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The Royal Maid Episode 57

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 57❤️👑

Princess Reana’s POV 🌹
‘All our plans are finally coming into place your highness,every single plan of ours is just coming into place’.. Meredith said excitedly and i smiled.
‘Very good work Meredith,soon enough when she’s finally dead I’ll make sure you get a promotion cause you have been so much help to me’..
‘It’s my pleasure your highness’..She bowed down and just then Roland bursted through the door with anger and rage in his eyes.
‘Are you happy now?!! I just couldn’t see it before Princess Reana!! I just couldn’t see the real you and now—
‘Now what?!! Now what exactly?! What will the kingdom say when they find out their King has been sleeping around with a slave maid!’..I yelled and he was caught off guard.

‘Yes I did all those things but I did all because I love you and how did you decide to repay the favor huh? You think I wouldn’t know about your affair with the slave?I might be beautiful and all but I’ve got she’s every nook and cranny of this Castle and their silence is all because of me because it would ruin your reputation!! everything I have ever done is because of you Roland and it’s time you started repaying the favor’..
Alondria’s POV ♥️
‘So is that it?? You’re not going to say the truth you’re just going to let them destroy you?? You’re just going die for no reason?’..Marco asked as he paced back and forth while I just sat inside the cell counting stones..
‘No matter what I do Marco you always know they’ll come for me, it’s like a curse and I can’t help it’..I said..
‘This isn’t fair Alo!! It just isn’t fair! For months I watched and saw how they treated you like a gutter and now you’re just going to let them win? Where’s the fighting spirit that has always been in you?!’..He yelled and I sighed again..
‘The fighting spirit in my died when Mara and Clara died because of me Marco, the king has made his judgement and that’s final’.
‘The king??’..
‘Yes the King’.
‘That royal bastard!! He’s the reason for all this in the first place!!! After ravishing your body he’s just going to abandon you in peril??’.
‘Marco please don’t!’.
‘Well I’ll be damned if I let you die Alondria! I’ll do whatever I can to break you from here and you’re not going to stop me this time!!’..

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