The Royal Maid Episode 64

The Royal Maid

❤️(The woman after his heart)❤️
❤️👑 Episode 64❤️👑

King Roland’s POV ♥️
‘I heard Gregory severed his ties brother and I am pretty sure it’s your fault’.. Reynold muttered as he stabbed his dagger right into my steak…
‘Should’nt you be preparing your army or something??’..I asked clearly not in the mood to bicker with him and he smiled..
‘I wanted to take one last look at how weak my brother is’..
‘I am not weak Reynold’.
‘You are weak and you know it Roland and the fact that Alondria died proves it’..He replied and I flinched..
‘I am honestly tired of this nonsense!! She’s gone alright?! And she is never going to come back what part that do you all not even understand?!!’..I yelled..

‘Well we know that she died but what I just can’t forget is how you watched her hang and die brother!! You aren’t the only one who loved her you know?? I loved her—Gregory loved her but we decided to back off just because you were the king!’..He yelled back.
‘I had no choice Reynold,she committed a crime’.
‘So?? Mother has murdered a lot of maids in this Castle but she gets away with it does she not?? You are the King! And if didn’t want to hang her then you should’ve given the bloody decree and no one would even question it!! But you didn’t and you know why??—Because you are WEAK!”.
Alondria’s POV
‘It’ll all come to you Alondria you just need sometime to gather your thoughts and figuring it out okay??’..Livia said as she brushed a strand of hair from my face..
‘What do they look like?? My parents I mean’..I asked nervously and she smiled..
‘Well I’m not good at describing people but I know you have your father’s lips and your mother’s eyes and hair’..She said and I stared right at the river.
All my life I thought that no l wanted me..
I thought that my parents sold me because they never wanted me and now I realise that they searched for me all along..
But why don’t I feel happy??..
It’s overwhelming but why am I not happy that I don’t get to be a slave anymore??.
‘You know what’s exciting about getting to know who you really are Alo??’..Livia asked.
‘i don’t know tell me’..I replied folding my arms and she looked at me intently..
‘Marco tells me everything about how they treated you and how you suffered in the hands of those royals,in Astreya there are no slaves at all,everyone is a freeborn and the maids here are paid to do their work’..
‘I don’t—

‘You are a Royal now Alondria, it’s time for revenge’..

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