The Royal Maid Episode 61

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 61❤️👑

Alondria’s POV ❤️
A month Later ♥️
I opened my eyes and turned around only to find myself in a very strange place which had flowers,herbs and a lot of strange gourds and pots…
From outside I heard the laughter of children who sounded like they were chasing chickens and goats..
And my clothes..
I was wearing a white cloth which had beautiful embroidery on it..
‘Oh she’s finally awake!!’..A young woman cried out and i flinched so sharply that my wait hit a table..
‘Don’t be scared girl I’m not going to hurt you,Nana rose will see you shortly’..She said and smiled warmly..

What the hell is going on??..
Where am I??..
Is this heaven??..
Am I in heaven??..
‘It’s you!! I saw you!!’..I pointed at the old woman who appeared to me in the sewage area but she was way much younger now..
‘Ohh you didn’t see me dear,you saw my mother and I am very sure her spirit would be happy right now’..She replied and I blinked..
What in the world is she talking about?!..
‘Where am I?? Is this heaven??’..I asked and curled myself up like an Armadillo and she laughed..
‘You are in Astreya my dear and you don’t have to worry,no one would find you here’..
‘Astreya??Who brought me here??’..
‘Well my grandson did—Marco brought you here and—
‘Wait you’re saying Marco brought me here?! but I was hanged so how am I even alive?!!’..I asked and panted heavily..
This is all so bizarre and I just don’t underestimate what’s going on!!..
‘How you’re alive is a miracle my dear but let’s just say I’ve got some special herbs that Marco gave to you before you were hanged and right now everyone thinks you’re dead’..She replied and handed me a piece of bread to eat…
‘Thank you,I don’t…I don’t know why anyone would save me though but I’m very grateful for what you and Marco have done for me’..I grabbed the bread from her hands and ate like a hungry wolf…

‘Of course I would save you my dear you’re the heir to the Astreya throne’..She said and the crumbs dropped from my mouth..
‘I have to prepare you Alondria, it’s time you met your mother and father’..
‘Eat up,I’ll answer your questions later your highness’..She murmured and left..


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