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The Royal Maid Episode 39


❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 39❤️👑

King Roland’s POV cont’d ♥️
‘Your highness if the queen mother finds out that I’m in here she will kill me’.. Alondria begged with tears in her eyes and I smiled..
‘She will not harm you Alondria I will make sure of that! I am the King what part of that notion do you not understand!! I have never been obsessed with anyone as I am with you’..
‘But your highness the Princesses, they’re far more—
‘Beautiful?? Oh my heaven’s have you looked in the mirror Alondria?? Ignore the terrible scars on your flesh have you looked in the mirror and see what you’re beauty beholds?? You are the most beautiful creature I have ever come across’..I whispered cupping her cheeks with my hands..
It is true and I don’t know what’s wrong with me..
I have never felt this way for anyone before talk less of a slave maid who looks more of a princess than a slave…

It darns me to say this but I am deeply obsessed with her and not only obsessed but also in love with her…
I don’t know how or when but all I know is that she is a woman after my heart and won’t stop until she gets it even without trying..
‘Come to the riverside behind the castle tonight,I will be waiting for you there’..I whispered and kissed her forehead..
She ran outside and minutes after that Gregory walked in..
‘I do not even want to know what’s going on cousin,your brother has returned from the war’…He replied and my brows perked up..
My younger brother only by two years is back??..
Reynold is back?? .
Princess Reana’s POV ♥️
‘His highness is acting strange Meredith,it looks like he’s avoiding me.What do you think might be the problem??’..I asked as I downed another portion of strong wine down my throat..
‘Well it might be that darned slave maid my princess,she might have bewitched him or maybe seduced him’..She replied and I chuckled half drunk..
‘Alondria?? That rat?! She wouldn’t even dare besides his highness should know better than to have an affair with a maid?’..
‘You don’t know what goes on in this Castle walls and by the way, Prince Reynold has arrived’..She said and my ears tingled..
‘What?!Why didn’t anyone tell me about this?!!….Uhhh who is Prince Reynold?’..I asked..
‘He is the King’s younger brother my princess and he might also be another help to you.Be good friends with Prince Reynold and it will just take you one step closer to being the Queen’..She replied and I smiled…

What would I do without Meredith..

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