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The Royal Maid Episode 55

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 55❤️👑

Alondria’s POV ❤️
Hours Later ♥️
‘Blow the candles off Alo we’re trying to sleep here’..The other maids nagged on and even though I was scared to death I blew the fire off..
I stared at the blank ceiling with my fingers entwined waiting for whatever Princess Reana had planned for me.
‘Should we strangle her??’..I heard one of the maids whisper..
‘I think strangling her would be better,no one would hear her and she won’t be able to bother our dear queen any longer’..Another replied in a whisper..
They didn’t know I was still awake and while they plotted to kill me I quickly grabbed a knife under my pillow and waited patiently.
Soon enough I heard them standing up and walking to my bed.

‘Should I do it?? Or should you??’..One asked again and just as her hands touched my neck I stabbed her straight in the heart and stabbed the other before she could retaliate..
King Roland’s POV ♥️
‘Your highness!! Your highness!!’..I heard Gregory yell as he barged into my room and with his formality I knew something was wrong..
‘What is the—
‘Alondria just killed two maids! She’s going to be hanged as decreed by your mother’..He dropped the bombshell and I gasped…
Why would she murder??..
It just can’t be!..
‘I’ll be with your shortly Gregory,I just can’t believe she would just kill two maids’..I said as I wrapped a robe around my body..
‘Tell that to the crowd outside Roland,this is a test you have to pass and it’s a very tough one.I know you love her but—
‘What did you say??’..
‘Come on Roland you can’t hide it,I’ve seen the way you admire her but you’re going to have to be practical and judge this case fairly.Two maids are dead’..
Alondria’s POV ❤️
I spat out another ounce of blood as the gaurds lashed me countlessly on my back without any remorse or pity..
Who cares anyway??..

I’m going to be dead soon enough so it’s better I die now and not in front of the King..
‘Did you do it??’..I heard his voice and i raised my head up..
‘Does it matter??’..I asked..
‘Answer the question Alondria! Did you kill them?!’..He yelled..
‘Yes I did it’..I replied as tears flowed down freely from my cheeks washing away the spurts of blood on my face..

‘Why did you do it?’..He asked again and I forced a smile even though I was shaking..
‘Sentence me to death your highness I don’t care anymore’..

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