❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 51❤️👑

King Roland’s POV ♥️
‘You look rather cheerful this morning’.. Mother’s brows arched as I sat down on the chair excitedly for breakfast..
‘Yes,what’s wrong brother??’..Reynold asked and I frowned deeply.
‘So is it a crime to be in a good mood? I have had my own share of turmoils please don’t add fuel to the fire’..
‘Hmm my bad, it’s just funny’..He shrugged still with an inquisitive look on his face and i rolled my eyes.
Of course I’m in a good mood..
I had a wonderful night with the woman after my heart and I am also going to have a wonderful afternoon with her too..

Alondria POV ♥️
‘Her sheets were unruffled,I’m pretty sure she didn’t sleep in her bed last night’..One of the maids whispered to the other as I washed the dishes with a straight face..
‘There was blood on her skirt this morning,I think her virtue has been—
‘Mind your damned business!!!’..I finally yelled unable to take it anymore and they both scoffed very loudly..
‘What is the problem here?!’..Meredith came in and I nipped at my bottom lip to prevent myself from yelling at her too.
Control yourself Alondria..
Just control yourself..
‘Nothing Madam Meredith,we were just arguing about some color choices’..I lied eyeing the other girls and they nodded..
’Hmmm is that so? Care to explain why you weren’t in your room last night?’..she asked again..
‘His highness had me go with Marco to fetch some grapes from the vineyard for him’..I lied again.
Her lips curved into a little smirk and she stepped forward to whisper into my ears and it was a threat..
‘I will find out what you’re hiding Alondria and trust me you would regret it’..
At Night 🌃
His highness grabbed me immediately he set his eyes on me and in a moment we were both naked his bed.
‘You look beautiful tonight’..He whispered and I smiled as his tongue traveled down to my center which gave me a whole new feeling..
‘What are you—

‘Should I stop??’..
‘Yes—No! No please don’t—Ahh!’..I moaned loudly as his tongue toyed with me and in few minutes I flowered for him..
‘I want you’..I whispered..
‘You shall have me’..He replied and then propped me up on him..
‘Ahh!!’..I gasped as he filled me whole and then the dance began till we were both exhausted..

‘You know i—
‘Your highness it’s me Princess Reana,I would like to have a word with you’..Princess Reana interrupted me and the king and I both went into panic mode..
Oh no no no!!