❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 54❤️👑

Alondria’s POV
‘I just have that feeling Marco,I just have the feeling that she’s going to kill me tonight.One way or the other and I heard her telling Meredith to take care of me’..I bit my nails as I paced back and forth in the gaurds chamber.
‘Are you sure you’re not just bring paranoid Alo?? Maybe the future queen wants to set a good relationship with you’..He said.
‘Ha! It’s not a joke Marco.Have you seen the way she treats me?? She despises me! Loathes me infact’..I snickered nervously and he smirked lightly.
‘I know she has tried killing you a lot of times but her interrogation today was well worth it.Everyone suspects you even me’..He said and my mouth dropped in shock..
‘Marco??I thought you trusted me!!’.
‘Well that was before you started sneaking into the King’s chambers every night and escorting him to the water garden’.

‘Well there’s a perfect explanation for that and you know I would never be in an affair with the—
‘You don’t really have to lie to me Alondria you know I wouldn’t tell anybody,I’ve seen the way he looks at you and I’ve seen the way you look at him back—You can’t hide true love Alo it shows all over you’..He said and patted my shoulders..
‘Ohh Marco I’m sorry i..I’m sorry I lied it’s just th…we love each other so much’..I bursted into tears and he smiled at me..
‘I know you do love him Alo,you were just too stubborn to admit it but let’s face facts here okay?? In as much as I’m envious of the love you both have you have to think of the consequences’..
‘Yes Alo, consequences’.
‘What consequences are you talking about??’.
‘Well you’re putting yourself in danger.Lord Bolton’s mistress was burned alive two nights ago just because she kissed him in front of his wife’.He stated and I gasped loudly.
‘You’re just doing this to scare me aren’t you??’.
‘I wish it’s a lie but it’s not Alo,you’re a slave and he’s a king,your differences in society is far than you can ever imagine and I care for you like my own little sister and this is why I’m telling you this.Twice—Princess Reana has tried to kill you twice and when she becomes the queen you won’t be able to survive Alo’..
‘So what should I do Marco?? I can’t leave the king??’.
‘The only way you can survive is by staying away from him Alo.I wish there were more options but it’s the only way you can stay alive’…