The Royal Maid Episode 52

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 52❤️👑

Alondria’s POV cont’d ♥️
‘Get under the bed!! Get under the bed quick!!’.. His highness urged me an in a fit of sheer panic I quickly dived under the bed naked..
Princess Reana came in immediately and I could just feel her presence two inches away from me..
Oh please God don’t let her see me..
Or else I’ll be so doomed..
‘You wanted to see me??’..I heard the king say..
‘Yes your highness, it’s been days since our engagement don’t you think it’s time we get to know ourselves better??’..She replied and I rolled my eyes..

By knowing themselves better she simply means she wants his touch..
‘What do you mean?? I know you well enough Reana’..He muttered and I felt butterflies in my belly..
Oh I love him so much..
‘Well what I’m trying to say is that we should get acquainted with each…what I mean is that we should be prepared for our longer years together’..She stuttered and a giggle mistakenly escaped my lips..
Oh shoot!!..
King Roland’s POV ♥️
‘What was that?!’..Reana asked and I pursed my lips..
‘Uhhh let’s take a walk shall we??’..I grabbed her arm but she was adamant on not leaving..
‘No I’m sure I heard a giggle coming from in here’..She said and my teeth gritted a little bit in panic..
Why on Earth did Alo laugh??..
‘Uhmm I think it’s one of the maids so let’s just go okay??’..
‘Hmmm okay’..
Minutes Later ♥️
I walked back to my room after an uneventful walk with Princess Reana who just kept yarning about how she was going to change the drapes and the floors of the castle..
Honestly I don’t even care..
I don’t care about anything she does the only person I care about is Alondria and she was right on my bed—Sleeping..

‘Mmmh’..She murmured as I kissed her bare shoulders..
‘You almost got us both in trouble tonight you know that right??’..i whispered snuggling closer and she giggled again..
‘Pardon my manners your highness she was just too funny’..
‘Hmm is that so?’..
‘You clearly didn’t know did you?”..

‘Know what?’..
‘That she wanted to get in your bed your highness,she wanted you to make love to her’..She said and it was my turn to laugh..
‘That isn’t true Alo’..
‘Ohh yes it is true your highness,you might not know this but it is very true’..She insisted and I kissed the tip of her nose..
‘Well too bad for my future wife cause there’s only one woman I want to make love to’..
‘You my dear Alo,only you’..

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