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The Royal Maid Episode 60

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 60❤️👑

Marco’s POV ♥️
The Next Morning 🌥️
I covertly concealed the anger that was seething through my veins and walked into the throne room along with some other gaurds..
‘Your highness’..I bowed before the so called King..
He is no King..
And he is no man..
No man would stand and just watch such injustice be carried out on the woman after his heart..
‘Marco what’s the problem??’..He asked and I sighed deeply but quietly as Princess Reana walked through the doors..

‘Should we…Should we burn her body?? The maid’s I mean’..I asked..
‘Feed it to the dogs actually’..Princess Reana suggested and I couldn’t help but fight back the urge to tear through her face..
Luckily there’s another plan in place and very soon she will pay for all the evil she has caused in this kingdom..
‘No give her a proper burial Marco’..His highness said but she pretty much had much to argue about it..
‘Your highness a slave isn’t given a proper burial!! Her body is either thrown into the river or into the forest and there aren’t any food left to feed the wild dogs so let’s feed the dogs!!’..
Is she being serious?!..
Feeding a human to the dogs?!..
‘Give her a proper burial Marco’..The King said nevertheless and I bowed down..
Minutes later ♥️
‘Marco!!’..Meredith called out to me and I turned around frowning..
‘What do you want Meredith??’..I asked and she tucked her hair behind her ear nervously..
‘Now that Alondria is gone I was wondering if you and i—
‘For your information Meredith,Alondria and I were just friends and very good friends at that so please speak her name with respect…Be… besides your princess wants me to feed her to the dogs so I have to go’..I quickly interrupted her and turned to leave but she held my hand..
‘Marco you know I’ve always loved you more than you know,I would do anything for you Marco’..She said in a very raspy voice..
‘Even betray the princess??’..I asked and she shook her head.
‘You know I can’t..

‘Well then there’s no us Mer…
‘Okay fine even if it means betraying the princess I would do it just for you Marco’..She said and a sly smile spread across my face..
I’ve got the spider right where I want her and she is going down for sure..

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