle i am the only one who has that right no one else does.
My Elle listens to everything we say she wouldn’t disobey us right?!
“I’m done brother Kayden”my name sounded so sweet when says it.
I lead her towards my scoter and yes besides Arielle my scooter is my baby if anyone messes with my Tylee then hell will break loose.I take the helmet and fix it on her head i wouldn’t want my princess to get hurt. “Thank you” she murmured and I smirked.
Oh im gonna enjoy this day so much.
Time to get my princess to school!
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