❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 53 ❤️👑

Princess Reana’s POV ♥️
‘I know something’s definitely wrong!! I can feel it Meredith!! Something is wrong!’..I paced back and forth biting my nails..
‘Your highness with all due respect I think you’re just overreacting’..She tried calming down but I just wouldn’t..
‘Where is Alondria??’..
‘She’s in the garden’..
‘Summon her,I’ve got some few questions to ask and she better has some good answers to give to me’..
Alondria’s POV ♥️

I whistled happily as I cut out the tulips for the Queen’s chamber vase when two maids approached me with scornful looks on their faces..
‘The queen wants to see you’..One of them said..
‘Okay’..I murmured and turned towards the Queen’s quarters road but she stopped me..
‘I mean future queen’.
‘Ohh is that so?? Well I should be on my way then!’..
Minutes later ♥️
‘You called for me your highness’..I bowed down and stood before Princess Reana who had a very disgusted look on her face..
‘Where have you been these days Alo?’..She asked..
‘I beg your pardon your—
‘Answer the damned question Alondria!! Where have you been?!’..She yelled and i jolted a little bit..
Does she know about my affair with the king??..
Oh God if she knows then I’m so dead..
‘Well I have been at the water gardens you can ask Marco and I have also been the King’s personal maid for certain duties’..I replied and avoided her eyes so she wouldn’t see how nervous I was..
‘Hmmm is that so?? Well from today I would take care of the king,I don’t want you anywhere near him and trust me if I do you’ll end up like Mara and Clara’..She threatened and I balled my fists..
Why does she hate me so much??..
‘Yes your highness’..I managed to say and walked away..

‘Take care of her tonight Meredith and don’t fail me this time’..I heard her say and gulp hard..
King Roland’s POV ♥️
At Night 🌃
‘Who gave you the right Reana?!! What gave you the right to dismiss a maid I put in charge of my wine!!’..I yelled as I bursted through Reana’s door and she scoffed loudly..
‘I beg your pardon Roland!! Why on Earth would you put a maid in charge of your wine when you have a wine bearer?!’..
‘What I do is none of your business Reana!! in fact everything I do is none of your business!!’..I yelled again and turned to leave but she held me back.

‘Why do you care for her so much??’..
‘There is something going on between you too your highness and if I find out what it is trust me—It won’t be good for her’..