The Royal Maid Episode 59

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 59❤️👑

King Roland’s POV ♥️
I watched in horror as Alondria’s body dangled from the rope and she was finally brought down by Marco who pretty much had a very sad look on his face..
‘She’s dead’..He said and the whole crowd dispersed..
So this is it??..
She’s finally dead??..
‘Roland it’s—
‘I want to be alone in my room mother and I don’t want anyone else disturbing me please’..I quickly cut my mother’s sentence off and walked away angrily..

‘Are you happy now?? She’s dead Roland I just want to ask are you happy now?!!’..Gregory yelled into my ears and with the very anger boiling right inside of my I punched him very hard on the face..
‘You think I’m happy?!! That I had to watch the one woman I love die right in front of me?!!’..I yelled and he spat on my face..
‘You are the reason she died Roland!! She was just a poor slave maid who wants nothing more than to be free but was she ever free when with you?! You are the King and you most certainly had the power to make her a free woman again but you never did! Ever cared to ask yourself why??….Be… Because…Because you’re the same as all other royals!.You are all selfish and you use people whatever way you want and you know what?? I also blame Alondria for falling in love with you when she knew you were going to abandon her at the end of it all and surprisingly in an ironic way cousin you did abandon her to the land of the dead!!’..He yelled and I clenched my fist lightly..
‘Enough Gregory,don’t make me do something I will regret’..I said through my gritting teeth and he scoffed..
‘If only I hadn’t given up on her…You know I never really wanted her to bear a child for me,at first I thought that was what I wanted but then I realised that I just wanted her to be free knowing what it meant to be a slave while I was imprisoned in Stanbhur.I actually wanted to give her a better life which was why I approved of your relationship with her and you failed Roland!! You failed HER!!’..He kept yelling..
Okay that’s it!!..
‘Gaurds!!’..I yelled at the top of my voice..
‘Take Duke Gregory here and throw him in the dungeon!’.

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