The Royal Maid Episode 46

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 46 ❤️👑

Author’s POV ♥️
‘Princess Reana’..Roland finally announce and the Royal court fell into instant silence..
The servants were afraid..
The guards were disappointed..
Queen Aribella was exhilarated..
The other Princesses were angry..
It was just a mix of all emotions but soon after a loud roar of applause filled the room and reducing the tension..

‘I am happy you made the right choice your highness,I will serve this kingdom like it is my own child and everyone would love me’..Princess Reana bowed down..
‘Rise to your feet and come sit next to my son my dear’..Queen mother Aribella urged and with each step taken to the throne Reana felt her rise to power..
It was finally hers..
Months of plotting and damage control had finally paid off for she was going to marry the king of the seven kingdoms in few months..
Alondria’s POV ♥️
‘No please don’t tell me Clara is dead?? Marco please tell me it’s a lie and that Clara is still alive’..I grabbed hold of Marco’s shirt in tears and he sighed deeply..
‘As unfortunate as it is my dear I can’t lie to you,Clara died because she wouldn’t tell the princess and future queen your whereabouts’..He said..
‘Wait?? Did you just say future queen??’..I asked and he patted my shoulders..
‘King Roland picked her to be his wife Alo and trust me the whole castle is in disarray’..
‘Well that’s not possible!! The King should’ve known better than to pick her?!’..
‘Well he’s made the decision and it’s final for he is the king’..
‘Still not right!! With Princess Reana as the queen everyone would go extinct just like Mara and Clara and now me also!! I might go extinct if she finds out that I’m hiding here’..I whispered softly..
‘No Alo that’s where you’re wrong,the King has made a decree that no harm must come unto you and whosoever brings you back would be duely rewarded’..He whispered back and I gasped..
‘So you’re here to bring me back??’..
‘Yes I’m afraid but not to worry Alo nothing would and no one would harm you’..

King Roland’s POV ♥️
‘Why did you choose her brother?!’..Reynold yelled as he walked into my study angry like a dog who hasn’t been fed for days..
‘Yes dear cousin,why did you choose her??’..Gregory chipped in and I rolled my eyes..
I was expecting their outburst but not so soon??.
‘It is my decision to make not the both of you! Please leave’..I dismissed them and Reynold slapped his arms on my desk..

‘You made a huge mistake brother and you’ll suffer for it I’m sorry to say’..

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