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The Royal Maid Episode 63

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 63❤️👑

Alondria’s POV ♥️
I smiled at the little girl who placed tucked a very beautiful flower in my ear and walked away with a very cheerful disposition..
I haven’t felt much peace as I have in a very long time like this..
The villagers are so welcoming and they seriously know how to nurture and care for someone even if that person is a stranger…
‘She’s a beauty isn’t she??’…A voice from behind me said and when I turned around..
‘Marco!!’.. I cried out and hugged him very tight..
‘A little bit on the tight side Alo but I’m glad you’re okay’..He chuckled and I jabbed him playfully on the ribs..

‘You should have told me who you really were’..
‘Well if I had told you then our plan wouldn’t have worked would it??’..
‘What plan??’..
‘Well you have to sit down to listen to this Alondria and it’s a very very long story’..He replied and took me back into the house..
Nana rose and the lady I saw who happened to me Livia, Marco’s wife smiled and when everyone was fully settled she began to speak..
‘Twenty four years ago you were born and just that day you were born a very unusual star appeared in the sky, everyone called you a lucky child and were very happy for the king and queen…But…but then calamity befell Astreya,we were attacked by desert rebels and you were taken away.The king especially was so devastated because he loved you so so much that he went on a sabbatical and didn’t return for five years.It was a very tough time for our kingdom and everyone mourned the lost princess—Then you miraculously appeared in Arilea and Marco instantly recognized your blue eyes,he was seven when you were Kidnapped but anyways he instantly recognized you for your beautiful blue eyes and golden hair…He…He told me the news and we were waiting for the perfect moment to bring you home Alondria’.. She explained…
I blinked..
I blinked for the second time..
I blinked for the third time..
‘I feel faint’..A pant escaped my lips as I got short of breath and Livia began fanning me..
‘Just take it easy dear I know it’s a lot for you to handle right now’..Nana rose muttered and I shot her a very dirty look..
‘A lot to handle?! For years I was told that I was sold by my own parents to become a slave and I suffered for twenty three years working as one only for me to get hanged and then come back to life someway or somehow and now you’re telling me that I’m a PRINCESS?!!’..

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