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The Royal Maid Episode 47

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 47❤️👑

King Roland’s POV cont’d ♥️
‘Well it is my mistake and not—
‘Your highness Marco found the maid!’..A gaurd rushed into the room and I quickly got up from my chair..
My Alondria??..
She’s been found??..
‘My future wife is finally—
‘Do not flatter yourself Reynold she doesn’t belong to you she’s my slave’…I quickly corrected him with a hint telling him to back off and he chuckled loudly..

‘She is your slave wh*re isn’t she??’..
‘Bridle your tongue little brother or I might have to do it for you’..I warned him with a pointing finger and he scoffed loudly..
What am I going to do about him?..
Maybe send him to war again??..
Alondria’s POV ♥️
‘If I die Marco I’ll haunt your dreams till you die’..I whispered as he brought me to kneel before the Royal throne..
King Roland came out immediately along with his brother and Duke Gregory and I couldn’t help but feel scared..
Three men..
With one thing in common..
They all want me..
‘You finally came out of your rabbit hole damsel’..Prince Reynold first spoke and got a warning shot from his brother,the king..
‘Forgive me your highness it won’t happen again’..I bowed down reluctantly..
Honestly I just want to die..
I smell like a gutter rat..
The King and his brother want me..

The Duke wants me to carry his child..
And Oh did I also forget??
The future queen would stop at nothing to see me suffer and die in front of Everybody.
‘Of course I forgive you Alondria,from today onwards you’ll be responsible for filling my room jug with wine both in the morning,noon and night’..He made his judgement and I nodded..
I took my leave and as i got to the maids chambers whispers and murmurs filled my ears as the other maids stared at me like I was some ghost..

‘First Mara and now Clara’..One of them whispered throwing a disgusting look at me and I sighed deeply…
They’re right..
I am cursed..
Every single person who had volunteered and helped me overcome some troubles have all died and it’s all because of me..
I am just a slave maid??..
Why would two people dearest to me want to die all just to protect my worthless and useless self??..
‘Well,well look who’s here??’..

‘What do you want Meredith?’..I asked rolling my eyes..
‘It’s Madam Meredith to you bastard! Madam Petty has been dismissed and you’re looking at your new Head’..

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